EBF5: Lava Gif

Finished another premium dungeon!
Another dungeon to go, and that’s the world map done. Then I’m gonna have to fix some remaining bugs, optimise a bit, and maybe Patrons will get to explore it soon.
lava gif

16 thoughts on “EBF5: Lava Gif

    1. GAMERULmihai

      I remember the pentagram from the map demo.After being activated,it would teleport you to a dark place.
      So it is a teleporter.Where will it teleport us?We will see.

  1. Maud Lin

    How are you supposed to get to this little island with the single ladder? teleport? But how can you go back? Or can you walk about lava? :evil:

    1. gimmethegepgun

      Based on the direction the boss is facing, you probably reach it with the ladder and then leave by teleporting with the evil rune.

  2. Oxybulyx

    Your lava looks very… liquid. Even for the inside of a volcano, lava is (normally) a paste, with a constitution kinda like honey, but stickier, and I’m speaking from experience.

  3. Paul

    In the map demo there’s a slimecat that just teleports you to the middle of a map, no signs on the ground or anything, so I’m guessing it’s the same here. You come in from a slimecat and then you have to kill that boss and use the thing on the floor to teleport back

  4. DeadlyPhantom

    I remember the pentagram in the map demo as well it will most likely teleport us some were
    and love the lava looks


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