Steam Winter Sale + Xmas Gaming

My games are 70% off during the Steam Winter sale!
(I’m so bored of posting about sales that my picture is not up date)

I borrowed my brother’s PS4 Pro over Christmas, my first 4K gaming experience on my huge new TV. And… it looks pretty good! The low framerate is pretty noticeable in some games, but in non-action games that’s acceptable I guess.

Until Dawn is a fun alternative to watching horror films. Everyone’s Gone to Rapture is… relaxing and pretty. Black Ops 3 campaign is generic and boring IMO. We’ll see how many games I get through over the holidays…steam-sale-copy

6 thoughts on “Steam Winter Sale + Xmas Gaming

  1. Trycka

    Until Dawn was a revelation for me. I had enough of horror games when i was younger and when i came out i tried it and this style is just so better for a horror game i think.
    Everyone gone to the Rapture is, as you said, pretty relaxing i have to agree.
    Black ops 3 … haven’t played it and i won’t. i stopped this games at black ops 2

    Take advantage of your PS4 Pro borrow time. It’s so good to play on it with a good TV (when it’s not action games)

    1. Joseph Howard

      Both, as far as I can tell. Similar options to EBF4, which I bought during the Autumn sale earlier this year.

    2. Meiko Pfaffmann

      Both you know there is a free version( on kongreate, armor games,…. i dont know where exactly) and a paid steam version. The free version doesnt get full content(2 dungeons are missing).


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