EBF5: Cutscene Art Style

I’ve started working on the cutscene art for EBF5, and I’ve quickly settled on a more detailed version of the EBF4 style. So this is either good or bad depending on whether you liked that.

39 thoughts on “EBF5: Cutscene Art Style

  1. Thomas Turner

    I love it :stars:
    The Nolegs and Matt look great, and it looks alot more felt-ish style than ebf4.
    Keep it up, it looks great

  2. alex warner

    now this is just me but I personally liked EBF 3′s cut scenes mostly because you saw the gang with the items they had equipped when you fought the boss of the that specific region, other than that I like the cute scrap-book feel like Yoshi 64 had for its story book telling

  3. Solomon M

    So, this gives us a hint that Matt and NoLegs are the first characters in the game. Who comes first? *my bet’s on Matt* :tongue:

    1. Matthew

      I think it’s gonna be Nolegs because in ebf4 it was the new playable character that you started as so it’ll probably be the same this time too.

  4. Arte71

    I actually love the style that you are doing here, it certainly feels more like those children books with tales like these.
    Although, I don’t really like the fact that Matt has that little white thing on his pupil, I mean, it’s fine for that green bush and for NoLegs, but for matt, nah, doesn’t looks good.
    Here’s a little edit if you want to compare:

  5. Idelac

    The cutscenes won’t be animated, by any chance? Not that I’m expecting them to, but it’d look nice.

      1. Idelac

        What I meant by “animated” by not bobbing at all. Maybe walking along a path, like the one in the pic. (I can imagine Matt and NoLegs walking down the path, confronting the Monolith.) Or maybe like using their weapons or something like that? Various animations, maybe.

  6. Dontry

    Is there anyone else kinda wishes that Matt’s default sword would appear in the cut-scenes? Nothing of EBF3 quality, just something to replace the nameless sword.
    Other than that it looks great. :stars:

  7. Dewayne

    Good to see another upfdate, was getting worried for a minute. An Matt’s bug eyes an posture looks like he jsut got some bad news. “They tryin ta took are swords”. :yay:

  8. shade-slayer

    is that gonna be an unwinnable fight? if it is, I imagine anna is gonna come in at the last second and use her higher accuracy move and (somehow) manage to chase it away and join your party.

  9. Carlos Pineda

    This looks great but is there any way you can make them wear in the cutscenes what they’re wearing in the game like in EBF3?


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