EBF4 in Russian

A bunch of guys made an unofficial hacked Russian version of EBF4.
While I’m not super happy about sharing a hacked version, I don’t have plans to make an official Russian translation of EBF4, so here it is. Anyone interested can have a look at it and tell me if you think they did a good translation, as I might get the same guys to work on the official EBF5 translation later. Feedback is appreciated!

You can download the .exe file here.

19 thoughts on “EBF4 in Russian

  1. qweqwe

    The quality is quite acceptable for an unofficial translation and deserves publication, but there is something to be improved from a literary point of view.

  2. Mirolex

    Ofc we need translation, be sure.
    You can argue for a long time about what and how to translate, but the source is still needed. At least it is not google translate and remember, that players always able to switch the language to original :smirk:

  3. ILYA

    That wouldn’t be a bad thing. I will get more pleasure from the game if it is in my native language :stars: :love2: :love: :hurray:

  4. Kubiknubika

    lol, “жидкая стрела” means liquid arrow, the correct translation for aqua arrow is “водяная стрела” or “стрела воды”. So those guys made a very poor translation, but in Russia there is no people interested in this game, so they are probably the best team to translate into russian

  5. One-eyed Duck

    I don’t think the market is that big but if you ever need a Korean translation just let me know! :stars:

  6. Reemus

    Yeah I wish they did not try to butcher the original jokes with local nonsense, and also trying to adapt the English jokes into (other languages?) Russian usually ends up a complete cringe.

  7. Flarix

    Well, there are rare mistakes (mostly punctuation) and misinterpretations of some words with multiple meanings, but correcting the text of that level of quality should not be a problem for volunteering community. Especially with the feedback from the creator on arguable issues.

    1. Flarix

      Nevermind, after more thorough look I have found quite a few errors and mistranslations. Still, I stand by my point that correcting all the text should not prove too difficult.

  8. vhunter

    Ok, this translation is good enough to play for those who aren’t good in English, but I still prefer the English variant more. (Because the original is always the best in case of game translation). Sadly (for me) I can not offer my help with translation, since i have not enough time. But I’d like to help you test translation and correct mistakes, when it will be completed enough.

  9. RayNew

    Okay, I played it for a ~1.5 hours. I looked at menus, dialogues, descriptions and many other things and some parts of them translated at good level, some others are strange but “okay”. But sometimes I’ve seen some really weird translations and just wrong punctuation, orthography and etc. In some places text doesn’t fit correctly and some fonts decisions aren’t bad but strange too. I don’t want to say that is a really bad translation, but half of this is really ridiculous. I’m not a professional translator(and not very good at English speaking, sorry if I said something wrong), but I think it really needs a lot of fixes and polishment. 😐

  10. adfdsasdfasdsdfda

    Didn’t read further than equipment descriptions and in-battle dialogue. Not sure how should I react to replacing certain unlikely-to-be-understood references with dumb local jokes. Anyway, besides destroying the original meaning (or any meaning at all) of a few dozens of phrases, frequently mixing up genders and using rather inconsistent terminology (I don’t wanna count how many variants there are for HP and “non-elemental”), it’s pretty good and accurate… except those times when a part of original text is left out for no reason, as well as when things are simply translated wrong. But hey, at least the author is able to spell words and knows punctuation, so it’s partially readable and perhaps even enjoyable. I’ll hope they can improve and also learn to check what’s the context.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, the official translations have the advantage of me helping out with advice and notes, which I guess might have helped a bit here.

  11. WillOfTheTrees

    Huge respect to you Matt, most big game developers would just sue them without a second thought but you even shared their work, and you’re willing to offer them a job! Glad the corruption hasn’t got you. :bacon:

  12. Piko

    I’d offer to help with making a polish translation, but I’m afraid I’d butcher all of references included… 😐

  13. Sergey

    Grab them without a doubt. ZERO mistakes. Nice writing style. :stars:
    Always will be glad to help, too.


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