New Business Cards Again

I printed 1,000 of the cheapest business cards I could find, and I’m very pleased with them. The edges are a bit rough, but the colors turned out more accurate than on other cards I’ve done. Got them for just £30 off

I probably won’t manage to give these all away at the Play Expo, but at least I have them for later.

5 thoughts on “New Business Cards Again

  1. Civael

    Very nice looking! :stars: :stars: Could we find a way get these at some point, I want one but I’m stuck in Texas. :skull:

  2. Rbstat

    I think my favorite part of these cards, is that you introduce yourself as “EPIC BATTLE FANTASY GUY” not like “Game Developer” or anything like that. just, like, “Oh hi I’m the guy that made the epic battle fantasy games.” just something about it is getting to me.


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