EBF5 Writing & Matt Fanart

I’ve written some 12,000 words of dialogue for the main characters so far.
When that’s finished, adding in NPCs and item descriptions will get you enough words to fill a small novel. I won’t have much to show until I put all the text into the game and test it out in context though. I’ve got some new triggers planned for battle text this time, including reactions to enemies running away, silly equipment, and capturing foes.

Also here’s some fanart by Generic-Heroine.

12 thoughts on “EBF5 Writing & Matt Fanart

  1. pasta addict

    hey you probably know this already but the tentacle of the pink squid cut off at the very back if its in front and when i get a certain amount of captures the new ones dont show i dont know if im doing something wrong or if the capture thing is even a glitch but the squid thing is definitely not meant to happen 😐

  2. Psycho

    This game is going to be bigger than I though huh? Any release date you are planning to do? It seems like the game will release in somewhere between Autumn and Summer.

  3. Vyxincial

    Heh! That’s would be interesting to see Matt’s reactions :hurray:
    Also what about some epicness? :wut: Sorry for pun but this will gonna be interesting too. :stars:

  4. FafnirPrince

    Do you have any minigames planned for EBF5? I always found them to be a good break from the main story and very addicting. I feel like this game is the next big step in the series, like EBF3. Keep up the good work :stars:

  5. Michi

    Hey Matt! I want to ask you, since you already have 82% of the game done, do you have the realese date already???? :love2: :stars: :stars: :stars: :wut: :wut: :wut:


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