Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 3!

(This competition is now over!)

Hey guys, it’s time for my 3rd Christmas giveaway!
I’m giving away free Steam keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2.

If you’re interested, leave a comment about what sorts of games you play and about your gaming life in general.
How winners are chosen will continue to be a secret, but honesty is quite important. You should also mention which of the two games you want.

Make sure to fill in the email field correctly so I can email you the prize if you win.

Last year I got 531 entries and… I can’t remember how many games I gave out.
But your chances of winning are decent. The more people that enter, the more I’ll give out, so get your friends involved!

As usual I’ll be busy around Christmas, so the giveaway will end a few days after.
Probably on the 27th, so you have until then!
frozen valley

395 thoughts on “Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 3!

  1. robux

    That is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise info… Thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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  3. Reynald

    I lost my virginity thanks to “Epic Battle Fantasy 4”. Let me explain how.

    It was 3 years ago, just in october 2014, when I was a student in Spain aged 17. Loved Pokémon, anime and play quick games in Kongregate (I still like to do 2/3 of those) … And I was secret in love of one girl that studied with me in High School. She sit next to me in literature classes but I never spoke to her (I’m a shy guy, still today). But, one day … One fucking magic day, our literature teacher was sick. There was not a substitute teacher, so during all the hour we just saw how “time goes while”. Actually, that pretty girl who I will nickname her as Natalie, pulled his laptop out of her backpack. And yeah, after connecting to Internet and logging in Kongregate … She started playing EBF4 (well, started … Loaded). The same fucking game I was playing night before. I had an excuse. I had something to talk with her.
    And I did and we discovered that both liked EBF4 and RPGs.
    We talked about Pokémon and then about manga. She invited me to her house to show me her collection and … Nothing more. You know, love needs time and patience. We had it and 3 months later, in January, I could call her “my girlfriend”. Then … Well, I think it’s pretty obvious what two teenagers did.

    It was great. An amazing year that, as all in this life, ended. No regrets and no hate. Just good memories for my particular Nat.
    And how could be all this possible? How could a shy guy like me, could you gather enough value to talk with her? Some of you will probably say that I was drunk (could be that) but I prefer to think that it was discover that she was like me. EBF4 was the spark that lit the pyre: “Hey, I know this game” “Do you? Oh, I started playing on this on Saturday and it’s so funny!” “Yeah, it’s always kidding, by the way, my name is …” And that’s how memories awake past.

    (Just asking for Epic Battle Fantasy 4)


  4. Lightningdolt

    I usually play co-op games with my brother. Adventure games like this are amazing for both of us. I already have EBF4, and we liked playing the first Bullet Heaven together.

  5. Alex

    I’m a pretty casual gamer. Usually I play single-player or co-op games because competitive PvP gets complicated fast. I jump from game to game without fully completing them usually. But when I do want to finish a game, I go hard. Right now I’m trying to beat EBF4 on Epic difficulty, including all of Battle Mountain. I already have EBF4 so I’d prefer BH2, but I know some people who would appreciate a copy of EBF4 as well.

  6. Stefano

    Oh dear I hope Im not TOO late for this >.<!….ummm my gaming life….*think's* :tongue:hmmm…..I remenber when it all started with the ps1back at 2002, it was a big thing to me back then, I remenber the first game I played was called "donald duck adventures" or something along the lines, I spended many hours in that game because is was the first one I got XD, but it didnt took much until spyro entered the fry, and ohhh boy, who doest like a spyro game in their rooster 83c?, and with that it came jinx, bugs bunny and the time machine, bugs&taz and the spiral of time, chrono cross…….and I think I ended with 136 games for the ps1 ( ゚▽゚)/. (though now my ps1 is broken :_<, and played the non steam version of 4, and Im exited to see how is the battle mountain :smirk: *exitement intensifies*. (now I need to see how a steam key works becuz no idea ❓ will be first time).

    anyway….Hope you passed a merry christmas ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆, and wishing you a happy new year while we are at it :·3 ♥ *hugs*. wonderfull day to you.

    1. Stefano

      (Ok, im reapeating it because my last post broke for some reason >_>) Oh dear I hope Im not TOO late for this >.<!….ummm my gaming life….*think's* :tongue:hmmm…..I remenber when it all started with the ps1back at 2002, it was a big thing to me back then, I remenber the first game I played was called "donald duck adventures" or something along the lines, I spended many hours in that game because is was the first one I got XD, but it didnt took much until spyro entered the fry, and ohhh boy, who doest like a spyro game in their rooster 83c?, and with that it came jinx, bugs bunny and the time machine, bugs&taz and the spiral of time, chrono cross…….and I think I ended with 136 games for the ps1 ( ゚▽゚)/. (though now my ps1 is broken :_<, and played the non steam version of 4, and Im exited to see how is the battle mountain :smirk: *exitement intensifies*. (now I need to see how a steam key works becuz no idea ❓ will be first time).

      anyway….Hope you passed a merry christmas ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆, and wishing you a happy new year while we are at it :·3 ♥ *hugs*. wonderfull day to you.

  7. Mykles

    My gaming life began with hours and hours playing Croc and Spyro for the playstation 1, and then many more hours and days once I got a playstation 2. However around the release of the PS3 I was pulled towards many indie titles on steam.
    However my interests would often be influenced by my friends and minecraft :scared: became huge from around 2010 to 2012 and then once we all moved on it became league of legends from 2013 to even now still picking it up every so often, although no where near as regularly. In the more recent time I have rediscovered interest in some indie games as well as Osu since I have a tablet and feel like a pro :shades:
    However even whilst enjoying all the different types of games 1 genre really stuck with me significantly throughout and that was a love of flash games on Kongregate, where I have come back to EBF3 and EBF4 playing the whole way through on different computers probably a few too many times :wut: .

    If I won a code I would love to receive EBF4, just for that one more play through and the extra content I never got to experience.

  8. Mocha_Moko

    I discovered gaming through a gift of Pokemon about 11 years ago. I’d wrestle control with my older brother over the Nintendo games that we accumulated over the years, including Donkey Kong King of Swing (GBA), and when we got a DS, Mystery Dungeon and New Super Mario Brothers.

    I found games on the internet first with Bloons Tower Defense 3, and then an advertisement for Wizard 101. From that, it went on to Mario flash games, Runescape, and then Armor Games and Kongregate. A few years later, I found Epic Battle Fantasy 4, and I liked it a lot. Didn’t understand the anime references yet, but in the countless replays in the years afterwards, I was to become a little more steeped in anime. Epic Battle Fantasy 4, along with the Pokemon games at that time, were the games that I played most of the time. This was in middle school.

    At the beginning of high school, I started getting much more into anime, and I also picked up Project Diva (PPSSPP) and Touhou. Diving into more otaku stuff now. I played and replayed the PSP Diva games a bunch, got Project Mirai DX for 3DS, started clearing those Touhou games on Normal mode. At this time, I also trudged through surveys, etc to get Battle Mountain on Kongregate. (So I’d like Bullet Heaven 2 instead of EBF4, hehe :yay:) I guess there isn’t much more to say. I played Minecraft a bit for short spurts as well, but I can’t pinpoint when exactly. Now I still play Pokemon a bit (got into competitive somewhat), I’ve graduated to start clearing Hard mode on Touhou, and I’m watching more moe anime. I still sometimes play EBF4 and Bullet Heaven 2 on Kongregate. I hope I can also get a PS Vita so I can buy a bunch of Project Diva and stuff, and even more, I hope I can attend a Magical Mirai once in my life, hehe ^^ That’ll have to wait a few years, though. Not in the position to do anything like that when I’m in high school.

    I’m excited for Epic Battle Fantasy 5! Your work is an inspiration! I’m not good at drawing original characters, and I don’t know how to work digital things yet. But I might draw some EBF characters for fun, hmm. That sounds like a fun idea.

    By the way, I’ve never played Final Fantasy before, but this game appeals more to me due to your colorful and cute art/story style (◕‿◕✿)

    Hope you had/have a great holidays! I can’t help but wonder what kind of feeling it is to read through so many fans. You definitely deserve it!

  9. Garinof

    As a gamer for 16+ years, I’ve played my fair share of video games. It all started with a N64, and I would play Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario 64 with my older brother. After that, the next really memorable game series I played were Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. And after that I started to enjoy RPGs more and more, with my favorite being Dragon Quest 8. I love that game so much I’ve played through it at least 5 times. Other than all that, I’ve enjoyed quite a large variety of games. From Metroid Prime to Super Smash Bros. From Mario and Luigi to Mega Man. Crash Bandicoot to Pokemon. And believe me, the list certainly goes on. And were it not for my mom and brother, who have helped introduce me to games I probably wouldn’t have even looked at, I doubt I would’ve had anywhere near as much fun as I had. The game I’m interested in is Bullet Heaven 2. If I don’t win, I really don’t care. I’m just happy enough to share my “gaming career.” Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all who read this!

  10. Pikadude No. 1

    I like playing innocent games – no glorification of weapons/violence, no sexualized people, little-to-no blood. My gaming budget is tight at the moment, so I’ve been playing games with a lot of replay value, like Minecraft, Rocket League, 100% Orange Juice, and Pro Pinball: Timeshock.

    I’d like EBF4 if I win.

  11. David Klueck

    I have been gaming since I was 6, for better or for worse. Main platform is PC/Steam, though I got myself a Switch earlier this year. Favorite genres are FPS and platformer (especially of the Metroidvania variety), even though they rarely if ever mix.

    I already own EBF4, so I’d prefer “Bullet Heaven 2”.


  12. Booper Doop

    I like RPGs, but recently I’ve gotten into a few visual novels as well. I usually game for a little bit every day. If I get chosen, I’d love if I could get Bullet Heaven 2. Thanks for the giveaway! :yay:

  13. GC19

    My gaming life started when I was beginning first grade and got introduced to tower defense games(BTD4). Of course, I wasn’t particularly good at them at the time, only doing the easiest level at that time. I’ve improved, so now I usually do the hardest difficulty on casual games(i mainly do bullet hell games…) and the normal difficulty on hardcore games(Contra 4 is fun).

    I’m the kind of person who plays bullet hell games, but I’m not particularly good at the hardcore ones. I’ve only been playing Bullet Heaven 2, attempting to get the Impossible Badge on Kongregate, and I’m 7/10th of the way there.(well not really because 8-1 and 8-2 want you to macrododge while being walled and that’s really [s]mean[/s] hard)

    I have a Windows that I don’t have Steam on(can easily download it), but I usually play on my Mac.

    I’ve enjoyed and appreciated Bullet Heaven 2 a lot, which I’ve played far more than every game besides Minecraft(to be honest, I only do servers like Wynncraft which have far more content).

    Thanks for creating my second-favorite game; I hope BH3 comes out!

  14. Normac Ssor

    I use to play this game all the time with my two older brothers, we loved every minute of it and this game was the one thing we connected over, I just wanted to let you know that I love this game and EBF was my childhood! :love2:

  15. XYeo

    I’ve been a fan of yours since I first encountered EBF3 on Kongregate. Loves RPG since I started playing pokemon. Right now, I am more into RTS and grandstrategy games :stars: . What I like about your games is the vibe that your games gave where they reminds me about my childhood :yay: . Anyways, thanks for continuing on making the EBF series as they are indeed wonderful and Yesssssss I would like Steam Key for EBF4. Do keep up the good work. :shades:

  16. jchrome

    I love RPGs like skyrim, i also like mmos if they’re not pay to win. I’m more of a casual gamer now, have been wanting to play the witcher 3 and or farming sim 2017.. hint hint

  17. jcse3

    I don’t have a gaming computer so new, modern games are mostly out of question. I spend lots of time playing classic RTS games instead, such as Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 with mods. If I were to be chosen, I would like to have a Steam Key for Bullet Heaven 2. Thanks for reading! :yay:

  18. Alvaro

    well i play indie games like tboi cuphead super meat boy and your games i would like to get Ebf 4 for my steam pls

  19. Emily

    I never played much other than PC games and some Mario growing up, and Final Fantasy at my friend’s house in college. My family was a “go climb a tree or something” type of environment for multiple reasons, and art ended up my bigger hobby 🙂 I have a Mac now so I’m limited to the games I can play without buying them, but I play some games on Kongregate/ArmorGames (Swords & Souls is a fun one, and I like the FancyPants games). I’m in grad school now so I don’t have a lot of time, but I still can’t help but follow the EBF games. I stumbled on EBF 3 first a few years ago and was STOKED when EBF 4 came out. I’ve played them all through (free version only) twice now *blush* haha So I’d love to have the steam version of EBF4.
    Thanks for creating these games. You’ve done SUCH a great job with them (as I know you hear from literally everyone). The art is wonderful and the storylines are so creative. They’re a really fun escape and I can’t wait for the next installation! :yay:

  20. Jeol

    Bf4 good man
    A very merry Christmas to everyone
    I started playing video games when I was 10 years. Kinda long time ago so Im not sure what games I played first but the first game enjoyed playing is Harvest Moon( ahh brings back memories), and from that I just bought more games for my ps1 and eventually move to pc games after a while

  21. Bigmam

    EBF4 OF COURSE. I played the earlier versions of ebf and loved them all :love: :love:. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year.

  22. Rafael

    When i was a kid, about 8/9 years old, i spent most of my evenings on the PC, much like how i spend then now. I would play, mainly, strategy games and FPS, at that time i didn’t had internet on the PC, so i had only the games that came with the pc (i don’t know how) and some that i got from one of my teachers in school. When i got internet, i started to play strategy MMO’s, and many browser games. Sometimes, when i had to stay in school all day, my father would let me play in his PC (he worked in my school) during the time after Lunch, to pass time. I don’t remember when i found EBF4, but i do remember the website, it was ClickJogos, and i became adicted to the game, never finished it, a peculiar set of coincidences always made me lose my saves in the game, and i never was the fast-playing type. But i became very adicted to the game, i even drew some Lance fanart, only completed two. Recently, i’ve been playing mainly strategy games, mainly RTS but i like turn-based too, and RPG, i don’t know when, but i developed a great love for RPG’s, even going as far as playing tabletop RPG with my school friends, a great love, i must say.
    Ending my little story (probably with great grammar errors) i would like to say Thank You for making those games, finished EBF3 on hard recently and planning to finish on epic, just gathering courage, thank you for making a good game, funny, fun and even pretty (seriously, i realy like the graphics in the series) don’t stop with your great job.
    I would like to get the steam version of EBF4, merry xmas. :yay:

  23. Zachary

    I am just kid who really likes to play bullet hells and rpgs like touhou and golden sun. If I had to choose one to get the premium of it would be ebf4 because it seems like you’re getting more in ebf4 and even though I like bullet hells, I’m really bad at them but I still find them fun I’ve been with you since ebf1 and I’ll stay by you even if I don’t have money

  24. Benja0502

    Whew, my gaming life is quite boring actually. Started out very young with simple learning games, when I grew a bit older i started playing loads of different flash games on sites like y8, armorgames and such (It was about this time i discovered the EBF series, I really loved it but was too young to really understand the battle system so I always got stuck very early on). Oh, also club penguin. Lots and lots of club penguin. Then soon after I discovered Minecraft (Which, to date, is probably still my most played game). Then after I really began “gaming”

    So, I play loads of different game, think i’ve touched almost every genre there is (over-exaggerating, but yeah), except horror. I hate horror. Other than that I mostly play what my friends play, which is almost 100% online games. Only rather recently I got into single-player gaming myself, which I play when my friends aren’t on. . About a few weeks ago I decided to go through some old games I played and stumbled upon EBF, I am currently trying to complete 4 and found out that 5 was under development. Yay.

    All in all my gaming life is really nothing special, including mostly multiplayer games and a little bit singleplayer. I would almost define myself as a casual. Oh well.
    Honestly, I really don’t know what game I want. They’re both great. If I gotta say one however, it would probably be ebf4 (I suck at bullet hells)

  25. Piko

    Merry Christmas Matt! :smirk: :smirk:

    I’ve already finished EBF4 on the web version , but I sure would love to play the full version on Steam, too!

    As for the games: Well, I remember gaming on Windows ME, although I was a super small kid back then, by the time i was 10 or so I think my favorite game was Little Fighter 2, later I would also dig TBS like Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3, Age of Wonders and such alike. I also have fond memories of games like Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Pekka Kana and especially Cave Story – I replayed this game so many times…

    Nowadays I mostly play League of Legends, although I don’t have too much time for gaming anyway. 😥 I also felt in love with the Witcher series, but I have finished them already, and as of now I think the holiday break is not enough time to replay them all. :bleh:

    That would be all I think? :wut: So once again: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, for both you and Ronja!

  26. Karl Stevenson

    Hello Matt,

    Hope you are having/had a wonderful Christmas.
    For the game of choice, Bullet Heaven 2.

    Gaming for me started back when I was 6 (1992), it was the first time I had my hands on a controller for the Sega Mega Drive 1 (I was born in Australia). Sonic was my first game, as was most children of the time, but my sights changed when I was introduced to the Shining Force series (strategy turn based RPG). From there, I played games like Hexen and The Legend of Zelda series on Nintendo 64 until we got given a Playstation (chunky original) with Final Fantasy 7 and Azure Dreams. So my life, and my family watching(mainly my brother) revolved around my Gameboy Pocket (Zelda series, Pokemon, etc), the N64 and Playstation.

