Fanart: Dark Dress Natalie

Turns out I left a lot of EBF5 work for my future self. Polishing off the world map is turning into a big task. Today I’m working on labelling areas correctly, so their name pops up on screen and you get a little picture of it in the save menu. Also still a few more bugs to fix.

Here’s some cool fanart by Epifex!


5 thoughts on “Fanart: Dark Dress Natalie

  1. 1Laika

    I like the artist’s style. My only critic is the size of the head compared to the body seems a little, off? But that’s just me.

    wait wtf am I doing here? 😐

  2. Danexing

    ive done some math, and it took about 760 days to get to 80%, and that means that the last 20% should take around 190 more days… so its gonna take until late july or early august. this is not intended to be a dead line or a release date or anything along those lines, this is just an estimate based on the data we already have. no need to rush, no pressure, just something to say to make hype build up for it around then.

  3. Normac Ssor

    Looks Like the game is coming along great! keep up the good work Kupo we love you! :stars:

    Could you add some equal opportunity jiggle, Don’t get me wrong I love the promiscuous cleavage but I’m kinda a Man’s Man if you get my drift

  4. littlemrdoom

    UGH! I CAN’T STAND THE WAIT! :scared:
    oh and the art is cool to. :stars:


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