EBF4 Speed Run

I found a super cool speed run of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 that was done a while ago. I’ve only watched the first 10 minutes and I’m already very impressed, so watch at least that much if not the whole thing.

There’s a very interesting bug being exploited here. 😛
I didn’t think EBF had interesting speedrun potential, but this video shows otherwise.

If anyone knows other cool videos of my games that I might have missed, let me now!

18 thoughts on “EBF4 Speed Run

  1. Sicarius

    Assuming 5 will be using the same engine as 4, this should still be possible, right? I’d call it a good move to leave it in, and try to develop a speedrunning community, as those massively boost the popularity of games. Being able to have a good ~1-2 hour run makes it good GDQ material, and also promotes “real” speedruns of glitchless or epic (which, even using glitches, couldn’t solo the game using revenge Matt, showing off more of the combat).

  2. Dark_Forces48

    its pretty cool… but it feels like watching someone cheat while you try so hard to defeat the whole game… pls fix that in ebf5

    1. Random Gamer

      Seriously dude no need to look down on cheaters (this isn’t a competitive game anyway). You enjoyed the game, they enjoyed theirs. That’s all that matters. Of course if you were offended in any way then I apologize in advance.

      Anyway I’m pretty sure Matt’s not gonna deliberatitely leave exploitable glitches in EBF5, so whatever bugs that may occur will most likely be unintentional.

  3. TeKett

    as some on that likes to collect everything in games, this makes me sick how she just goes though the game not killing anything (dident watch to end) and skipping most loot. “loot is love, loot is life” – as said by me.

    1. TeKett

      ment he (you seriously need to implement an edit function to these, but that maybe requires accounts and stuff, unless you can make personalized passwords for each message)

    2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      As someone who DID watch to the end, after about 26 min using the exploit to farm loot, the player then spent a solid hour and thirty or so farming mobs using almost explicitly Matt and Revenge to kill foes. That’s basically how they did it. Got Matt high level and had him slaughter things with the power of dead allies.
      While I’m more for “play the game the way it is meant to be played”, I appreciate alternative approaches to a game, as there is ALWAYS something to be gleaned. Like for example… if I wanted to do a Matt-only run, that is very very possible.

    1. Dutczar

      It’s really not. You probably barely watch speedruns.
      If you think that people can use that to get hard achievement though, well, that doesn’t matter either because all of the achievements obtainable via just access by map can easily be obtained by playing on easy and then replaying on NG+ for the rest on epic.


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