    We had windows 3.1 until I was 14 (2000) at which stage we got a Pentium 2 computer with Windows 98 and my mum got me into playing Diablo and the Might and Magic series. After this my mind keep focusing on RPGs more than anything (PS to PS4, Windows 98 to Windows 10, Gameboy to 3DS). Even now, I’m teaching my daughter how to play the Sega Mega Drive (though she has a way to go). I’ve watched RPGs of old (like Elder Scrolls “Arena”, Shining Force, Final Fantasy) grow, change and even get sequels, remasters or remakes, and for some reason, yes, they are entertaining (sometimes challenging) but they didn’t bring back the spark I had in my youth…

    I pull out an old console or run a ROM on an emulator and it’s there but the new games just don’t have it… I feel like developers have lost their way and have become too money hungry. But my brother (18 at the time) introduced me to EBF3 and said it was like playing games from when I was younger and he used to sit and watch me… Skeptical, I watched him play it for about 30 minutes before I went home and tried it myself.

    The game reminded me of a cross between the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (on Gameboy), Final Fantasy 7 and Diablo 2. The screen by screen areas and puzzles (Zelda), the flow and setup of battle and equipment (FF7) and the skill system (Diablo 2) when you needed to learn specific skills before advancing to the next. Then he found EBF4 on Steam and I bought it straight away and now eagerly awaiting EBF5.

    Though my story is long, to sum it up:
    -Gaming is my life
    -RPGs are my happy place
    -My supports are my family
    -My tanks are my friends
    -My warrior is my partner

    And to my daughter,

    -I’m the wise mage, passing on my skills to her.

  27. Kai G (SacredSpirit123)

    Merry Christmas! :smirk: I remember back when I received the last EBF game from you. I’m still so grateful for that! :hurray: I LOVE EBF, and I’m SUPER excited for EBF5! :stars: When I heard there was going to be a giveaway this year, I was so excited! I already have EBF4, so…may I please have Bullet Heaven 2 on Kongregate? I am DEDICATED to your games. they’re some of the coolest RPGs around! :shades: I love how they manage to homage the classics while also not taking themselves too seriously. Oh, btw, did you happen to see my NPC suggestions on the NPC generator? I think they’re pretty cool and creepy… :skull: 👿 Oh, well, anyway, Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a Happy New Year! :yay: :coffee:

  28. Burhan Hashmi

    I am an RPG gamer, I love RPG games. Other than the epic battle fantasy series, the Witcher series is my favorite. :stars:

  29. Ayzev

    I find myself to be pretty picky. Usually I look at a game and I can immediately tell whether I’ll like it or not, and most games I stumble upon/hear about seem rather lackluster to me. But at the same time there’s a lot of variety in what I like, so I can’t pin down what exactly makes a good game in my eyes.
    The games that I’ve spent the greatest amounts of time on would be: Angels Online, Aura Kingdom, Counter-Strike 1.6, Elsword, Hearthstone, League of Legends, osu!, Super Smash Flash 2.
    Games that haven’t consumed as much time, but I still enjoyed just as much as my most played ones would be: Blank Dream, Doki Doki Literature Club, GTA: San Andreas, Rabi-Ribi, Sonny 1 and 2, and of course EBF (mostly 3 and 4).

    I started gaming around the age of 7 and after 12 more years have shown no signs of getting tired of it. I started out with a rather crappy computer though, everything I played I had to set to the lowest graphics settings to have a bearable framerate, which may be the reason why I need somewhat strong glasses now. But it’s been a damn fun time and I’ve even made a couple close friends through some of these other worlds, so I believe it was well worth the price.

    I haven’t really gotten into bullet hell yet, though I think I may eventually. But for now I have to choose EBF4 over BH2.

    I wanted to make this comment ‘flow’ better instead of how it ended up being kind of ‘chopped up’ in sections. But I guess it doesn’t really matter, it’s not like this was an exam or anything.

    Sooo, yeah. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Matt! And even if I don’t end up getting a key, I’m still thankful for the opportunity. :yay:

  30. Roger Oon

    Played Maplestory since i was 7 , im a 99s baby. The BGM of that game gives me chill and brings back good memories even now :’) . Legit a game i have a strong emotional bond with. :love: :love2: :stars: :yay:

  31. A Most Likely Insane Person


  32. Ned Zhang

    My gaming career started with me playing Runescape. The Skinner box mechanisms I was not a big fan of but I grew to love the sense of power, the sense of accomplishment I got from leveling, killing big monsters.
    I suppose those two aspects made me love RPGs. With a well done RPG, you can jump into a new world full of wonder and excitement. You put your precious time in and out pops a story of epic proportions and an adventure of a lifetime. Guess that’s why I like Dark Souls, Pokemon, Undertale and, of course EBF.
    Indie games are always an interesting bunch. As Sturgeon’s law says, only 10% of everything is good. The other stuff is crap. But good Indie games almost offer something new on the table. These ones are fresh and interesting and I can never always trust my expectations, which is excellent. Of course I like my triple A games. Those usually have too much money and manpower dumped into them so they are at least halfway decent. (I can’t FPS for shit though so meh.)
    If I win (which I probably won’t), I’d like EPBF4. I came into the EPBF world playing EPBF3 and kicked kitty ass all the way. Don’t get me wrong. Bullet Heaven 2 is great. However I can never play Touhou or any other bullet hells for shit which is unfortunate.

  33. Diazul

    My favorite genres are strategic, card collection, roleplay and bullet hell games
    My favorite games for each genre:

    Strategic: Starcraft, Bloon Tower Defense, Orc Must Die Series, Final Fantasy Series, EBF Series, (Also the ones in CCG section)
    CCG: Shadowverse, Hearthstone, Yu-gi-oh
    RPG: Roguelands, Spiral Knights, Final Fantasy Series(Again), EBF Series(Again)
    Bullet Hell: Touhou Series and Bullet Heaven Series.

    I’m also starting to like Battle Royale games

    i would like to have(If i can select) Bullet Heaven 2
    Merry Christmas 2 every1! :yay:

  34. dgamed

    Nier:Automata, Bloodborne, Bioshock series, N-Sane Trilogy.
    I like hack and slash games especially the ones with deep and long stories and also good platform games.

  35. Ryan Leonardo

    I love game RPG like The Elder Scroll V Skyrim, and I spend my time for play the game everyday until the questline done.

  36. Normac Ssor

    I’m really into RPG Adventure style games, like the Dark Souls series and (obviously) EBF I play these games as often as I can whenever i’m not doing schoolwork!
    I’d appreciate getting chosen! :stars:

  37. Wdx2

    Gaming’s always been a big part of my life, didn’t have the best home life so I just started off playing games on the old nick and cartoon network sites. After an Xbox for christmas I moved away from the flash games and started playing mainly shooters like halo and the like. Seems like the only times everyone would settle down together would be when everyone grabbed a controller and just started playing together. I origionally discovered these games on Kongregate after I moved out and bought myself a computer. Now I mostly just game online with friends and play strategy and the occasional multiplayer shooters. I’d honestly want to have EBF4 though, I get a bit spooped about hard games because I feel like I need to 100% them :meh:

  38. Tokimaro Satarobotta Vamp/Bat

    Well i like to play indie games and fan games
    my favorites is Shantae, Skullgirls, EBF and SSBC :smirk:
    i like some challenging games and have fun with multiplayer games ,but only local :bleh:
    My first video-game was a PlayStation 2 … Yeah good times :shades:

    If i win, i will like to have Bullet Haven 2 :stars:
    Also Merry Christmas :yay: :coffee: :bacon:

  39. Ken

    I would like to have EBF4 please! Thanks!

    My gaming life started with pokemon emerald when I was like 5, one of my favourite games. I’ve always been a big pokemon fan to this date, too bad I’m a highschool student and have no money to afford a 3ds to play the newer games. 😥 My favourite pokemon game is bw2 (followed by hgss) :love:
    I got a nintendo wii for my 10th birthday :love: I used to go on it so often but not anymore. :bleh:
    Now I just play league of legends most of the time, I occasionally play maplestory but I only play it because of new classes or for nostalgia. I recently started playing hearthstone though.

    Merry Christmas everyone! :yay:

  40. Dash

    I have had so much fun playing Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4 and most of my time has been spent sinking hours into sandbox games like The Sims 3, Terraria, Spore and Civilization 5. I’m not much of one for Horror games or FPS’ but I am usually partial to trying new things because I love being surprised by a game that turns out to be really fun. I always try to find some time to sink into games because it makes a real fun escape from reality and some games always give a new experience. My favourite game tends to change a bit here and there but I think that I’ve had the most fun playing Terraria and Spore Judging by the 800+ hours I’ve sunk into the former and the 80+ I’ve sunk into the latter. Nothing else comes close in time spent. :scared:

    I would choose to have an ebf4 key for Steam.

  41. Reglecm


    I’m a hard gamer and these times I play a lot strategy games such as Company of Heroes 2 (amazing game! :love: ). My favourite game is Okami though.

    I discovered EBF4 when I was looking for good flash games on armor games, and I couldn’t stop playing this ^^. Then I played EBF3, then BH2, then I bought the steam versions to have more stuff to do, and now I am always trying to make my friends discover your great games! I gave EBF4 to a friend today and then I found your giveaway. I’d love to have a BH2 key to give to a friend!

    Merry Christmas all!

  42. halo1000max

    my gaming life is pretty normal sometimes me and my sister play games together on ps4 like terraria, battleborn, borderlands 1, 2 and the pre sequel
    i like jrpg like tales of xilia 1 and 2 (my sister loved this games as much as myself) and tales of symphonia
    i still need to finish resident evil 4, hyperdimension neptunia V and VII
    i played the heck out of ebf 3, 4 (flash) and bullet heaven 1(flash) i would like ebf 4 premium

    i could give more details but im lazy sorry

  43. krai

    I usually play a lot of RPGs, roguelikes, sometimes old arena-shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake.
    My gaming life started with Commander Keen and DOOM back in 1995 on the computer on my mother’s workplace, I think. I also had a Tetris, but do not remember when it was.
    If I win, I prefer EBF4. I completed it on Kongregate, it is awesome!

  44. Razore

    I play a lot of different games ranging from FPS to JRPG’s and the EBF series has been one of my favorites. I play games to have fun with friends and sometimes its crazy. Out of the two games, I would like to get EBF4.

  45. Darius Walker

    I am into a variety of games, one of which I play most is the game Realm of the Mad God, another flash game on the PC. I’m also getting started into playing RPG’s on my PS4, but once in a while I always like to come back to those Flash classics like your games,

    If I do win, I’d like Steam Keys for EBF4, since I want to challenge myself with the additional content there.

    Good luck to all! :yay: :yay: :yay:

  46. Virtual Name

    I‘ve wrote an article about EBF series on the biggest unoffical chinese steam forum on early december. The article took me two weeks to complete and finally I got the highest forum reaward. At first, I dosen’t think I will get a high reaward because there are so many other high quality articles about 3A hot popular games, but it happened .finally, I got the reward and the article was recorded on the steam curator named “STCN”.

    The article begins with the old video “No Name” reviewing and ends with the lastest game “EBF5” previewing. You can see the article from the link showed below.
    Article link: (Need support chinese font to view the page)

    To be greedy :stars: , I want a free EBF5 steam key in the future because I already have EBF4 on steam and I am not good at hell bullet game.
    To be honest :yay: , I will feel very happy and lucky if I get a BH2 key.

    Merry Christmas. (Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna and Nolegs Included)

  47. Isaac Zaragoza Mendoza

    Hi i play this game since ebf2. i play free version ebf4, ebf3, i need this version in steam pls 😀 :love: :love:

  48. ZEN Hachi pH

    I was looking for a game with kongergate. Epic battle fantasy 3 was the first thing that shined my eyes. Especially the merit of the character has been transmitted Techniques such as sword and stick gun … the object of the opponent’s monster. The story is good after that. I’m drawing a copy of the scene along the flow. It is perfect RPG. I hoped for the next work EBF 4.
    The unexpected thing is to put Anna and that the weapon is a bow. I was attracted by a unique bow technique.
    I got sore from the effect of limit break … unexpectedly.
    I have seen the EBF series but EBF 5 … I expect. Please do your best. I am trying other games. But I’d like EBF.
    Thats is my gaming life…
    Merry Christmas.
    I am sorry that my English is not good
    and I am Japanese.

  49. Carlos

    I’ve known the EBF series since 2012. Back then I couldn’t understand English very well, but the objective of your games were quite obvious. My first game was Adventure story. I enjoyed every single part of it. I continued playing it until I beat 100% of it. I continued browsing through the Internet until I found a new game which caught my attention; EBF4. After 15 minutes of gameplay, I recognized that the game was developed by the same person who developed Adventure Story (because of Matt’s face in the bottom left).
    I’ve ended up playing all of his games until there weren’t any left. I got 100% on all games of which I was proud of. I especially liked BH 2 the most. The game focuses more on skill rather than resources. I slowly built up the skill and eventially got 3 stars on every non-premium level.
    Right now, I mainly play RPGs, schmups and platformers thanks to the EBF series.
    I would absolutely love to play the premium version of BH 2. I will get the opportunity to achieve more score, achievements and fun gameplay!

    Also, I wish you a merry Christmas!

  50. GAMERULmihai

    I play all sorts of games:RPGs,2D platformers,first person shooter,racing etc.If it looks cool,I play it.Usually I look for games on ArmorGames or Newgrounds.I am the kind of player that tries to get all achievements,medals,collectibles and so on.I play only free games since I don’t want to spend money on games(at least for now).
    Also,I decided that I want to make games,so I started making one in Unity(a 2D platformer),and after I get experience in games something similar to EBF.
    As for the prize,I’ll go for EBF4(I think I raged enough at Bullet Heaven 2).
    Anyway,I hope I’ll win.Also,Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  51. Paterix

    Well I’ve been playing videogames all my life.
    Started out playing games with my dad via LAN network, some oldschool games like Heroes of Might and Magic III, Age of Empires II, Warcraft 3. We have also played World of Warcraft, and later we played the Multiplayer version of RTCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein). Then we found out that Steam exists and we were amazed, so many new games, so many opportunities. We played Team Fortress 2, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and even bought some of the older games to relive the Nostalgia. There was a time where I visited my grandma, she had a shitty PC so I couldn’t play any games, so I decided to browse Kongregate, Armor Games and other websites to spend my time. That was when I found EBF 3, it was such a good game that I could not stop playing it, I was surprised that it was a flash game, I decided to play some of the older ones, but I didn’t really like them (Sorry, Matt), however I really liked BH and Adventure Story, they were really cute. Couple of years have passed, I’ve gotten a new pc and I was playing some cool games like the Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein New Order, Starcraft II et cetera. I’ve recently installed Discord, joined a shitton of servers (left a lot of them too) and I found this server. The people here are so nice and helpful, though I have to say that some are kinda mean. I saw a comment saying ”ooh im so hyped for ebf5” or something like that. I didn’t realise that there was a 4th game, so I bought it on steam, I still havent finished it but I have to say: it’s gorgeous, fun and amazing, good job Matt, your games have always lightened my day up, really hyped for ebf5 (even more hyped cause you said I was gonna get a steam key when it comes out :shades: ).
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Matt and everyone who reads this shitty essay.
    PS: Since I have EBF4, I’d like to have BH2 :smirk:

  52. Diamond

    I have played the 3rd and the 4th Epic Battle Fantasy(I didn’t finish them 😥 ) and they were great. Sometimes I play on the PC 4-5 hours everyday.

  53. Matt

    I mainly play indie games and more simple genres without intense action, not because I dont like them but because I suck at them. I mainly play bullet hell (Just beat Bullet heaven 2 on hard) Rhythm, platformers, and im getting back into visual novels and RPGs (seems I lost my taste for vns though) If you could give me a key I would really appreciate epic battle fantasy 4, I used to play the original 2 on newgrounds or something years ago! (I know they changed format, the new one seems better)

  54. Garagon

    Hi Matt ! I play often Paladins (the rival of Overwatch), Smite (a MOBA) and Dofus ( an MMORPG French, very famous in France because the studios who created the game is french^^). My gaming life in general is like 2-3hours of the game I have said previously each day. If I’m chosen, I would have Epic Battle Fantasy 4 :hurray:

    Sorry for my bad english :c

    A french fan 😀

  55. Adrian Ceroni

    I’m currently playing Super Panda Adventures after finishing A Hat in Time.
    I really like platformers.

    I also enjoy racing games (Need for Speed), Fighters (Street Fighter), Beat em ups (Final Fight).
    I play a lot of different games. I avoid horror and online multiplayer games. RPGs are hit and miss with me (EBF is a hit btw).

    I mainly play on PC these days and have TONS of games to select from. My gaming history includes Amstrad CPC 464, Atari 2600, NES, Master System, SNES, Genesis, N64, Gamecube, Playstation, PS2. Also Gameboy, Gameboy Color, NDS. I gave up on consoles after that.

    I wish I could trust mobile games to play them more. I have griddlers and a couple of platformers I can recommend.

    Is that enough info? :wut:

  56. CoolPikachu12

    I already got Epic Battle Fantasy 4 but not Bullet Heaven 2.
    I have quite the interest in FPS games and RPGs.
    I’ll also go towards Adventure Puzzle games if it isn’t too frustrating to play while having story depth. :smirk:

  57. DrFugue

    Hey Kupo! I’m a very big fan of your work. I am a teen game designer gifted with autism and LOVE JRPGs, puzzlers, bullet hells (and heavens), and am a huge horror fan. If I was nominated for a steam key, I would prefer Bullet Heaven. Thank you for taking time to read this and merry Christmas!

