EBF5: Town 3

Here’s a little gif of Redpine Town! It’s quite a spooky place.
I think I’m going to go back and change the color scheme a bit, get some more red on the vegetation.
So when you eventually play the game, it will probably look a bit different.
town 3 gif

24 thoughts on “EBF5: Town 3

  1. DeadlyPhantom

    I look really great that man behind the tree is scary :scared:
    hope you don’t make that matt doll respawn
    little suggestion make it so the person inside thanks you for kill the matt doll and also get spooked by see matt or just do one

  2. Matt

    If it’s called Redpine Town, hopefully there will be both the color red and pine trees. You know, just making sure and all. :hurray:

  3. Virtual Name

    I think adding a radar same as “Pokemon Dowsing Machine” to help looking for the hidden items will be a good idea.

  4. DrFugue

    I really am confused about some parts of the EBF series, such as: How did the earth get put back together after Brawl Royale? Who is building all of these robots? What is the background of the characters, namely Lance? Why does the kitten kingdom do ANYTHING they do? Why were the heroes so weak at the beginning of EBF4, and why will they be weak at the beginning of EBF5? How do the heroes travel between lands? I get if these questions remain unanswered, but these things confuse me greatly!

    1. Shraderc.inc

      Most of this is in the lore if you look hard enough but your wright about the backgrounds, those are pretty cloudy.

      Ill answer your questions as best a possible though

      Q:Who is building all of these robots?
      A: Towns folk usually build the robots you see, the ones you fight are part of two different groups, rouge bots who got sentient like the boss in EBF4. And leftover robots from lances army (usually bandit robots you find in the desert)

      Q: What is the background of the characters (especially lance)
      A: funny, lance actually has the most solid of a backstory. Most likely he was born in white fall to a family that spent a lot of time in the mines. Lance used the previous factory and a pension for robots to create an army to attempt to destroy the world. Matt and Natt actually have the smallest backstory with all that is known about them is that they came from a very small town in hopes of adventure. Anna grew up in greenwood and wanted to be a ranger for a long time to protect the town and the first boss (who she eventually defeated to save the world). Nolegs was a helping hand granted to the adventurers from the cat. he is loyal to his kingdom but has a soft spot for these adventurers.

      Q: Why are the heros so weak at the beginning of EBF4
      A: The heros haven’t fought anything in a while by the time of EBF4 and have lazed around between theft bends.

      Q: Why does the kitten kingdom do ANYTHING they do?
      A: It is kind of eluded to that the Kitten kingdom is a fractured and unlawful kingdom that hasn’t recovered from EBF2. The cats you fight are splinter cells or roaming bandits. the main forces reason for attacking humanity is to regain the glory of the beginning of time (when they were supported by god cat)

      Q: How do the heros travel in-between lands?
      A: they uhh… walk… or take a slime cat that can teleport into a pocket universe with other slime cats

      hopefully these answer some of your questions


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