I am dead

I was sick just before Christmas, and I’m starting off the new year by being sick again, woop. Sore throats don’t bother me much – the worst thing is when it comes with fatigue and I can’t do anything for a while. I’ve been binging the new Black Mirror (somewhat disappointing season) and documentaries about World War 2 and Vietnam (nothing like some history to put current events into perspective). Well here’s hoping that my energy comes back today or tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s some dogs:

24 thoughts on “I am dead

  1. Max

    You should drink an energy drink to get that man- oh wait there is no more mana… That means that the only cure is waiting it out… Man, I wish life was like a video game. Its much simpler there. Get well soon mate! :love:

  2. Gray

    But . . . if you’re dead, who’s going to feed the furry friends? :cry:

    Oh, also my condolences on your death. I’m chiefly concerned about the dogs, though. No offense.

        1. Oxybulyx

          And even if he was dead, he could still continue on EBF5.
          And I mean, I’m writing this comment, so I am pretty sure if I can do stuff while dead, he can do as well.

  3. Zak

    Hey I think I know what’s wrong with you, my best friend said the exact same things and I think you have lymes disease, lymes disease makes you tired and it’s hard to move or get up and you would feel pain everywhere or almost everywhere, mostly your head and stomach. So hopefully this reply helped you understand what is happening with you!!! :sick: :yay: :sick: :sick: :cry:

  4. L

    Hey, I’m really excited for EBF5! I’m sure it will be worth the wait. I’m not into “stressful” games where quick reactions and fingers determine how well you play, so this turn-based strategy game I find very pleasant. I do not understand how the female flame resistant armor is protecting anything at all etc, but that’s the industry I guess.
    However, the main reason for this comment is that I’m experiencing some performance problems with EBF4. I’m playing the Steam-version. After a while the game gets, well, slow. As instructed, I’ve turned off animations and all that (it looks so boring now), but the only thing that seems to do the trick is restarting the game. Memory leak would be my guess, but I also dropped out of my IT-education and you know better than me.
    Just now, I was in mid-battle, as in Battle Mountain, when things started to slow down. I decided to finish battle and then restart. The victory-screen finally shows, after buffing and debuffing, attacking and healing and all that for a while. Pressed “continue”. And, the game crashes :( noooo. Crashes as in “X has stopped working, Windows is finding a solution” (has Windows ever found a solution?). Other games seem to work fine.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, there’s definitely a memory leak in there.
      I’ve fixed it for EBF5, maybe I should go back and update EBF4 someday now that I know what where the problem was….

  5. Tanaka

    Matt, I feel your pain. I got sick on Christmas, I’m feeling better, my fever’s gone, my throat isn’t as sore, but lately, my left ear is clogged, and sounds are just sounding weird. (Examples: Our over 100-year-old piano with 1 broken key, 1 jammed one, and 1 slightly stuck one is sounding like an electric piano, even though it’s an upright grand. I can barely hear myself whisper, and I hear weird sounds like small booming and walking in mud sounds when there’s no other sounds, such as me SMASHING the keyboard) I’m mainly not sick, but I’ve experienced this ear-clogging before. Back in 4th grade and maybe over Summer Break. :sad: :wut:


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