  58. Zeroaria

    So, like a lot of other players, video games are pretty much all I spend my free time on. I also use them to allow my overactive imagination to roam and as a form of escapism in my everyday life. I work two jobs to try and pay for my apartment and sometimes choose between a ride to work to avoid the cold and getting food, but my single constant is coming home to my games in order to remove me from the constant stress and allow me to chill in a new reality, one with Matt, Natz, Lance, Anna, and NoLegs taking on anything and everything standing in our way. :yay:

    I purchased EBF4 once I got a gaming PC and Steam actually held use to me, so if I were selected I’d choose Bullet Heaven 2. But, really, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making games for us; I know it’s not easy, but I’ve been around since the days of EBF1 on Kongregate and it’s just wonderful to be consistently granted such fun, funny, challenging games to take me on another adventure. So thank you. :love2:

  59. Ruize

    Hey Matt! Really loved your past few games, and have high hopes for your upcoming EBF 5! :stars: :stars:
    As for the games I play, they really just consist of indie games that can be casually played, such as Stardew Valley, Nuclear Throne, and Binding of Isaac. To be honest, any game works as long as you can play it in short bursts and have fun!
    I don’t really care what key I get if I get given any, since I’ll probably just gift it to my friends as a Christmas present, and I love both games anyway! :love:

  60. Roaaaaaar

    I play csgo most of the time, but i’m getting heart gold to replay, so ill play that later. I would like BH2

  61. Jason

    I just play whatever is free on Steam that I find interesting, cause I’m a broke man. Normally like strategic games and some action games, but I don’t stick to a particular genre.
    I’d prefer an Epic Battle Fantasy 4 key.

  62. Matthew

    Happy Holidays to you first, hope you have a good couple weeks! I’m a strategy game person my self and logical games too. I enjoy games like Civilization 4 and Civ Beyond Earth which are a couple good strategy games, take ages to complete which is enjoyable since its long term. My favorite time sink game though is Factorio, the games is so fun and can be as complex as you want to make it. I’d love a key for EBF 4, and take it easy over the holidays.

    Cheers! :yay:

  63. Lolero222

    Well im not a rich guy so my computer is a basic one 😥 but i play lots of games anyway from snes ones to resents like cuphead and i got a Play Station 2 and played almost all the games that you can find.
    I would like to get Ebf 4 and play it on steam and never lose my progress :love:

  64. Shane

    I enjoy a variety of genres and don’t really stick to one, but recently I’ve been enjoying the horror shooter titles such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro. I developed a love for video games at an early age and remember playing EBF and a plethora of flash games on Kongregate and Newgrounds as a kid, haha! For the giveaway, I’d really enjoy a key for EBF4.

    Thanks and Happy holidays Matt :yay:

  65. Zak

    Generally I play the puzzle adventure type of games, such as Zelda, however, as of recent times, I’ve really gotten into roguelite games, such as Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon and Nuclear Throne. Of course I also love RPGs, like Xenoblade Chronicals, and of course the EBF games.

    I first started playing games when I was about 6 or 7, playing with my dad on his old Sega Genesis, and have slowly amassed more and more games and consoles, from the good old PS2, through the Wii and PS3, right up until now with the Switch and of course playing way to many steam games.

    Not sure if you will read this, but if you do, I’d love to get a steam key to EBF4, i’ve already finished EBF3 on steam with all the achievements, so getting EBF4 would be great.

    Thanks in advance Matt.

  66. Tobias

    Gaming is a big part of my life. I started with flash games and saw my brother play pokemon blue in his pc so I played pokemon red and fell in love with pokemon. After that i started to play plataformers more RPG’s and metroidvanias. Now i play the binding of issac afterbirth plus , Team Fortress 2 , Pokemon rom hacks and fan games , Metroid fusion and some EBF4.

  67. Redstone

    I play ROBLOX. A lot. I also play PAYDAY 2 sometimes.
    I play ROBLOX because a lot of the games there are pretty high quality and are enough like their real game counterparts. Also I can’t afford all the new and hot games and I can only buy stuff on my birthday and christmas soo… 😐

  68. Michał

    Yo, wazzup my NI…….ce friend!
    I play mostly casual games like Animal Crossing. You know, just play something for a chill-out. :shades:
    The only “hardcore” and “competitive” game that I play is Earth’s Special Forces. :smirk:
    I also played EBF 3 when I was a small kid. I loved this game and now I am waiting for the fifth game to come out. I think It’s one of (If not the best) the best TB RPGs! :love2:
    About my gaming life: It’s not that much. I am not the guy who plays something for 10 hours straight.
    I am in the making of my own game, because I want to pay respect for those (including you), who gave me entertainment while playing games, so you are a guy, who Inspired me to be an Indie developer like you.

    I was a fan of yours for a long time, and I have to say: you are a very ambitious man, and I hope you the best. Marry Christmas Matt. Wish you lots of food! :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  69. Will

    I am an avid player of rpgs and jrpgs. A particular favorite of mine is “Doom and Destiny” by Heartbit Interactive. They are very fun and have lots of shoutouts to various games and anime, much like your entire game series! I play things that catch my fancy on mobile games but flash games are my first video game enjoyment.

    I would like a key for EBF4, please. :stars:

  70. Daniel

    Well, nowadays i usually play MOBAs, or more team oriented games, but i do like some singleplayer games like Mount&blade.

    Like 6 years before though I started playing games on Kongregate, and one of the first games i played for a longer period of time was EBF3.
    Later i played EBF4 too, and even decided to buy it for Battle Mountain mostly. (Where i didn’t get far in because i am not that good at the game)
    When I got to know how things are going when i found this webpage i started playing the other games too like the 2 Bullet Heaven games and Adventure story, but because the page always forgot my progress i never got to finish them.

    So this is the reason why i would rather like Bullet heaven 2, because then i could finish it, without having to start over
    Also hope to see EBF5, after 3 and 4 it can’t be bad, that’s for sure :yay:

  71. Eric

    Matt I have been playing the EBF series ever since I was child and I am now 16 I will be 17 in a 6 days 🙂 but the games I usually play are rage games like Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, I also love clash of clans (please don’t judge me) and lastly I have played other games like Fancy Pants and Arcuz 2. Merry Christmas Matt and Merry Christmas to everybody else!! Good Luck to the others for winning steam keys :smirk: :bacon: :bacon:

  72. Civael

    Hmm… I like playing whatever I can get my hands on, but my preferences are RPGs, Adventure and Sandbox games. Usually if a game requires thought put into every move like a turn based game or stealth game I instantly get addicted to it. My first EBF game was EBF3, and within 3 weeks I (Barely) killed Akron with Lance still alive. My gaming life revolves around any games I have and I am casual for the first run through, then challenge myself with different limitations and…er, builds(?) to try and lengthen the game’s lifespan. Id like to have EBF4 if I win a free steam key please :stars: .

  73. ZBoot

    I would say the games I’ve been recently involved in playing is Fortnite [Of course lol] but anyways my real favourite game genre is RPG definately. I like those games where you can level up but I absolutely hate games where you can literally go everywhere. Whats the point without even finishing the story. I definately wouldn’t think that your games are ‘you can go whereever you want’.

    Its funny because many people absolutely love those games where you can explore everywhere but me its just nah I’d rather not. Please don’t hate on me if you like those games lol, remember! It was just a prank bro 😥

  74. Plumplone

    I play a lot of videogames, the games genre I prefer are puzzle and platform, even if some of my favorite game aren’t in this category, like Undertale, Dark Souls , Geometry Dash, the FNAF series or your EBF series, and other. (hope my english writing is understandable)

  75. Nebojsa

    I love playing rpg games because they are so cool and i just like beating up bad guys so if i win a key iw ould like it to be for epic battle fantasy 4. :smirk:

  76. Sofus

    Hey mat.
    I play this EBF that’s why I’m here!
    And in other my favorite type of game is open world
    And yet my favorite game is battle of wesnoth with you can only get if you know about it, since you need to get it of they’re website. In general I like games that take there time and really pay attention to detail. Wich is a part of why I love your EBF 3/4 since it’s actually really well made and it has everything that it sets out to have and do that very well :smirk:

  77. Godtier

    Well, I mostly play RPG’s, got really into them, especially turn based ones, when I was a kid, which is how I discovered the EBF series, I play the occasional shooter, because Halo 3 was a good childhood memory, there is all the fighting games I play as well, since i play Brawl a lot among other things, and I recently started playing strategy based games, especially Fire Emblem, which I guess is technically also a turn based RPG at it’s core, either way, playing turn based RPG’s is what my childhood was, and that is i suppose what kind of game I like to play best now, especially since I started playing my computer more than playing consoles, because college removed me from being able to play said consoles.

    As for what game….thats tough, but I would take EBF4 if I were to somehow win

  78. Eranwel

    By genres, I play RPG, FPS, horror, adventure, MOBA and other unique games. For me, graphics and mechanics of a game are both really important.

    I love EBF series, coz they’re well made games with memorable design/style and free spirit. Those games have explosions, guns, swords, moe characters, lewd content, magic, more or less good humor and other cool stuff. It’s AWESOME! :stars:

    I’m a youtuber and letsplayer and I did a video of me playing Battle Royale. I want to make letsplays of the entire EBF series with my friends as voice overs, so it would be cool to have one of the games entirely free to enjoy the full content.

    Thx for your work Matt and keep up the good work!

  79. Janko

    I wish you a merry Christmas :yay: Be always happy ^^ Smile in every place where you are (∩ ᵔ ᴥ ᵔ )⊃━☆゚.* Good luck with making EBF5 :smirk: I love games since I was a little child :yay: First online game which I played was 4Story, (I like this game to date xD) I was 4 years old then. My friend told me about Epic Battle Fantasy 3 when I was in first class of primary school. I totally felt in love with this series of games. I knew, that was type of games which I prefer. Now I’m waiting for next part and I’m so excited :stars: Love and good luck from “very” cold country — Poland xD

    Bye ^^

    (I hope it is correct write XD)

  80. Astrelt

    I play RPG’s, MMO’s. Roguelikes and Sandboxes…and just…alot of stuff. I’ve been playing for years and years, but my machinery hath not improved. I run everything at 15 frames or below and it’s terrifying me how used to it I am.

  81. Unknown

    I play RPG games alot like the epic battle fantasy and final fantasy series. I also play alot of multiplayer games like overwatch and fortnite on my Ps4. I’d like EBF4 as I already have Bullet Heaven on steam

  82. Dragovoid

    Well I already have EBF4, but I hope i can get it for my friend too. he likes the series as much as I do
    Eh I play mostly all genre of games but I mostly like RPGs like crystal story, legend of the void and the ebf series and MMORPGs like elsword, aura kingdom and digimon masters online. Gaming has pretty been much my life. How i started my journey was when i found EBF3 on Kongregate. I played that for ages all the time then i decided i need more of the story and played the previous ones and when EBF4 came out I was really hyped. I ended up throwing everything out of my mind and just focused on it XD. Really hyped for EBF5 :stars: . My gaming life wasn’t that grand or anything just a simple guy either searching for good flash games on sites like kong, armor games and newgrounds or focusing on one of his MMOs. It went downhill about a year ago though because we had to travel back home where the internet isn’t pretty good. Mostly just finding i used to play and have fun with and replaying them again enjoying the nostalgic feeling.

  83. Michael

    I started in an unusual way, at the age of 9 I think. I really wanted to play the game my mom used to play all the time, which was Diablo 2. She let me play for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I started exploring some RPG-esque flash games and found out about Kong. My first few fav games were Murloc, Sonny and Mardek series. At some point I discovered EBF games. I really liked stuff like patch notes, dev blogs and overall changes in games and designer thoughts, so when I found your facebook page I instantly started to follow your posts and couldn’t wait for the 4th installment. It was my first Steam game! Would love me some bullet heaven, I’m interested in the genre and the game seems softer than other bullet hell games so I’d love to try it out! :smirk:

    1. Altarius

      What a coincedence ❗ I played Sonny, Mardek and Murloc ( murloc just a bit) at first too :yay:

      Sadly he can’t continue finishing Mardek 4, which is sad, because the Story was very deep and interesting :meh:
      Sonny was cool too and the story was also great (not as in Mardek though).

      I would refer to these 2 games as my “childhood” with EBF 1 – 3 (4 came out when I wouldnt consider myself a kid anymore). Of course there were more games I would refer to as my “childhood”, but this is just a reply to a comment, not an actual topic. :smirk:

      However, nice to hear other people played these games too :smirk: :yay:

  84. TheRam

    Started gaming on kongregate at 12, tower defense games, like kingdom rush and incursion, were really good at that time. Sad to see idle games take over the front page nowdays…. well they are kinda fun from time to time I guess? EBF3 was my introduction to RPG games, would play it everyday at junior high with friends, finally got all the achievement in the game 6 years later! anyway keep up the good work, can’t wait for EBF 5!

  85. Nelly

    i play anything as long as it’s under twenty dollars. I bit the bullet and bought a switch, which was worth it because super mario oddessy and zelda have taken up all my free time.

    EBF4 would be preferred.

  86. Dvd

    ive played a few rpgs and stuff. used to play a lot of tower defense games. now im usually just playing osu and some flash games because im using a windows XP 😡 so i cant play a lot of games and even bullet heaven 2 is super laggy on my computer so ive only completed like 1 level 😥
    i havent really played many games for a while now because i really dont know of any good games that i can play :bleh:
    would like bullet heaven 2 so that i can play it when i get a new computer (if i ever get a new one :meh: )
    :phone: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :phone2:

  87. JC2502

    I’ve liked strategy/turn-based and jrpgs games most of my life. I’ve enjoyed the advance wars series, fire emblem, world’s end, final fantasy, xenoblade, the list can go on for a while. I played through the EBF(1-4, Bullet Heaven, Adventure Story) games on kongregate for a good 8 years, and I would love to try out the EBF4 premiums and have a more permanent place to keep my save file.

  88. Chris

    I mostly play RPG’s. :yay: I also play Sonic, Naruto, Digimon, Pokémon and some anime related games. :stars:
    I recently started playing the Just Dance series games and I’m enjoying them but my most favorite type of games are RPG’s and MMORPG’s. :love:

  89. Redlucario777

    When it comes to games I like the old school JRPGs like final fantasy and super mario rpg, I also like survival or sandbox games and just screwing around in them. pokemon is one of the games i mostly play just because of the customization of the teams. when i first played EBF3 I didn’t know what I was going in to I also didn’t realize how much fun It was going to be. when Ebf4 came out on knogregate i was excited to play it. after I beat the flash version I bought it on steam which i now have over 100 hours into it with most achievements. I cant wait for the 5th to be released it looks so good right now. The game I would want would be bullet heaven 2. have a great Christmas :yay:

  90. Maclin

    I consider myself a gamer. I like RPGs like your Epic Battle Fantasy Games and Pokemon, Puzzle games like Professor Layton, and misc. games.
    I’m a huge fan of your games and artwork and look forward to EPF5
    ! recently gotten steam and would like to see the extra content in EPF4

  91. Joseph Lim

    I play a variety of games, but almost every game I enjoy has some sort of progression system. Progression can be anything from levels, new gear, titles, etc. Because the EBF games have all those aspects, I find them very fun! If I were to receive a steam key, I would want BH2 since I found the first one extremely challenging, but in a good way. :shades:

  92. AsianTrash

    I play a lot of games, not as much as I used to though. Bullet hells like Touhou are always fun, and platformers are usually pretty entertaining. I make a lot of music, so I get a lot of inspiration from things like OSTs and whatnot. Good luck with your development of EBF 5! If I get the key, I’d probably want EBF 4 just because I already have BH 2 on steam. However, I’d love to give the extra key to a friend or something.

  93. SulfricSun

    I consider myself an all around gamer. The main game I play is League of Legends and although i’m not that good at it I always have fun. I also play platformers and side scroller beat-em ups and such. I play survival games such as don’t starve with my friends, even though we are bad :yay: .I love playing game with a lot of action but I can play games with a slower and more strategic mind. The first time I played through ebf3 it was with my friend and I had know idea what I was doing but he let me choose a character to control and I chose Lance. I don’t really have an exact reason but I thought he looked really cool and the idea of a gun-sword was really cool. We played through that game and I did a whole lot of nothing but it was fun using unload and destroy enemies. I never chose the weapon with the best stats but what looked the coolest. I also had all of the evade stat rising because I wore the ninja suit and had high evade so I thought i looked pretty cool. When I played through ebf4 I still chose to control Lance because he looks cool and he just sticks out to me as the coolest. All in all I like playing all types of games and won’t turn down a new game! If I had to choose between ebf4 and bullet heaven 2 I would want ebf4 because it is so fun and I would really like to have it in my library!

  94. vhunter

    Hey Matt, don’t know how you will read all the messages, but you asked for it…
    I would like to get a key for BH2, since i already have a EBF4 played it for 73 hours and for me it is 4th highest game in total playtime (it is very high, considering that I have 90 games in my steam library)
    In terms of games i’m all-rounder, because i can easily play every genre of game – i like platformers, shooters, races, sandboxes… but mostly i prefer games which require thinking – puzzles, business simulators and turn-based strategies (yes, main EBF games are in this category for me).
    In case, you are interested – which games i played even more than EBF4, these are Darkest Dungeon, Factorio, Stellaris.
    I’m looking forward to EBF5, and i really want to get my Patreon-deserved map test next month (however don’t rush it, i can wait a little longer for a masterpiece).
    Also, i like your games enough to offer help in translating game text into Russian if you need it (for free, but beware that i’m not a professional tranlator, just a guy who believes that he is not bad with English).
    I wish you merry Christmas, happy new year, and productive work!

  95. Altarius

    Dear Matt,

    I prefer RPG games, but I’m like an “allround” gamer. If the story is neat and the “feeling”, while playing it, is nostalgic, I would play everything. I really never bought any games, except for Pokemon, when the gameboy color was “the sh*t”, but as long as I don’t earn any money on my own, I can’t allow myself to waste the money of my parents
    for “just” games, so I keep playing Browser games or free mobile games. When I was younger, I played browser games without an end. One of the first games I played, when we bought a PC was (seriously) EBF 1 and 2, also Mardek 1 and 2 (Who has also a third part, and also a really, REALLY deep story (also RPG)). Besides that I most- likely played two-player games with my brother. We even played EBF 1 and 2 as a two-player game ( Sounds weird, but we decided that I control Matt (because I always like the “Warrior” class in every game and my brother always loved the “mage” class in every game :yay: ) and he controls natalie, so we always pushed the mouse to the other one as we finished our turn xD. In EBF 3 we decided he gets Lance and Natalie and I only Matt, but I didn’t mind :smirk: . We also played Chaos Faction 1 and 2 and several other two-player games, but we always prefered RPG-like games, because we found it interesting to choose a character and understand their “way of thinking”. I’ll be honest I am currently not playing EBF 4, because I already played it like maybe 6 times and I really want some new content, but as I am not allowed to buy anything for games, I have no choice but to play the same thing over and over again. I really am looking forward to play EBF 5, it would be something different than playing EBF 4 for the 7th time (no insult to EBF 4. I never even played a game more than 3 times, so it really got me interested for 3 more times). In EBF 5 I will get Matt and Anna and Natalia while he gets Lance and NoLegs (I had to convince him to take Lance, because he really loves NoLegs and wanted to only play him xD).

    If you don’t mind , I would like to have an EBF 4 steam key, because I prefer EBF 4 to Bullet Heaven, and my brother wants it too xD

    Thanks for your time to work on EBF and all other relatable games like Adventure Story and Bullet heaven

    Also a Merry Christmas from Albania! :yay: :hurray: :bacon:
    ( In case I am not able to write in the following days )

  96. Star Scorpia

    My gaming life started when i was 4 and got my ps1, i played crash bash, toy story racing, digimon rumble arena (still a fun one tbh) and many more.
    Around my 8 birthday i got a ps2 and at that point i started to really enjoy RPGs like final fantasy 12 and digimon world data squad.
    At 10 i got an internet connection and the world of pc gamin opened to me and i played games on kongregate and newgrounds, one of the fames i played was….. Mecha dressup, oh and ebf3.
    I also enjoyed diamond hollow 2, level up, upgrade complete, crystal story 2, RPG shooter:Starwish etc.
    As far as it goes i got steam at 13 and played games like tf2 and the boring idle games.
    I would like a key for BH2 since i have ebf4 already.

  97. Nattorpedia

    At the moment, I play Terraria loads. But, I also love flash games. There are some drawbacks, such as the crud-tons of ads on the websites, and the small screen, but if the game is immersive enough, these become easy to ignore, such as having subtitles. Some of the best games out there are flash games, and some major games started out on flash, notably your series, Sentry Knight, and kingdom rush ( I’m a fan of all three). My favourite flash games are Seedling, Arcuz, and, of course, your series. (Not trying flattery, it’s just the truth). Many people treat flash as a joke. This is probably because there are many terrible flash games. You just have to sift through the mud to find gold. The same is true for mobile, with games such as Iron Marines and Rust Bucket. (The former is phenomenal.) As for my ‘personality’ in games, I’m an achievement hunter, but I won’t go hugely out of my way just for that. Strategy and free choice are important aspects in games to me.
    If I win, I would like bullet heaven two please, as I already have ebf4.

  98. Stimpy

    I love indie game and RPG. I play EBF 4 (just kongregate version) and love it :love:
    I’ve been waiting for a long time for the EBF5 :smirk:
    I would like EBF4.
    Happy Christmas for everyone

  99. Keinett

    I’m a casual player who resorts to giveaways and gifts to expand my overall gaming experience, due my current situation that unables me getting the necessary currency.
    I often play indie games, or sandbox games as well. Recently, I’ve really been into a title called Freedom Planet. My favorite game (since 2013) is Terraria, although I don’t play as frequently I used to.

    I already have played all of EBF Saga, both Kongregate and Steam version, finishing the last two at 100% completion (Steam Version).

    If it’s possible, I’d like to have a EBF4 Key for a friend I recently introduced to your saga.

  100. AnonymousEBFLover

    You wanna know about my gaming life? Well it’s quite limited saddly! 🙁

    Basically I play any online games that I can get my hands on that can run on a potato! I’ve been stuck with lots of hand me downs of old laptops and they always have an issue whether it be storage or bad performance, bad graphics card… etc. But lately I’ve gotten a pretty decent temporary computer and I’ve been playing lots of games now! :yay:

    I play a lot of idle games (please someone stop me, it’s too addicting and I’m wasting my life away!) But I really love Adventure games, Action, Puzzles, and Rage games! A few years back I found a site called Kongregate and one of the first games I found was EBF3! I absolutely loved it, however I raged near the end because I sucked at games back then! :tongue: I had so much fun that I looked for more sequels and I found EBF4. I never finished it either. Later last year I came back and finished it and I absolutely loved it! Was kinda sad that I couldn’t do the bonus content though. But once I found your site I heard of EBF5 and I’ve been here ever since on Discord seeing all the updates! Anyway, guess your kind of an inspiration to me as I’m becoming a game developer myself… haven’t released anything yet, but I’m still learned! Stay awesome Matt! :stars:

    1. AnonymousEBFLover

      Oh, I should also mention I love games with a good story line and every now and also some horror games *cough* Until Dawn… :tongue:

    2. AnonymousEBFLover

      Omg, I keep forgetting things, SORRY! If I’m chosen I would probably want EBF4 if you get the bonus content on Steam, if not I would want Bullet Heaven 2.

  101. EBF Fan

    I play games on Kongregate, one of my favorites is EBF 4, I have bought premium for it on Kongregate. I also play a Minecraft server called Grand Theft Minecart because that’s the closest to GTA and I really like the GTA series. If I am lucky and win the giveaway, I would like bullet heaven 2 because I already have premium EBF 4 on Kongregate. :yay:

  102. Mason Brown

    I like FPS games and Platformers the most, but I like many other genres too. My gaming life really started with Terraria and TF2, seeing as I have 4k and 8k hours in them respectively, however before that it was the DS and Wii that got me into gaming. Love your games, maybe I can win this :smirk:

    1. Mason Brown

      Would edit it but it seems like I can’t on mobile, I’m hoping to win EBF4, if that info is needed

  103. Lumamaster

    I’ve been playing games basically my whole life, or at least as long as I can remember. From the glory days of StarCraft, to the height of the flash game era, I’ve been around on the internet for a while, and I’ve played many a game. I’ve seen the rise of AAA games, and now witnessing their slow decline to indie games. As a gamer, my interests were always all over the place. One day I might be in a shooting game mood, the next, a platformer, then perhaps an RPG game, or some hybrid game. Though there were some games I always avoided, namely horror games and sports games, since I disliked the former, and had no interest in the latter. Nonetheless, I still remember many classics from the flash game era, such as the Achievement Unlocked series, the Bloons games, and of course, the EBF series. Nowadays, I tend to play more strategical and action-packed games such as Warframe and Dota 2, but I always like to take a break from those and play some Terraria with friends, or just play an idle game to relax.

    This has been my gaming life and story so far, and I foresee more chapters of it to continue in the future!

    P.S. Bullet Heaven 2 would be nice to get :stars:

  104. Omega Sentinel

    Well, I like playing stealth, puzzle, platformer and turn based games, but sometimes I try different genres (never had much interest in bullet hells for example, but I loved the bullet heaven series ) . My gaming life can sometimes be very active and sometimes very inactive (even when I have time) . When it comes to single player, I like doing achievements (but I don’t force myself if they are too hard or not interesting) and sometimes I like playing really hard games (usually platformers, but nothing rage inducing). For multiplayer, I only play with my friends and I usually focus on supporting them, where I can play decently .

    > I would like to get the EBF4 key (planning to gift it to one of my friends to spread the word about your games)

  105. ZeroPride

    I love shmups and bullet hells.In the last year i played mostly Touhou and Cave games, extensively practicing each them, to get better, but mostly because i enjoy doing so. Sometimes they’re really stressful, so i like to relax myself with 2d indie games ( not a fan of 3d).These indie games i relax myself with, are often platformers,rogue likes, turn based rpgs, or explorations one. Bonus points for pixel graphics. Having already played Bullet heaven 2 extensively, i’d like EBF4.

  106. Muac

    I play all sorts of games, but I generally prefer the RPGs as a whole. I like to sink my teeth into the story and the characters. I also like the way combat is done in most games. I do prefer mobile games to console games and computer games to mobile games. I usually have a busy life, so I prefer having something on the go since I lose a lot of time with daily chores or jobs that I am currently enlisted in. Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is my preferred game in this case, but I’d be fine with Bullet Heaven 2 as well if I win that is. That’s all I can really say. 😐

  107. Gadgetphile

    What I can say about my gaming life? Even though I started with Nintendo, my consol company gradually shifted to Sony. (Owned every single Playstation.) Nowadays I mostly game on the PC. (Clicker Heroes or Runescape.) I would really like a Wii though (I’m obsessed with Mario Kart.) and I’m very diverse when it comes to gaming. (Own ‘Doom3 BFG edition’, ‘DOOM’, ‘Assassins Creed’, a couple ‘Spyro’ games, ‘Tony Hawk’s project 8’ and many more.) If I win I would like a key for EBF4.

  108. Rico

    I’m mostly into RPG’s, Tower Defense games and Survival games, since I’ve grown up with those.
    I mostly play flash games due to the fact that I can’t really afford to buy anything off of Steam, even when a massive sale comes along.
    I also prefer to play offline games, but a chat feature such as the one in Kongregate is nice when I’m stuck at some point.’
    If I were to win by some miracle, I’d prefer the key to EBF4, since I’m absolutely horrible at Bullet Hell games.

  109. Shay DeaD

    In truth i play a lot of different games like League of Legends , Counter-Strike Global Offensive , Fortnite ( its quite popular these times ) , i still play sometimes the binding of isaac and i like to play EBF4 when i have nothing to do xD ( i completed everything so… ) well that’s not everything cause i play minecraft , wakfu , dofus , terraria ( rarely ) , hearthstone feels good bro , world of warcraft is cool ( on private server :'( ) , i tried maple story its not that great and i think that’s all ( well the list is too long to continue u’know )

    The game i want is Bullet heaven 2 ( like you said i’ll be honest and in all cases even if you didn’t said it i’d still tell you the game i truly want cose i already got EBF4 xD )

  110. Encon

    I play games because I like the challenge. Doesnt matter if single or multiplayer, old or new, bad or good graphics, puzzle, FPS, strategy etc. From Tetris and Minesweeper through PUBG and CS:GO to Warcraft 3 and Getting Over It, I play it all, the more difficult the better.

    Thats why I would like a Bullet Heaven 2 🙂

  111. Incuro

    While my most played game is Path of Exile, I used to play a lot of League of legends for online games. Offline however I play games like Dark Souls and Valkyria Chronicles, though I cant pass up an opportunity to play a “good” RPG, such as Resonance of Fate (Not sure if you would call this good),some of the old Final Fantasy Games, or this one obscure game acronym-ed EBF4. But ya know, whatever I run into. That being said, I don’t play them, but I do suffer through TouHou games (Easy mode pls…)

  112. Opal

    i play a little bit of everything but ebf 3 is like the only game i decided to try and 100% i tried my best to get all the cool stuff but i fell just short, 1, because my computer hates games that aren’t downloaded on my computer, 2, because my hard drive got messed up and i lost all of my save data 😥 but i’ll probably try again on ebf 4, i hope i get picked so i can really 100% it, or else it’ll urk me and tug at my conscious because i don’t have that cool exclusive steam stuff

  113. SIddhant Rustagi

    I play DOTA (MOBA) and many RPGS like FF, Witcher and even hack n slash ones like DMC n GOW
    I loved playing your series online and I’d really love to play it again on steam :). Been waiting for the next one to come out for like 4 years or something 🙂

  114. Maple

    ((Apparently something went wrong and my first comment didn’t post, so I’m trying again. 😥 ))

    Firstly, I’ve always been partial to the RPG genre, the amazing amount of attention to detail and great plots that always come with it are very appealing. I especially like the pixel RPG style, mainly because the developers spend more time on the story than the graphics. Don’t get me wrong, nice graphics can add a lot to a game, but all pretty pictures and no plot is hardly a game. I’ll play anything with a good story, as it gives me a chance to escape from my anxiety and depression for awhile and fill someone else’s shoes, live their life for a bit, be somewhere else where none of the real life problems matter anymore. Low on money? Go fight something. Injured? Eat an item, you’ll be better in no time. Die? Nah, re-spawn. But a game’s story is where the real charm comes in. A good story can have you thinking about it long after you turn the game off, and as both an aspiring writer and someone who makes fan RPG games in their spare time, that’s one of the things I look for the most in games, and that’s what I found with Epic Battle Fantasy 3. I downloaded it on a whim from Steam two days ago, thinking it looked funny and could be fun. Immediately I was drawn into the game with the opening cut scene, and realized that there were two games before it that I had missed. Since I really wanted to play the game, I went and quickly got a basic idea of what had happened in the previous two games, then started to play. 12 hours, 20 Steam achievements, four areas, and twenty two levels later, I’m here. I was almost done with the 3rd game and panicked, not wanting to stop playing, so I rushed to the Steam store. I was going to try and get EBF4, but then I saw the price. I don’t have the money for it right now, but I want to play it so badly. 😥

    But then I found your Deviantart and this! :stars:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this game. Everything about it is great, the music, the art style, the plot, the dialogue, the self-awareness, the bluntness of the NPCs, and much more! ((I also like the anime references. I see you there Konata. :yay: )) I also love how even from small things like the battle fidgets (which I love by the way) you can get characterization from them. ((I love all the characters, but Lance has to be my favorite. :yay: ))

    A key for EBF4 would absolutely make my entire year! Not much good as happened this year, except of course for me finding EBF3. I love the thrid game so much, and I have to see what happens!

    Also, I noticed that you’re working on EBF5! That’s exciting! Good luck with all of your games, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day/Happy New Year!

  115. Valhi

    My gaming life started with strategy games of the IMPERIVM saga and now I love RPG and MMO games. I use all my free time to enjoy them.
    PD:Merry christmas :smirk:
    PPD:I love EBF3 It’s an incredible game

  116. Enis Yasharovski

    Hiya All nice and friendly community i see.

    anyways ima being here for the chance of getting EBF4 (Steam version) i would love to have it i used to play the free version on Kongregate i think when it rolled out – OH MY DAYS! i spent hours and hours of grinding and enjoying lvling up and doing reruns of the same uff memories.

    Well i would love those memories to come back again if i get the Steam version with the extra bits it would be lovely.

    Definitely looking forward towards EBF5 everyday im checking your website now to see if it is actually out hehe.

    In short i enjoy Strategies and RPG style of games like DOTA2; Starcraft 2; Red Alert 3 and similar of their kind – rarely on a ocassion i would sit down and play a FPS but that is rare now as i have less and less time for it (BUT IM NOT GIVING UP ON IT FOR SURE! LOL).

    So Yeah – Defo looking forward for EBF5 and hey whoever gets the giveaway GG :stars: :stars: :stars: 😀

  117. Pixelstar

    Mostly just strategy games, but I also really like RPGs. I also played a few bullet hell games before coming to Bullet Heaven. Now I’m just playing EU4 and waiting for EBF5 to come out.

  118. Rukasu

    Man I really like your games :stars: I played every one game that you made :love2: :smirk: I Really would enjoy win the EBF 4 or BulletHeaven 2 they are really good games.
    Thanks for spending your time making this games :smirk: :yay: :yay:

  119. Manzxja

    When I was a kid, the only thing I played was nitrome and armor games games (and the simpsons Hit and run, I had an obsession with that game), basically that’s how I got to know the EBF series. Then I discovered steam and my mind imploded. I do not have much money but thanks to humble bundle and its free games and hivaways like this I am getting games like darkest dungeon, psychonauts, stardewvalley, fallout and others :tongue:

    PD: merry christmas :yay: :yay: :coffee: :bacon:

  120. DeadlyPhantom

    wow thats a lot if people :scared:
    um i played EBF4 and completed 100% and i play legend of zelda mainly skywards sword which i got 100% and windwaker
    i also play team team fortress 2 and robocraft.
    This is realy cool though and i hope i get this prize and EBF5 will sooner or later be finshed :smirk:

  121. Kaiphas

    I’ve been playing games for most of my life. I greatly enjoy action and adventure games, RPGs, and MMOs. I enjoy playing games as they help me in many ways such as giving me nice puzzles to solve as well as being an escape from life for a short while. Playing games is also one of my ways to get inspired to create things of my own. This is why I have to thank games for being here.

    -As for the choice of Steam Key, should I be chosen, I’d like Epic Battle Fantasy 4

    Thank you and Merry Christmas! :smirk:

  122. Uriel

    I’m the tipical guy who sucks at games but still continues to love them, I play mainly 2D Platformerss but also like FPSs, RPGs, Survivals, Survival-horrors and Rouge-likes. Fav games are Smash bros in general (including fan games and alikes), Paladins, Sonic series, Fallout 4, The last of us, Fire Emblem, Freedom Planet and Distance.
    I want to get into Bullet Hells so If I could get a BH2 key to try it out that would be dandy. :stars:

  123. Angie Celo

    :love: I play rpg games such as ebf(1,2,3,4) or any strategic games
    I always play league of legends since i finished playing ebf5.

  124. Mario

    I play to a lot of mmorpg. Now i play at dofus a lot but i also play at all efb and i like them but the 4th one is really good and i will replay it with fun to be prepare for the 5th one.

  125. Gman Shadow

    While I play mostly idle games like realm grinder , I also enjoy games like TF 2 and SAS 4 .
    Bullet hell games like Bullet Heaven are also great .
    As for the key , Epic Battle Fantasy 4 .

  126. Yes

    While the EBF series is no longer my most-played, I’m sure I’ll be back at it right again when EBF5 comes out!

    I play mostly grand strategy, Multiplayer online battle arena and turn-based rpg games ( like this one! ). I currently play a lot less because I am very busy with school and often have to take physiotherapy for my physical sicknesses, which I find much less dramatic than others. Games are a massive part of my life and, unlike sadly a lot of the modern gaming base ( not implying everyone! ) prefer having fun over being competitive and winning. Winning sure makes me feel good, but winning isn’t what games are made for!

    If I win the giveaway, I’d like a key to EBF4, which I’d love to play with the full version instead of the by me overplayed flash game!

  127. Mitch

    I’m fairly open to all sorts of games, not that much of a gamer so I’m just looking to dip my toes here and there. I found EBF4 a couple of years back and was quite impressed with it.

    I’m currently a semi-hardcore Guild Wars 2 player and I’m interested in trying Overwatch – as well as a number of smaller titles on Steam – in the future.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

    1. Mitch

      Yikes, I’m an idiot. Read your entire post but somehow missed out on a crucial part.


      I’d be grateful if I even won, though I think I’d prefer an EBF4 key more. 🙂

  128. Matthewthinh

    I don’t play games a lot, but it’s definitely an essential part of my life. Recent days, I mostly play League of Legends and replay some of your games such as BH2 and EBF4. I came across EBF3 when I was a little kid and I didn’t even know English back then (I’m a Vietnamese btw) but then didn’t stop me from enjoying your game. I saw my elder cousin playing EBF3 and that was when I fell in love with your games, they were just so interesting and appealing (although I mostly just walked around the map cuz I didn’t speak English then :smirk: ). I stopped playing for a few years since I started to get bored just walking around the map and understanding nothing, but in those few years, I started learning English and become pretty good at it. Then one day I got bored and go to your game to play and I just simply fell alive, your games made me seriously addicted and I just kept playing until now. Though I have played the games all over again for who knows many times, it still feels like the first time I played. Now seeing you making EBF5, I feel so excited to see that it’s even much cooler and more badass then EBF4. So I guess that was briefly my gaming history. Your games really play an important part in my life and I hope you keep making incredible games. If I win I’d like a key for EBF4. Thanks for reading and merry Christmas. <3

  129. TheCookie

    Most of the time i play competitive games like Leauge of legends or Overwatch, but sometimes i play some singleplay rpgs like the witcher 3 or Gothic. I see gaming as a way to relax and take a break from life in general. i would like to have a steam key for bullet heaven 2 cause i already own EBF 4 :3

    Happy Holidays everyone and good luck!

  130. Wai Kent

    I play a lot of Paladin and Battlerite recently, which both are MOBA 🙂
    I would prefer EBF4 more though.

  131. Kartik Chawla

    Hey Matt, gaming in general is what got me through my patch of severe depression a few years back when I was “addicted” to it, and couldn’t seem to find the motivation to do anything else – and now that I’m in a better mental state, I have found that it is still a great hobby during my free time.
    I love to play games such as the EBF and FF series, and others in that genre like Tales of Berseria, The Legend of Heroes etc, along with multiplayer competitive games like League of Legends and CS:GO.
    I started playing the EBF series back when it was recently released on Kongregate, then followed its development through the Steam Greenlight, and then purchased it when it became available on Steam. I’m a huge fan of all of your games, and if I win the give-away then I’d like a copy of Bullet Heaven 2.

  132. JuniorJaw

    Right now I’m more into those short energy based mobile games as I have spent way less time with my PC lately and always outside for activities.
    Having a break in between to punch some characters, collect coins & food items, upgrade some buildings and do micro managements in-game.

    Once I have more free time, I’ll go back to League of Legends and some RPG that I have in mind. And ofc if I got me a free EBF4, I’ll play it as my ‘Christmas Gift’. :yay:

  133. Bram

    Well, I would play EBF over Bullet Heaven. Always liked the EBF series since EBF 2 en just got better with the years. Finished almost every one on epic difficulty. Bullet Heaven never got my attention 😉

  134. Jose

    :love2: I play open-world rpg. :love2: Recently gotten into horizon zero dawn; however, EBF4 is much better. Wink wink. :shades:

  135. Wexcop guy

    I play Dungeon defenders, terraria, and a check ebf5 progress (daily life right there). I remember playing ebf 3 for the first time and me and my friends would report at school how far we got. I used to think nothing could improve until 4 came out. I also believed 4 could never get better, until I saw the new things in 5. I make top ten list because I can. Me and my friends have a folder we share with all ebf and bullet heaven songs also because we can. I would probably prefer ( 😐 hmmm)

    Bullet heaven 2 (sorry for writing an essay for you to read)

  136. chara20041

    I love RPG games and have been playing epic battle fantasy 3 and 4 again since I’m bored 😛 :shades:

  137. Jeehyung Yoo

    Personally, I am very into open world and role-playing games, like Final Fantasy, or Minecraft. I was the kind of person who had something like a gameboy for a few years, and then, BAM a Xbox comes into play, and now my computer does. Also, I really liked ebf3 for some reason, so between Bullet Heaven 2 and Ebf4, I would choose Ebf4. :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

  138. Jordan Scott

    My favorite game would have to be Melee as I’ve played it my whole life, I’ve played a lot of Terraria and Minecraft, and I’ve been playing Dark Souls recently. I’m very into precision and strategy games, and I’ve enjoyed rougelikes a lot. Nintendos been a huge part of my life growing up and i wouldn’t change it for the world. Gaming has always been important for me as I’m not really the social type, for i communicate better by playing a game with someone that talking. I don’t really have a large amount of spare cash lying around, but i still bought ebf4 more to support you than just playing it on Kongregate. Even the soundtrack. If i were to be picked i would have to choose bullet heaven 2. I’d buy it when i could but this would work to. Really looking forward to ebf5! :shades:

  139. Jun Hui Ooi

    Love playing fighting games, unfortunately on pc not much people to play with. Also loved your ebf series, they were such fun games in my elementary to junior high phases.

  140. TheScionOfPride

    I’m a huge Rouge-like buff, but I love playing most any game I can get my hands on. Nowadays, I play almost exclusively on my potato of a laptop, but I grew up on Gamecube games and such. My favorite games nowadays include Hyper Light Drifter, Risk of Rain, Dead Cells, and The Binding Of Isacc, plus countless more. I’ve always loved games and gaming intensely, but I can’t say I’m an intense gamer. I own a ton of cheap / steamsale’d games, and I started out by playing flash games, starting with games on knock off sites like GameFudge, as well as the games on the Lego website. I moved on to Kongregate and such later, playing games like Anti-Idle and EBF3. Those were good times, and I miss how simple they were. I don’t have any expensive equipment, and I’m always “hearing about” games, or lurking around their communities without being able to play them. Plus, my light novel, anime, manga, and meme addictions often get in the way of gaming due to time restraints. What I wish I had most now in terms of gaming isn’t an upgrade for my current potato computer, nor is it a new console (i don’t even have a “next gen” console :bleh: ), but just infinite emulator games. There were too many games that I missed out on back then, or just plain miss, and I’d love nothing more than some good old nostalgia. :smirk:

    I almost 100%ed EBF4, just a few achievements were lacking. Might do that this weekend. My Matt-centered build was and is unparalleled :stars: . If I was picked, I’d love to play Bullet Heaven 2 on steam, and I’m really looking forward to EBF5! :yay:

  141. Arte71

    I think my love for games started at the age of 4, where I saw my brother at the computer playing an online game called “Gunbound” (basically Worms but with mobiles/cars that can shoot rockets) and I also wanted to play it, and after that experience, I went to websites that hosted flash games, such as armorgames and stuff like that.
    Nowadays I love RPGs and one of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics. I also love games like platformers (Sonic, Kirby and Megaman) and strategy games (Warcraft III [I still suck anyway] and Bomberman), don’t really play a lot modern games except maybe Hearthstone or TF2. I don’t spend as much on gaming as when I was little, because school is taking me a lot of free time nowadays but when I have free time, I play games just to have fun… and sometimes, a relaxing experience too.
    If I get to be chosen, I would love an EBF4 Key.

  142. Yhariin

    I generally play League of Legends on a day to day basis but whenever I get a bit exhausted from it I like play singleplayer games such as Skyrim, Breath of the Wild or Minecraft (building is a lot of fun :yay: )

  143. Agustin Duran

    i’ll love too play ebf4 now i have finished the third. i love all your games. :yay: :bacon: :bacon: :coffee:

  144. Reji8627

    I like RPG games, such as epic battle fantasy and FFXV. My gaming life is rather sporadic as I can go without playing games for a while, but when I do it tends to be for several hours. I also prefer to play alone, usually, and never play MMOs.

  145. Raining Swords from Above

    I’ve been installing games like crazy on my Pi running the RetroPie scripts and Emulationstation. I’ve tried to go very pro-libre in what I am installing and supporting. I know its in vogue right now but playing (and designing) some Tabletop games has been fun. The social experience in designing tabletop games means that the debugging process becomes a very social experience.

    I’ve been ordering publish-on-demand card game prototypes for game designs, and I’d love to have some EBF-themed playing cards or something if you decide to branch out.

    I’d love to get a key for and play Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

  146. Zeroace

    Been playing games for a large majority of my life, but turn based strategy will always of a place in my heart. The EBF series will always carry special meaning to me and i hope it become more and more successful with each installment and spin-off. Love ya and always keep going forward :stars:

  147. Ed

    I play mostly rpgs and strategy games with the occasional stealth game or first person shooter. I mostly play Steam games or games on kongregate though I spend a good amount of time on mobile games and we have an xbox 360 that I use occasionally. My favorite games are the first Dishonored, the Civilization games, Europa Universalis 4, Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia, and both Neverwinter Nights games and I spend a lot of time wandering around Steam or looking for cool indie games. I’ve played all Epic Battle Fantasy games heavily on Kongregate and Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is the game I’m entering for.

  148. Frank

    Honestly, I enjoy most types of games, fighting and racing probably being the least I enjoy. I’m kinda a completionist too. If I do receive the key then I would like the EBF4 one.

    P.S. EBF5 is looking really great, can’t wait for its release!

  149. Linden

    The games I play are all Nintendo or Flash games and I only have time over the holidays to play them so… :skull:

  150. Paul

    I play RPG’s. Played though EBF 3 and 4 a dozen times, as well as the entire MARDEK series. Looking for good oldschool MMO’s but I don’t seem to find any that I like. Last one was probably Fantasy Online, which is currently very much dead, sadly =(
    I filled the hole MMO’s left mostly with Dota, though I’m always hunting down cool indie games on steam, generally also RPG/Dungeon Crawler/Roguelites(or whatever the hell you may call games with procedural generation). Recently I’ve been playing one of those called Slay the Spire, which is pretty much what I just described with deck-building elements, so it does have some uniqueness to it. I also try to play some Visual Novels from time to time, but I’m not sure if you’d usually consider those games, last one I “played” was Stein’s Gate, which blew me away. I probably spend a good 80% of my free time playing, so there’s a lot to describe but that’s the bulk of it. I’d love a key for EBF4 so that I can finally play that premium content I never got to play, though before that I should probably just get around to beating the final boss on max difficulty yet, which I never got around to doing it. Maybe I’ll try it while I wait to get the key or not =P

  151. sonofea

    Hi, i play mostly strategic and simulation games, but i have a wide pool of games i play ( Overwatch, Starcraft, HOTS, Terraria, Starbound, FFs, Diablo, GTA etc… ) and of course i played every single EBF and Bullet Heaven. I already bought all your games, i posted my comment only to increase the chances of other people getting the key, so please keep that in mind :yay: :yay: :yay:

    P.d. Happy Holidays Matt :shades:

  152. Thanos

    I have very little time for gaming right now, I occasionally play some Starcraft and EBF3 & 4 once in a while. And I am waiting for EBF5.

  153. Shawn Hildreth


    My gaming life mostly includes RPG’s and MMO’s, but i occasionally play a shooter every now and then (Overwatch, specifically) :shades:

  154. Luna Sakura

    Hi! I would love Epic Battle Fantasy 4
    I mostly play MMORPG games, like Elsword, Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia. I also remember playing Runescape and of course I play EPF 4 :smirk:
    About my gaming life, it’s kind of reduced to play when I’m free and without any responsibilities since I’m in university 😥 , but I always loved playing games :stars: .
    If I win, I would love the steam key for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 since I love the game and I’m constantly playing it :smirk:
    Happy Holidays!! :yay:

  155. Jubix

    My most favored genres include MMOs, RPGs, RTSs, and Sandbox games. I played a lot on the PS2 and N64 growing up, with games like Lego Starwars, Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy 7, Midnight Club, Rush, Donkey Kong, Pokemon Stadium, and Super Mario 64. I also played some similar games on the Gamecube. Times change, and soon comes the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Didn’t like the Wii too much, has the best version of Mario Cart though. I played tons and tons of Little Big Planet, and I enjoyed Halo 3 on the Xbox 360, which is probably my favorite shooter of all time, given I don’t like most shooters. As I grew older, I drifted more towards the PC. I’ve played plenty of PC games in the past, with games like Zoo Tycoon, Age of Empires, and Warcraft 3. Soon, I got into World of Warcraft, Terraria, and Minecraft. I spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s in the past, and given her low quality computer I started playing lots of Flash games. This eventually lead me to your amazing series, Epic Battle Fantasy. Sites like Andkon, Armorgames, Newgrounds, and Kongregate. The internet was still pretty innocent at the time and seemed so wonderful and magical to me as a kid. Today, I spend basically all my gaming time as a PC gamer, playing tons Dota 2 and waiting for your new game.

    Should I win, the key of personal preference would be for Bullet Heaven.

  156. Dylan

    So, I herd you liek Bullet Heaven 2 (which is the game I’m trying to enter for).
    Dead memes are still funny, right?

    ANYWAY, my favorite games seem to fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes I’m really into platformers, sometimes I like RPGs, but I can never really settle on one type of game I want to play. Some of my personal favorites at the current time are Team Fortress 2, Starbound, and of course EBF4, which I bought off of steam a little while back.
    PCs were always my fancy, never much of a fan for consoles due to the controls.

    About the EBF series… the first one I played was 4 when I found it on Kongregate, and I fell in love with the series ever since. I joined the discord, I paid for the game on steam, and hell, I even tried out some of the older games in the series. My favorite things in the game are the fact that it seems to know exactly what it is, and the occasional fourth wall breaks are always fun. Also, Anna is a thing. Enough said.

    …Also, NoLegs nerf Lance and Anna buff in EBF5 when?

  157. Goldtear

    When I was a kid I spent all of my time playing flash games since I couldn’t afford much else but when I did manage to scramble enough money together I bought the premium versions of all the best flash games like your Epic Battle Fantasy series and even Gemcraft.

    I normally just play JRPGs, often emulated, like the final fantasy series, dragon quest and all sorts of other gems but I also love playing all sorts of indie games just to see what cool ideas and mechanics can be done in games like crosscode or super chibi knight. I also like to indulge in some TF2 whenever I’m bored.

    I’ve yet to dabble in touhou-esque games so I would like to get a copy of Bullet Heaven 2 so that I could get some practice :3

  158. HB

    I’ve always had a fondness for RPGs as a whole, right back when I was first offered Final Fantasy X.

    Even before I could begin to understand the world built by that engrossing adventure, I already liked the very fundamentals of what defines an RPG: battle, usually turn based, levelling up and understanding how to best go against a certain type of fiend/monster. I remember going batty on a few monsters without even advancing the story past Besaid, since it was so colourful over there.

    As the internet came to be and I got more and more into the online world, I looked for a few games that could stand next to that kind of excitement. Shooters / FPS, Racing / Sports games just didn’t have the same appeal, it was as fun as ‘clicking buttons’ on a computer. Nothing really spoke to me.

    Then I started playing a few more online games, most noticeably MMORPGs. There was something good there, something I enjoyed and would draw me back. Games that I could beat in a single day or in a span of 2 hours just weren’t that fun – I liked the challenge, I liked to see that the actions I took affected the outcome of what was around me. I like dialogue, and, most importantly, I liked a good plot, a good story.

    Final Fantasy keeps coming back to my hands, and I keep playing it, loving (almost) every second of the franchise. I went back, played the old ones for a fair bit, liked most of the aspects, while others made me glad that it was refined to the extent than nothing like the Triad ever has to be suffered by another soul.

    Then I found out people were actually putting out games like this for free, out on the internet, supported only by ads. This was back when flash gaming was really good and you had a huge variety. I started playing MARDEK – it had a good story, good world building, somewhat silly characters, but often relatable, even if not at the very core. You might not like a character’s actions, but you understand the thought process behind it. It was an extremely good RPG available just like that, and I came to appreciate it as an industry standard for a flash RPG, however ambitious that may sound.

    Then I found EBF. I played EBF 2, didn’t really love it. Sure, the scenery was good, the sprites were fine, I actually did enjoy the art style and the combat, but that was essentially it. Once you’ve defeated a number of the same beasties on and on, there’s not a lot of draw.

    Then I played EBF 3. It completely turned around on the formula that was EBF 2 and managed to deliver an authentic, RPG experience that actually invoked my memories from Final Fantasy and other greats of the genre. The kind of homage to JRPG that doesn’t dwell on itself and takes a lighter tone, managing to aggregate what makes it an enjoyable experience – combat, storytelling, world building – without tacking on artificial game lengtheners – bosses with unusual amounts of HP, a lot of walking back and forth.

    In sum, I’d call myself a true fan of what EBF tries – and manages – to accomplish. I was there when EBF was put on Steam, through the Greenlight process, and I was there when EBF4 was first released, ransacking the very first city in hopes of finding hidden items.

    What I’d hope to get now is a key to add the game to my library, to really say that I’ve played through it all and to serve as a memento of what a good flash RPG can deliver.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  159. Gamey

    I don’t play that often because of school, but when I do, I mostly play Touhou, which I really like. I used to play Miitopia, but I kinda stopped because I finished the main story and there’s not a much left to do, but I really liked that game, it was very fun, hilarious sometimes, even though it needs a better AI (or better, no AI at all).

    After this Christmas, I think I’ll get Persona 5 (I’ve got into the series recently), the new Layton, the new Dr Kawashima and Trivial Pursuit live on ps3 when my friends come to play with me.

    I would like EBF4 because I already bought BH2 (And it’s really good! :yay: )

  160. Trycka

    First of all, i wasn’t thinking of participing first. I love your games and i prefer to buy them to support you than winning them. But lately i’m kinda short to buy games and my last bought game is back in the August. So i try my luck.

    To tell the truth, i’m a hard fan of almost every kind of games, the only exceptions are RTS like Starcraft. Lately i’ve been busy playinng Undertale, Xcom 2 (Ultra modded for more fun) on Legend Ironman, some phone games to chill from time to time and trying to finish the hell of the hell of the bullet hell games : Touhou 11. And writing this message remembered me that i still have the DLC boss of Furi to do.

    About my gaming life, let’s say … that i’m a freaking HARD gamer. I kinda in hard love for RPG’s so your games are like paradises for me with your humour and your high talent in graphics. If i had your talent i would try making games too (maybe i just need to train myself.

    Let’s end there or i would end up telling my whole life xD. And before i forget it if i get choosed, i would love to have Bullet Heaven 2 (i really like the word game with this spin-off series)

    And since you read me here’s some bacon for No Legs :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  161. Green

    For me, Gaming is not only fun, but also an inspiration. Playing games gives me ideas, and makes my want to make them. I’ve been playing games ever sunce I was 8, starting with platformers on the DS with my brother, finding MSN Games shortly after, and eventually shifting to RPG’s (Final Fantasy, EBF), Point-and-click puzzle games, (The Room) and in recent years, rhythm games (Deemo, Cyrus). All pf these game genres have become a part of who I am today, and give me the motivation to move forward in life, so any game I recieve I cherish. Recieving Bullet Haeven 2 would be an awesone X-Mas gift from one of my fav developers. I can’t wait to bur EBF5 when it comes out, but It would be nice to have another one fo your games to play in the mean time. I would buy it, but I’ve already alloted all of my spending money towards gifts for others and games I’d like to get for myself, so I can’t buy yours yet. Regardless lf wether or not I win a copy, I wosh you (and everybody else that reads this) a merry christmas (or whatever you celebrate)!

  162. Guigs / Memae

    Hey, I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember. I used to play random flash games on, that’s where i stumbled upon Epic Battle Fantasy 4, which was the first RPG I ever finished, since then, I have mostly played strategy RPGs, namely Fire Emblem, along with Dark Souls, a LOT of Dark Souls. But recently I’ve picked up EBF4 again and chances are i’ll go back and play EBF 3 to the end. :smirk:
    EBF is probably the only turn based RPG I have really gotten into this much. And I hope you continue to make good games and I’m really hyped for EBF 5.

  163. Quote

    I Have been playing games since i was four. Back then the games i played were final fantasy 4 and kirbys dream course. My gaming life has been one hell of a wild ride and i have made so many friends thanks to that lifestyle. If i am chosen i would like a steam key to Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Also merry Christmas. :yay:

  164. Monastyr

    I’ve been gaming ever since I was a child… so not that long really, just 14 years. Always sticking to Strategy and RPGs, I’ve got into it starting with games like Neverwinter Nights, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft. I’ve continued to game, getting into other genres and meeting many people online, eventually making friends. I love playing in communities, and learning alongside them. I’ve also gotten into EBF ever since the first one and I would be excited if I managed to win EBF4. Currently enjoying myself some Sandboxes like Terraria, Tactical Games like Fire Emblem or Tactics Ogre, and trying to get into different multiplayer genres, though not successful. :smirk:

  165. DragoniteMail

    EBF4 is one of the best RPG games ever! Ive bought it on kongregate and steam and given away like 10 more. I can’t wait for 5 to be ready I’ve been dieing for a good turn based game since, well, EBF4. If i get a copy I’m gonna pass it on to my friends but I’ll be buying 5 as soon as the pre-orders start :yay:

  166. Psycho

    I usually play anything that is singleplayer. I play fps and platfrom mostly these days, and I kinda like some stealth games as well. The only game I used to avoid was RPG ish games, and other “japanese” stuff. EBF3 was my first try for RPG games and I really liked it. I tried some other stuff but EBF4 is still my favourite.

  167. Crimzero

    The kinds of games i tend to play would be survival / sandboxish games, such as Terraria or Don’t Starve. I also recently picked up tf2 and still suck at it 😀
    If i win random choosing ebf4 would be cool o3o

  168. RonDonoftheTempo

    Well, the type of games i play honestly is a kerfuffle of genres. I love blood pumping games like Doom, Mortal Kombat, etc. Making you feel unstoppable :stars: . Fell back in love with platforming type games when i played A Hat In Time. Platformers have been also a huge part of my life being an old console player. When PC came around, woah boy did i spend my time on flash games. A LOT OF TIME. Racing to be the first one on the pc, scrolling through the top flash games. Also played MMORPGs like AQWorlds, LaTale, Aura Kingdom, Elsword. Fairly new to Elsword. RPGs, love them too. I’d get all excited when my char levels up or gets a new equipment or evolves, also there for the stories too. There’s Pokemon too in the gaming history, but not quite a lot, only a few years back. Didn’t had the high end consoles, so first played on a knock-off console. Games like Tanks, Duck Hunt, Circus, Mario, there was also one about the motocross going off ramps. When i get to play a game, i play it, intensely. If i get attached to it though. Late nights, no sleep, the usual scolding, etc. Played a lot. Specially couch multiplayer games like Dokapon Kingdom, Move or Die, and Stick Fight: The Game, etc. Fighting to be the best.

    I’d really like to receive an Epic Battle Fantasy 4 key. Bullet Heaven 2 is okay too. Got detached to bullet hell games a while back. But still playing some types of it like Enter the Gungeon. Insane bullet hell :bleh: . Games like Fallout New Vegas, and West of Loathing :love: The decision making! Its awesome! Having so many paths to take. Currently looking for games that have a good amount of replayability. Well, i think that’s all. Well, not all but a lot of it. Mostly the part of not having sleep n such comprise it, but yeah. The price of enjoying a good game and being attached to it 🙁 . Happy Holidays

  169. ExplosiveTurkey

    Hello! Obvious pandering comment here for a try at a key!
    Honestly I’d love to get it just for the NG+.

    1. ExplosiveTurkey

      EBF4 would be what I’d like, since I’m not a fan of bullet hells. Overall I’ve played a lot of stuff but what I really remember is Dragons Dogma and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.
      The former for the awesome gameplay, the latter for the story. Recently I haven’t had much luck playing games because I’m stuck on old-gen and my pc isn’t food enough for anything other than flash games.

  170. Wint

    I’m a game developer and played many kinds of game, most of theme are JRPG like Final fantasy series, Persona, Tales etc… I played Touhou too, but not a hardcore player. Currently I just have a little time per day to play Path of Exile 🙁 Sometime I play flash games on Kongregate to kill time, and I found your games on this site. Great works! Thank you and happy holiday :yay:

  171. Ignacio

    I began playing RTS games on the time when Starcraft went up, since then I had liked most kinds of games, although strategy had always been my favorite to play.i would like to get a May for epic battle fantasy 4 to gift it to a friend.

  172. Draven (AskadProject)

    My gaming experiences have started out on computers. That’s why I’ve always been so greatful for flash games. Some of the first flash games I played where ones like Brawl Royale, the Sonny series, age of war, and EBF of course. Now I seem to play mainly the original GBA Fire Emblem games, and TouHou. Anyway… If I got Epic Battle Fantasy 4 that would be freakin’ awesome. Have a pleasant holiday everyone! :yay:

  173. TehOW

    I played Link to the Past on the Gameboy Advanced when I was 6 and was gaming since then. I play alot of RPG’s and right now, I’m particularly into Black Desert Online and Super Smash Brothers Melee. I grew up playing alot of Brawl, and discovered Melee recently. I only play PC games other than Melee, though.

    If I somehow get picked I’d like a copy of BH2 please. Have a great holiday! :yay:

  174. 246vipfreezeray

    I like playing open world games like skyrim and minecraft, I always loved being able to play in my own style. I also like strategy games were you have to carefully plan your every move if you don’t want to die. And most of all I love fantasy settings with magic. I always liked the EBF series for the strategy, the characters, the magic, the monsters, and in EBF 3 and 4 the the cool map with all the different areas and secrets. I hope to get more of the things I loved about EBF 3 and 4 in EBF 5, and it looks like that’s going to happen. Also merry christmas Matt.
    p.s I want EBF 4

  175. FantasyArtix

    Hi, I’m Max! I will not waste your time and go to my gaming interest and life stories :shades:
    It all started in 2007 when my parents bought a computer that time I was 5 more and then I first pushed the world of gaming network!
    The first thing where I started my adventures in world net from flash games ! Yes sometimes my freands that playng cs and othe sooters saidthat flash games soo boring but I’m don’t be agree with it ! And countiune my exploring and finally found it! :stars:
    Epic Battle Fantasy 3 it was a simple at first glance RPG game
    I was a kid and did not understand anything yet.
    The beginning of the game was hard I don’t know were I must go ?
    But I didn’give up and I start understand all the mechanics and other part of gameplay. AND I LIKE IT :stars:
    So my love for the RPG I know it turned out
    It’s end of my story Thanks for reading :yay:
    I would like to have Bullet Heaven 2 for the new year! Good luck all (Sorry I can do some mistakes I work with translator)
    And Marry Christmas :hurray:

  176. Kraysis

    I like all kinds of games except competitive first person shooters, but I think my favorite games are strategy based RPGs, whether it be through combat, puzzles or both. I’ve been playing these kinds of games since I was young, some of my favorites being Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for gamecube, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for DS. I grew up with Nintendo, and still play their games, but I’ve more than transitioned into a PC gamer at this point, especially with the fact I’m typing this on a 1700$ rig.

    I’d like a copy of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

  177. Andrew Reynolds

    I love me some action rpgs! Torchlight and the like keep me going through all these years. I started with the original NES for Christmas in 85 and havent stopped since. I think the only systems I have not owned is the Sega Saturn and the Jaguar. I do still need to get a Switch and I surely will. Back around 2000 I started QA Testing at THQ Inc and ever since I love beta testing games! I sign up for betas as much as possible for games that interest me and love to provide feedback. It is a great feeling when a dev thanks you for your hard work and dedication and getting your name in the credits to be immortalized is just awesome. I have played neither of these games in the giveaway and hope I can be a part of the giveaway!!

  178. David Pshenichniy

    My favourite sorts of games – RPG / JRPG / MMORPG, Bullet Hell, Action and Idle. I am completed on 100% Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, Bullet Heaven. Started playing Bullet Heaven 2, but since I have a weak computer – the game have small lags.
    Again, I have a weak computer – it’s a problem. I can’t play in a lot of games. So that, my gaming life are gray like clouds in the sky during the rain.

    Then, If I win, I want a Steam key for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (I already have one, but I want it for my friend).

    Good Luck.

  179. Anon

    I’ve started gaming back when I was about 6-8 (or maybe even earlier). It started when my father allowed me to play some of his strategy games, my favorite being Red Alert 2 (I couldn’t get past the 3rd mission on soviet back then, even on easy, but I improved). The games which he played and flash games were the only ones I played, as I couldn’t request many games, and the PC we had was, well, pretty bad (RA2 ran smoothly with low specs so that was a plus).

    One thing always stayed with me, from those days, and that was gaming. If I remember correctly, I’ve always spent most of my free time gaming. I moved to RPG games more, but stuck with strategy ones. Now I play all kinds of games, through most of my spare time as always. Honestly, you’re going to find it difficult to find a day where I’m not playing a video game. I like many games but I’ve a select few favorites, like:
    – TF2
    – EBF series
    – Cave Story
    – Starbound
    And a few more.

    After stumbling upon EBF2 on Kongregate, since I liked RPG games, I decided to give it a whirl. Now I have every medal in the 4 EBF games (apart from #1, of course), and completed them on Epic. I can’t wait for EBF5, and I decided to choose Bullet Heaven 2, since I already have EBF4 in my Steam library. Hope I’ll get lucky. :smirk:

  180. ShrewScout

    Hope ya don’t mind if I answer those in reverse order, Kupo. TL;DR: EBF4 is the game I’ll want.

    Gaming is important to me not because it’s one of the few ways that have consistently helped me calm down and feel better when in bad situations, but I’ve decided to try and make a career out of it. Although I’m using RPG Maker VX Ace right now instead of Flash like you are, I do hope one day I can get to a similar level of quality and attention to detail your games have.

    That said, I’ll always have a strict policy of not making games I wouldn’t play. That means story-heavy RPGs, turn based strategy games, and maybe a small idle game will be my bread and butter going into the future. I hope that one day I’ll be skilled enough to make a couple 3D hack and slash games in a similar vein to Devil May Cry or Platinum’s games, or maybe even a VS Fighter of some kind, but that’s farther into the future than I’d be willing to go.

    That’s why I’m more interested in EBF4. I’m hoping to compare the free online version and the deluxe Steam version to find out how to do well received expansion packs, as well as study how you did game balancing since I don’t remember 3 or my first run of 4 requiring that much grinding to get through the game; which I like since I hate having to grind in games despite being a large JRPG fan.

  181. riqueeh

    I’ve played your games since 2010, when EBF3 came out :stars:
    It took me ALMOST THREE YEARS to kill that first giant green slime, since I was just 10 when i started trying.
    But, for the last five years, your entire game production simply amazes me. You’re really creative and make use of very cleaver references on your efforts.
    EBF4 turned out to be my favorite game by you, and one of my all time favs as well, so I’d really like a steam key for it 🙂

  182. The_eighth

    I remembered how I have found your game: I was just surfing the net for interesting flash games, then I saw EBF 4 in recommended games, so, I tried it. I really want to try EBF 5 because it seems more interesting than EBF4, that I have completed at about 70%full. And I want to get BH2 from this giveaway, because I have bought EBF4 yet. I have played not very many, but still not small number of games: Portal(1,2); Starbound/terraria; civilization 5 BE; antichamber; enemy territory, and I can’t even remember, how many games I’ve played in flash. So, I like puzzle and platformer. So, you’ll ask me:”Why do you want BH2? You don’t like games like that?” and I’ll answer – I just want to challenge myself. Thanks for spending your time for me :yay:

  183. Netto

    I played left 4 dead 2 recently. I had formed a team in this game by meeting them through this game. So now mainly will play l4d2 with them. but i actually really like shooting game like bullet heaven 2. I played finished and get all medal in bullet heaven 1. I hope i can get the steam key for bullet heaven 2 . Thank you. :love: :love2:

  184. Supergohst

    I mostly play Don’t Starve and League of Legends, with some other games on steam to change it up. I don’t play any RPG’s outside of the EBF line, because I usually don’t enjoy the things aside from the gameplay in those games. EBF feels a lot different in that way, and now I’m just hooked to this style. I’d like the EBF4 key

  185. Rafael

    My favorite kind of games are RPG like EBF 3/EBF 4, shooting games like TF 2, i love the Crash and Spyro games and i also like strategy games, my gaming life started when i got a PS1 from my dad and started playing games like crash 3 and spyro rypto rage, and i would love to get the EBF 4 steam key :yay:

  186. Nokia

    Hey Matt! I love all your games!
    My gaming life? Hmmm… *wait do I even have one* I’m just joking! :yay: My gaming life started when I got my first PSP and I played random games. (I forgot what games I played on that PSP… I think I played Bomberman or something.) Now, I like playing online flash games such as your EBF games (Both main and spin-off series), Naruto Online (I’m a Naruto fan :P) and more other random games on Kongregate. Yep, my favourite genre of game is RPGs! As you can see, I only play web games as my father does not let me spend money on games. 😥 I would be okay with either of the steam keys but I’ll prefer EBF 4 as I wish to try out the Battle Mountain. I’m also HYPED for EBF 5 :love:

    P.S. Are you gonna make a EBF Tower Defence Game or were you just randomly drawing EBF stuff?

  187. FitzMax

    I’ve played a couple RPG, but the only rpg I’ve ever finish are the EBF one. I don’t know why but the other rpg alway put too much stuff in it and it become too much stuff to remember. I didn’t play bullet heaven tho. Neither the one or the two. In fact I’ve never play any bullet hell so I don’t know if I like this style of game or not. Anyway, I can’t wait for EBF5 to come out so keep up the work and I’ll buy it at soon as you finish making it ! :stars:

  188. Dutczar

    I’m usually crazy about a certain game for a few months and then carry onto a new one. Most played is Warframe at almost 1k hours according to Steam, Terraria, Dark Souls 2 TF2 at 300, and Borderlands 2 at almost 200. Also almost 100 in Binding of Isaac, but I almost 100%’d the game on a pirated version back when Afterbirth was the only DLC, so it’s more like 300 too. Also have like 200 hours in Enter the Gungeon and that’s all of the most important ones. Also recently play Dead Cells in between other games and Crypt of the Necrodancer which I bought recently. Also playing Fire Emblem Heroes pretty much every day since it released back in February. As for EBF4 I have 24 hours according to Steam, but I might’ve had a pirated version that I spend like 30 hours on (Pls forgive me 🙁 I have the game now, for the full price. Full price of the last Christmas’ discount, anyways.) Probably the best RPG I’ve ever played and the only one I almost beat (I say almost because I technically didn’t beat it, but that’s because I’m doing Epic on my first run and want to finish Battle Mountain beforehand, even though it’s a bad idea, I should probably leave the rushes to NG+) since it doesn’t have random encounters, overcomplicated skills, grinding (Warframe has grinding but it also has more exciting gameplay when it comes to repeated playing), straight equipment upgrades, etc.
    Best RPG when it comes to story, Lisa The Painful RPG. The feels are unforgettable.
    I think that’s it, I don’t have Bullet Heaven 2 and don’t intend on buying it, mostly because of many other game priorities, but I’ll take it as a gift since I have EBF4 anyways.

    1. Dutczar

      That said, Persona 5 is supposedly pretty good even according to people who don’t like most RPGs like me (and by that I mean Dunkey liked it), but since I don’t have any consoles I can’t try it.

  189. Stephen Cattani

    Hey I love playing your games and I would like to enter the giveaway please I loved both EBF3 & 4 and I have beaten them multiple times so I will leave you with that and I would like to thank you for your amazing games that have helped me through tough times thanks goodbye :yay:

  190. Leo

    Hey I love your epic battle fantasies! Usually I play smaller not memory intense games, as my hardware is not the best, which is not the best, if you like to play strategy and simulation games…
    I would love to have EBF4 😉

  191. Todd Clark

    Probably seen it one hundred times already, but video games are all I do with free time. Name a genre, I’ve played it. My personal favorite franchises are Metroid, Warriors games, and EBF. As for gaming life I play with a decent-sized group of people online, mostly ESO and LoL. If for whatever reason you choose to throw a key my way I’d prefer to get EBF 4. If you manage to see this then thanks for taking the time to read it, thanks for making games that I love to play, and thanks for just being you. Also some :bacon:

  192. Maud Lin

    Phew, I do not really play a lot of games, but I play a few games a lot. There is no real genre in which I’m interested in, but I do like 8-bit games, old games I played in my childhood, your games of course :hurray: ,Minecraft :skull: (its never get boring), cool games (The Neverhood), and a few random games. So its ike really mixed up and I’m like playing WAY TOO MUCH, but thats okay I think 😡
    I’m also interested in how games are made :3 :smirk:

    Are you even reading this? 😡
    Well there is a chance and if you read this, … uhm… then have a great day and a happy (Christmas/) new year :yay:

    If I win, don’t judge my bad grammar (Is it that bad?) and I prefer Bullet Heaven (because I already own EBF4) ^^
    THANK YOU, YOU ARE GREAT! :stars: :love2: :love: :stars:

  193. Grumpy Lover

    I’m not part of the giveaway. I have both games and I even got an extra game last giveaway that ended up being an xmas gift for my friend X)

    I just wanted to send a special <3 to matt and everyone whos part of this community. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway! Can't wait for ebf5! :stars: :stars:

  194. Grik


    I used to be a big player, today, I am more reasonable. :smirk:
    I love RPG and retro-gaming. I also play MMOs and futuristic race games (Redout, Wipeout).
    Strangely, I like EBF while disliking FF games. The cause: the fight system, I don’t like round by round play! And EBF? Well, only game with Fire Emblem where it doesn’t bother me!
    My top 5 RPG:
    – Guild Wars (1 and 2)
    – Pokémon, 1st gen (that glitch :stars: )
    – Tales of Symphonia
    – Cristalys (Nes game, not that good but nostalgia, you know 🙁 )
    – Undertale
    I let you decide the order, I have none! :shades:
    In retro-gaming, I play platform, shooters and try and dies (Rockman 2, Touhou, Daruis, Donkey Kong for a breath, Alone in the Dark…).

    I follow you since EBF 3, already got EBF 4 on Steam, will jump on the 5th opus (can’t wait). So it should be Bullet Heaven 2 *The Well Named* (title unlocked!) please! 👿

    PS: Feel free to correct grammar, I’m French learning english 😉

  195. Vortex_Rayquaza

    Hey Kupo. I started playing EBF because I just love Turn Based RPG games I also loved Bullet Heaven and Adventure Story. I just love the music of the EBF series so I say thanks to Phyrnna. I also liked platformers for example Cuphead. So I really wanted EBF 4 Expanded Version. I found bullet heaven 2 to be too hard for me. So I love a lot of games so I
    put the Top 10 games I like: Undertale, Cuphead, Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Minecraft, Asphalt 8 Airborne, Forza Horizon 3, Enter the Gungeon, Fornite, The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and the list goes on….. If you just skipped the top, the game I want is Epic Battle Fantasy 4. If you read all of it, Thanks I guess. It is not easy to write some much. (Just Kidding I type faster than all the teachers in my school). I want EBF 4.Thanks :shades: :shades:

  196. Joo

    I tend to play mostly fantasy rpgs. I especially love Dragon Age and Elders Scrolls., modding them is great fun. My laptop is the only gaming platform available for me, so I don’t really have lots of games installed. Other games that I love are Long Live The Queen, Hearthstone and Assassin’s Creed. EBF3 introduced me to the genre of turn based rpgs.
    I already have EBF4 in steam, so I would love to own Bullet Heaven 2.
    The amount of cats in your games is excellent. :smirk:

  197. Rainbowdrugg

    Hey, Matt, I just wanted to say that you’re doing a wonderful job there and you deserve so much more.
    I’m not here for the giveaway because I already won EBF4 and I’m letting others try their luck, so good luck guys :smirk:
    We all know that EBF5 is going to be amazing so take your time and stay healthy :yay:

    P.S. My gaming life is great. I like 8-bit games the most

  198. Frank

    I enjoy playing DnD and games upon it like Neverwinter Nights, as well as turn based RPGs. Recently I also got into Mobas.
    An EBF key would be an amazing Christmas gift for my snowy exchange year :yay:

  199. killeroid356

    My gaming interests are pretty wide, but my most loved game types are RPG’s, bullet hell’s (like touhou), RTS games, Card games, and racing games.

    i honestly don’t care which of the 2 games i get, if i get ebf4 i will give it as a Christmas gift to one of my friends who has either never played it or a different friend who would want the premium content, and if i get bullet heaven 2 i would play the crud out of it, so give me whatever game you want (if i win that is 😛 )

  200. Feanor

    I play only games i like, rarely the new ones. Your first game i played was Adventure Story and after that EBF3. Completed EBF4 3 or 4 times.
    Right now i play only World of Tanks, LOL and Dark Souls 3 sometimes.

  201. Nepans

    hi I saw this reply and I got here on 21-12-17 which is pretty late lol. you’ll probably overlook this but let’s still take this on. you asked us what games we played and we needed to be honest, right?. well I’m not really a real gamer and I don’t play much paid games. well, I actually don’t play a lot of games so that makes the point stronger. I don’t really play Hyped games as well, yk what I’m saying? I’m not the kind of gamer that installs a game when it’s new and everyone plays it and after a week everyone has already removed it from their phones. I actually play (and the EBF series as well lol) Primal legends and Mutants Genetic Gladiators. those two games aren’t hyped at all I guess and honestly I think those games are underrated just like your games. those games do have great graphics and stuff though. also I dont play a lot of games because of those two reasons: 1. because of my parents permit me to play games too often. they are very strict and want me to get great marks and that stuff. reason 2 is because I am writing a story and so I don’t have too much time for television or games,”. I really like the EBF series, but that doesn’t make me good at it though. at EBF4 I only succeeded at completing the game at easy mode and at insane mode I at least got at the final biome :yay: . of course I completed the other EBF games as well, but those were also only easy mode lol. I really look forward to play this game and to be honest I skip some of your writings and I mostly only look at EBF5 stuff lol. anyways I hope you see this and I won’t be pissed if I don’t get the key. I will surely play EBF5 when it comes out and I look forward to it as I said lol. also I couldn’t get some of the medels in the game :yay: .

    1. Nepans

      I forgot to mention that I’m not really a graphic gamer. I like the story as well and I don’t skip any of the stories and quotes in your games.

  202. RyanSchmelonger

    sort of game i play,i’m a gamer, i play every genre,…but i like play games with action,FPS,RPG or sandbox/survival/crafting
    everyday i play left 4 dead, and actually Call of duty:black ops 3 mode zombies. but sometimes i continue playing EBF ,Agarest war,Borderlands and terraria. and play others games but not frequently…
    my gaming life started ,i played on ps1 and ps2,and flashgames on pc, i discovered “armorgames” and on nowadays i continue visit armor, on armor i encoutered very goods games,i discovered EBF series in there,i liked so much, and when i finished EBF3, release EBF4 and play a lot to finish,and discouvered have more on steam, on november 2015 my first bought on steam are, terraria,agarest war,l4d2 and EBF4, on 8 december of 2015(one day later release) i bought BH2(because to suport and to play phyrna).And it discouvered to me on very good system to bought games to pc, and sometimes ai bought other games to pc and play, i play realy different styles of games.
    XD yeah i have bought ebf4 and BH2, not need send giveaway to me,but, i like the topic, and oportunity to say, thank you, because of you and your games,i discouvered a new world(named steam), and never i wanted so much to next game on franchise.Realy thank you.
    PS:if you want,i can send photo on my purchases of steam to proof, XD

  203. Troisnyx

    I play all sorts. I helped my fiancé discover the joy that is retro gaming on the NES and SNES, in addition to what he himself already played (Atari arcade games). We happily compete over Super Mario Bros 1 and Lost Levels. I’m in the midst of doing Kirby’s Adventure on New Game+.

    Then there are the more current ones. I love Kingdom Hearts and Ni no Kuni, and occasionally dabble in Final Fantasy X and XIII. I also have XII and want to get XV. But outside of all that I sometimes revisit games from older consoles. Pokémon Emerald, Platinum and Colosseum are what I’ve been gravitating towards.

    Because I’m more of a console gamer (and a completionist where possible), I don’t have that many games on Steam. And we’re kinda hard up so we get games on discount, from older consoles usually, before something comes in that makes them double or triple in price. 🙁

  204. Tomek

    I started playing games, when I was already 6 years old. The very first game I remember is almost forgotten Little Fighter 2 (I still play it from time to time). Other games I recognize are: Heroes III, Sacred Gold Edition, Robin Hood:The Legend of Sherwood and online games: Madness series, Sonny and Sonny 2, Strike Force Heroes 1, 2 and 3 and, of course, EBF series. I think that’s all about me, as for Steam Key I believe EBF 4 would be good. Thanks for reading 🙂 (Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language)

  205. Feykro

    Right now I am learning how to make a game in Unity. From games I play right now, it is Rimworld, The Binding of Issac and I am trying to complete 100 % of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (I got stuck on hardcore Dark Natalie though).

    And because of my work (because I have nothing to do there) I downloaded GBA emulator for my mobile phone so I play Pokemon Fire Red and Fire Emblem on my phone.

    Sometimes with my friends I play Terraria PvP, Gmod and even heavily modded Minecraft with magic and nuclear reactor.

  206. Vicktor Willmaker

    Well,i’ve been playing since childhood,but getting less time thanks to college & works 😥 Best i could do to satisfy myself is watching people playtroughs. My favourite were plenty,but mostly related to “what kind of super moves avaible here”,wich in EBF is what is called Limit Break. In fighting games,they can either be a multiple average-yet-have-utility moves + 1 highest-damage move (ex:hyper combo lv.1 & hyper combo lv.3 from Marvel vs. Capcom / Distortion & Astral Finish from Blazblue games) or just 1 highest-damages move thats avaible (ex. Ultimate Jutsu from Naruto games). I usually search for a complete video of it,watching it & imagine other characters(ussually my OCs)using it.
    I like RPG Games too,like Epic Battle Fantasy. But my favourite type were more like “choose a class,then after certain level,choose one of 4 stronger classes your classes could upgraded to” like Dungeon Fighter Online,Elsword,stuffs like that.
    If i asked”what’s my favourite equipment is”,it will be the ones i gathered/dropped from bosses or forged by whatever the material the bosses drops. Like Monster Hunter for example. Its what i love from grinding. It makes you think that the bosses were worthy opponent. Also a slice of irony
    Darklord:how can you become so strong!? :scared:
    Hero:next time when your general were defeated,save or evacuate them :bleh: . Dont leave them to die. Your opponent might reverse engineering your firepowe

  207. Matthias

    My first real videogame was The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64.
    I found your games through Kongregate and really enjoyed them.
    I recently bought EBF4 on Steam but I am still missing bullet heaven 🙂

  208. elias (secret)

    Games that i play is: fortnite, stardew valley, speedruns parts of ebf3. my mom says i use more time playing games than i do in school. (help me )

  209. Chris Caudill

    I have been gaming since I was around 7 or 8 in the mid 80s. I started collecting for fun when I started college in 2000. I like to joke that I was a gamer before it was cool to be one and am a gaming trailblazer

  210. soki01

    My gaming life started pretty young got a ps1 when i was a kid, ive loved gaming eversince, when i got a pc to game on i quickly ended up finding ebf which was really fun and charming, as time has went on all your ebf game have that charm with them which helps set them apart imo :yay:
    Would love to get a copy of Bullet heaven 2 :love:

  211. Chris Caudill

    I have been gaming since I was around 7 or 8 in the mid 80s. I started collecting for fun when I started college in 2000. I like to joke that I was a gamer before it was cool to be one and am a gaming trailblazer

  212. Meiko Pfaffmann

    Hello Matt I really enjoy rougelikes and lites I dont like rpgs and such things but ebf really did the job well i enjoyed my time while playing I dont got much games but things like
    Card quest and Slay the spire I love. But I would say epic battle fantasy 4 is the best game I ever play. Never played bullet heaven because I got no money for that but I would love to play it. Still beeing in school :ooo:. merry christmas matt

  213. NIL

    I play various types of games, most with an anime style, my favorite genres have to be RPGs and shoot em ups surprisingly or unsuprisingly, I’m quite bad at both of those, and since I have EBF4 I would prefer Bullet Heaven 2, wheter I win it or not I’ll get one for christmas, which I can probably gift to a friend that I’d like to get into the game

  214. Pablo

    I mostly just buy games one year later than everyone else and then rush through them like a bulldozer through an indian teepee, it doesn’t matter what game, though I’m mostly fond of metroidvanias, RPGs and dungeon crawlers.

    I’d like to get Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

  215. William Notosusanto

    leave a comment about what sorts of games you play and about your gaming life in general.
    Well.. i’ve played EBF since like 6 years ago. I found EBF in Newgrounds and Kongregate. This is a reason why i started to like fantasy and strategic games. About my gaming life in general ? Now, i always playing MOBA games, and Fantasy Games ( like EBF Series and others ) . Then, i always playing f2p games, because of course my parents doesnt allow me to use money just to buy games. But now, since i can take care the money for myself. I can use it to buy games now. I already have EBF4 before. So i rather accept Bullet Heaven 2 Serial Key. Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018! :stars: :stars:

  216. Miquel

    I play all of your games but in steam dont have bullet hell, so if i have to choose 1 of that 2 games i prefer bullet hell.

  217. Matty

    I mainly play RPGs, I have been playing The Elder Scrolls Games since Morrowind came out. Lately I’ve started playing Warframe (a lot :shades:).
    A few months back I played EBF4 on Kongregate once more, it’d be great have the full version. :love2:
    Can’t wait for EBF5. :stars:

  218. Danexing

    To be honest, my favorite types of games are very… hard to describe, I prefer games that make you think and plan for events, and in some cases I like it when there’s a constant worry, like some stress to keep you reeled in. The Epic Battle Fantasy series to me, well, to be honest when I was like 7 I was absolutely obsessed with Mario, and my parents did not have alot of money so I relyed on flash games, you can see where im going here… I picked up the series starting at EBF2 and I loved it but was never able to figure out how to save, so it was a challenge for me, and I would play with my brother sometimes where I’m Matt and hes Natalie, even though it was not intended to be multiplayer (I think). It took awhile till I found out that a first one existed, but I always loved number two more… but when I found EBF3, thats when I truly became a fan of the series, and around that time I found it out the 4th one was in the making. So I played it on kongregate and got stuck around the jungle. But then my mom broke up with her boyfriend and I lost the internet for a good 4 years and it was not until around August this year until she got it back, so now I see these games as a staple of my childhood adn still to this day play the game every now and then, recently I mainly play Don’t Starve Together but I already own EBF4 and BH2 on steam… I wonder if you are able to win for a friend because I love the game and he seems interested, his steam name is “sethbor” and email is “”, and yeah thats the story of how I feel in love with the series (thats the VERY brief version, sorry for wasting your time on fanboy love-letters) and yeah… I dont know too much on how this works or if I can even win it under his name so please comment on if that can work or not. Plus love the nice snowy area to come alongside the post. :yay: :coffee:

  219. Blutflag

    I play all kind of games and for me is Persona 5 :shades: the Game of the Year 2017.

    I played all EBFs von Armorgames and i would like to try the full version of EBF 4. :stars: :stars:

    Merry Christmas :yay:

  220. JeffCheok

    I mostly play RPG or RPG-like games, for example the Fallout Series, some of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, and of course, your EBF games (I play it on Deviantart :smirk: ). I play games for an average of 4 hours a day (a little addicted, I know). I can’t buy games Steam cuz Asian parents don’t trust online credit-card use, so I either just buy physical copies of games or go through a “middle-man” friend to buy and gift me the games (I’m not even premium in Steam 😐 ).

    I’ve completed EBF4 on Deviantart twice now and planning to get the Steam version for the bonus map section and equips, so you’ll probably get more money by me not winning 🙁 .

  221. Twisted Savant

    I play games all the time.
    Being a shut in I don’t get out much, so I fill my time playing all the good games I can find, like the EBF series.
    I Usually play games like League of Legends, Starcraft2, Hearthstone, Pokemon, and the EBF games. (The EBF games hold a special place in my heart because they helped me a lot through some of the hardest times in my adult life.)
    So far the only games I haven’t really played are the Bullet Heaven games because money is short nowadays.
    I’d absolutely love a chance to be able to play the Bullet Heaven games for myself if not just to be the completionist I am and play through ALL Matt’s games.
    I can’t wait to see how EBF5 turns out, i’m excited for even a chance to be able to play these wonderful and unique games, and I wish you all happy holidays!
    CHEERS! 👿 :bacon:

  222. wonderlaine

    Hey Matt, nwn
    I first played epic battle fantasy back when it came out and it was a hug basket of fun for me. I dont think I ever spent as much time on a Flash Game than EBF3. Ever since then Ive been hyped about any news on sequels or other games from you. :yay:
    These days I solely play Team Fortress 2 but it would be severely deprioritized (if there is such word) for the release of EBF5. 😀
    Also, please do include lots of secret paths, they were my obsession both in games and in real life castles, churches or houses when I was younger. :stars:

    Keep us up to date,
    Love from Germany <3

  223. 9knuckles9

    I really miss the good old days of flash when good new games came out every week. I am following EBF5 and sonny updates closely as these series’ are always amazing. I don’t have a very good computer so these low spec games were really good. Because of this I ended up investing a large amount of time into league of legends and am currently ranked diamond. I’m looking into buying a new computer early next year and then moving onto some other more intensive games with a small group of friends. We’re looking for a nice co-op multiplayer game we can sink a lot of time into. Maybe an MMO of some sort.

    Would prefer EBF4. Ty.

  224. Sined

    Hello Matt,
    I love strategy games, where I have to use my brain to conquer the victory like Age of Empires, Chess and your games! I playing EBF 4 the 3rd time on Kong at the moment. What I like to play also are multiplayer games with very nice ppl.
    I hope to get the EBF Steam Key.

    Happy Holidays

    p.s. nice to see the ice riddle again and sorry for my bad English. :skull:

  225. Dan Chase

    Never owned a console. Asian parents who think games are evil, etc. They were forced to buy me a laptop because of school so i got into flash games. Played most of them in existence on sites like bubblebox, armorgames, nitrome, and newgrounds. Now that flash games are dying, most devs are going on steam while nitrome converted to phone games. I cannot blame them. I cannot buy games on steam or anything online since my parents are paranoid of hacking and scams. I paid a friend cash to buy ebf4 along with some other games and send it to me as a gift. First game i ever bought by myself without my parent at age 20. Favorite games i played in my life would be Sonny 2 and Intrusion 2 by Aleksey Abramenko. The armed with wings series by sun studios is good too. Check them out if you have not already. I already have EBF4. If i win, may i have bullet heaven 2 please.

  226. Erik Jonsson

    So I play a lot of different games from a lot of different of genres from The Disgaia series to Dirty bomb or Stardew Valley. But the type of games I’ve been playing recently is rougelights like Dead Cells and I’ve put a lot of time in Divinety 2 with a couple of frends. And if I would get a game then I would like to have EBF 4 because I would like to finish it on steam after I lost my save on a website when I was on the last boss. Happy Hollydays to All

  227. Guimbot

    Hey !
    I enjoy playing games about exploration, in a relatively free gameplay. I love searching for secret areas of secret paths. Some of the game i really like doesn’t teach you how to play, what is the objectives, where should you go…
    When the graphics and the map are more mold than the scenario it gives a real sensation of exploration and adventure. It’s helping me to evade which is why video games are made after all.

    Anyways, this explain why i’m so excited about EBF5 and your improvements applied to the map.
    Bullet heaven 2 was a lot of fun to play, but still, my heart is set on a free steam key for Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

    Thanks to keep us up to date of EBF5 development !

  228. 32

    I mainly play heavily story based and heavily artistic games. I have a huge draw for visuals and music and the concepts and ideas behind games and the setting and style and so on. I’m not particularly good at games, especially MMOs, but I still love them. I’d love to go into game design so that I might show people what styles I love and which stories touch me. If I were to win, I’d love EBF4. :coffee:

  229. Jeremiah Rose

    I love JRPGs and Visual Novels, i’m trying to get JJBA: eyes of heaven for PS3 because it looks like a really great game. anyways, i’d love to get a copy of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 if i were to win :shades:

  230. vivithesmolblackmage

    JRPGs are where it’s at for me, specifically the older ones. I grew up playing PS1 JRPGs like FFIX, Lunar II, and Suikoden II so I was spoilt for choice between many great games. Those cheesy stories of adventure, love, destiny, friendship, and every other JRPG cliche make them so endearing. The characters and story were always heartwarming and heroic, but also dark and serious at times. I didn’t read much as a kid, so lot of life lessons I learnt then were from these stories, as all good stories do. Still, even with all these heavy themes, the games never took themselves too seriously and there was always silly banter and dumb jokes between the characters that made them so fun and lively.

    While I did move on to newer JRPGs and later fighting games, now a bit of Overwatch, I still continued to replay these games as I grew up, moving to emulator when my PS2 died (RIP old friend). There’s always something new to appreciate in these old gems as you get older, like understanding the perspective of some characters (Xenogears’ Hammer, you poor thing) or reevaluating aspects of the story (FFIX’s Burmecian genocide). More importantly, I just found them fun and relaxing, a nice balance of lightheartedness and seriousness, characters that you could really care about because you enjoyed them being around. There are some (relatively) newer JRPGs that I enjoyed too, like the PS2 Personas, FFX, Suikoden V, or the Trails series, but I find there are fewer now. Anyway, let’s not go on a silly rant now, different strokes for different folks (I, for one, am a dinosaur who enjoys turn-based).

    If I get it, EB4 all the way plsss :yay:

  231. Pancake

    My favorite kind of genre that i play are Fps,platforms and specially rpg. Sometimes i play clasic flash games like brawl royale. the game where i spend most of my time is Team Fortress 2 a pretty entertaining game also i played a lot recently xenoblade chronicles X and i would say that game is one of the most beautiful games made for the wii u. Your ebf series is pretty entertaining and beautiful in terms of soundtrack i would love to get a bullet heaven 2 key :love2: :stars:

  232. Anthony Gatu

    My gaming life? It’s pretty much re-living older RPG’s over and over, and playing MOBA’s like League right now. I’ve been through so many games and the times that i get to re-experience them, i do! I find that the series you’ve made does such a great job at capturing the appeal of all the older turn based RPG’s without making it feel stale, due to smooth programming and fluent visuals 😀 If i get a copy, i’d love a key for EBF4, Because i would want to share the full masterpiece of that game with someone! I already have both the games myself on steam, so sharing them would be really nice ^^ I know a friend who’s been intrested in the series but hasn’t gotten into it, a key for the game is probably enough motivation to do it though! 🙂

  233. Garret Bobby Furgeson

    Shoot, forgot to mention before (You should really add an edit feature) I would like Bullet Heaven 2.

  234. Garret Bobby Furgeson

    I myself aren’t very picky about what games I play. I play basically a little bit of everything except for RTS’s. My preference is indie games, not because i’m *trying* to be a hipster I just like that most indie games attempt to try something new where triple A devs aren’t. That doesn’t make all indie game good though. (Only about 10% – 15% are)

    As far as my gaming life in general goes I do my best to always at the very least finish all the games I start. If I like a game I’ll try to finish as many optional objectives as I can. And if I *REALLY* like the game, then I’ll probably 100% it and do extra playthroughs where I may or may not 100% it again. (Depends on my mood really)

    Games take up most, if not all, of my free time. But despite my dedication I have the knowledge and willpower to set the games down when real life strikes. And real life likes to strike, alot.

  235. Monica

    I got into gaming at age 5, my first game I ever played is Soul Calibur 2. I’m really into rpg games, mostly turned based games such as the Epic Battle Fantasy series. My younger brother really wants to be a game developer/programer for his career, I want to try to help him out to reach his goal, since my major is in the art/design field. :smirk:

  236. KuroZenkichi

    I would describe my gaming life as a love for grinding and completion. The feeling of satisfaction whenever you complete a set or max out all the stats of your character is what keeps me going in gaming.
    I mostly play JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Legend of Heroes and Neptunia games. I do have a fair share as well when it comes to online game, with Grand Chase being my favorite during the time it was active. Now i’m currently playing Elsword and Closers: Dimension Conflict as my online game.
    I would like Epic Battle Fantasy 4 since i’m more of an RPG guy.

  237. Bliffenstimmers

    Our family didn’t really have the funds to buy consoles, so most of the games I played in my youth were online games. It was games like Sonny, Mardek, and of course EBF that got me into the RPG genre, which I still enjoy to this day. I’d like to thank you for making games that truly anyone can enjoy.

  238. Emtewu

    I’m not really that much of a gamer. I don’t play many games – just a few that I really enjoy and which have really something about them that hits me; mostly adventure type games, because they’re interesting and have some sort of story that I like to discover. Most of the time I play Pokemon, which I reaaaaally love (and btw I love seeing all these references to Pokemon in your games <3 I hope I dont overinterpret :wut: ), and LoL, but… I dont really consider this a game – more of a time killer and game which is fun to play with or without friends. I also really enjoy playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games on PC, Undertale, Elsword, Epic Battle Fantasy ofc and few others, because I'm crypto otaku lol and I like anime-related stuff. But there is ONE special game that I fell in love with as I was discovering and understanding it more, which is Klonoa 2 on PS2, that is sadly very underrated, because this is such a good game, even if its like PEGI 0 lol. There are also Ratchet and Clank games and Crash Bandicoot game on PS2. These three series are my beloved on PS2 and I can say that with these ones my personal adventure with "gaming" has started many years ago. :love: I can't say they guided me through life to this point where I stand as an aware player wisely and maturely choosing what I play, because I'm still ignorant and I really know nothing about games, but I enjoy them and they give me a lot of fun sometimes when I need it :yay:
    I've already bought Epic Battle Fantasy 4 on Steam and Bullet Heaven 2 is still on my wishlist, so I would prefer to have a steam key to BH2 :yay:
    I hope I didn't bore you, and if so – I'm sorry :bleh:

  239. Kyl3

    When I was younger I played flash games on my family pc, but got drawn more towards console gaming as a whole later on. Now I mostly play whatever game is popular with my friends on my xbox one. To be honest, I don’t play on my pc very often at all. I just like the nostalgic feeling of playing RPGs and other indie games, so I use newgrounds and steam here and there for that. A steam key for EBF4 would not only be a really nice Christmas gift, but it would also allow me to complete the game, as I have never been able to go through the whole game without my save being lost.

  240. Ant

    I play RotMG (Realm of the Mad God) and Dungeon Defense almost every day. I like shmups, tower defense games and RPGs.

    I’d like a Bullet Heaven 2 key if possible.

  241. Phillip

    Hmmm. To be honest, my gaming has went down a lot recently, but that’s mostly due to the lack of money to get new games. I don’t have the greatest computer either. But I still play a lot of League of Legends with my friends. I also play Fire Emblem Heroes and Fate Grand Order (if those count) which is really fun when I have people to share stories with. It’s been hard finding new games, but the ones that truly grabbed me this year were Ori and the Blind Forest and One Shot. They were beautifully told stories and I loved their styles. I think what really makes games fun for me is the idea of having fun with friends though. League isn’t the greatest game, but I love playing it when I can laugh and yell with my friends. Hearthstone frustrated me a number of times, but playing with stupid decks with my friends is so fun. EBF doesn’t really have that multiplayer aspect nor do I have any friends that really know if it, but I still love good singleplayer games. Plus, my brother and I share a lot of moments even if we don’t know what game the other one is playing. The EBF series are genuinely the better RPGs I’ve ever played, even compared to triple A titles. I had so much fun with the combat system, equip system, and easter eggs. I feel like my post lost some of its flow here and there, but I think I got everything I had to say out there. Thanks for making these amazing games. I would love to get EBF4 for free, but I decided now that if I win, give it to someone else. I can enjoy EBF4 anytime for free, or I’m even willing to buy it at some point on Steam. Good luck with EBF5, and happy holidays! :yay:

  242. PeterPunz21

    Hm, well my gaming life started from playing flash games to steam games it really evolves my very first steam game was Dota 2 as far as i remember it’s really hard to start with playing bots all day long until I created my own account ( i was using dads) and yeah ofcourse started playing Dota 2 and searched and bought some games like your wanna be EBF 4 that game was my kongregate game my fave although stupid kongregate deletes saves so i never had a chance to defeat the boss a 3rd or 2nd chance it really make me repeat again and again all from the start until again i download it from steam trying to finish the achievements if I have time but until now im still working on it huehuehuehu thats the end and im looking forward for the 5th one im excited!! You’re probably at +80% done!

  243. André Collares

    I already have EBF 4, so I’ll accept Bullet Heaven 2.

    My favorite games are overall RPGs and metroidvanias, but I’m not having so much time to play them recently. When I get a new PC I’ll definitly dive into The Witcher 3 that I got on Gog, until there I’ll try to finish Hollow Knight. :yay:

  244. MeatlessBurrito

    I usually lurk and grind a game. Usually steaming through it in a week or so. If I get a key, nice, depending on it I’m planning on giving it away as a Christmas present to a friend of mine.

    1. MeatlessBurrito

      Oh right, gaming life. I started out actually being more of an extrovert more than anything. Going outside and playing stuff. Eventually, I got introduced to games and got into it. Playing those old flash games in the old internet times and really wrecking havoc on my old laptop. As years passed it became a habit and eventually made a lot of friends through doing so. Despite all of this I usually enjoy my games alone. One thing I’d like to have more of is actually friends watching others play. Not in one room but through screen share. It’d be an interesting experience to get on a discord with like one or two people and play a scary as game as we laugh through it or a puzzle game everyone’s trying to figure out.
      Despite all of this gaming has definitely become a staple of my life, letting me meet friends who I still talk to for five years afterward and introduced me to things I would’ve never seen. It was around late 2012 I discovered EBF and man was it fun. I went through Newgrounds and found all this amazing stuff that’s been hiding from me. Eventually, I got hooked and followed development on EBF4 and now here I am lurking in the forums and facebook of a game that we’re still waiting for.

  245. Random Gamer

    As a college student from Malaysia, my gaming life’s actually quite limited in terms of the games I’ve played (most of them are RPGs). And apart from $1 deals on humble bundle I only buy games that are on sale and on steam only (since the prices are lower there). But I do play long hours at a time. Most of the games I’ve played have a ‘cartoony’ feel. Lately I’ve been playing Tales of Berseria and Hyrule Warrior Legends. But my favorites have got to be the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series. I did try getting into the ‘cool’ games (among my friends) like counter strike and fallout but for some reason they just don’t appeal to me. Believe it or not I had a bunch of games from Humongous Entertainment in my steam library. You know…those played by first-graders. I lost the CDs (ok my mom tossed them away 😥 ) and I was so happy to get some of them back again :yay:
    If they put stuff like Sesame Street or Blue’s Clues in there I would snap them up as soon as there is a sale!

    I got my copy of EBF4 on humblebundle and I’m pretty surprised at how fun it was. Taking away the most annoying parts in RPG gaming (no random encounters, user-friendly upgrade system, ability to save anywhere etc) was spot on. I feel that more RPGs should use EBFs crafting/upgrading system for their gear instead of handing us a thousand useless equipment to dismantle for parts and whatnot. I wish I can recommend it to my friends but they aren’t that interested in RPGs…

    I don’t really expect to win anything but who knows? I would love a copy of Bullet Heaven 2 for a Christman present. Anyway happy holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year :hurray:

  246. SonicxFiftyForty

    I enjoy playing FPS’s, RPG’s, Shoot ‘Em Up’s, and many more. Some of my favorite games include OverWatch, Hearthstone, Final Fantasy, and some of your games, Matt! I found EBF around when EBF2 came out, and I’ve loved the series ever since. It took me a while to find you made other kinds of games too, but I really enjoy those too. I have a soft spot for Flash games, because most of them are cool, quick plays that can pass time. Others, however, are almost as detailed and story-oriented as triple A console titles. That’s not to say that console titles aren’t great. I’m more of an XBOX person myself. Dragon Age is among my favorites RPG’s. Halo may always remain my favorite shooter, from childhood to now. And, of course, who doesn’t love Pokemon? I’ve played it since Yellow, and I still play today. It’s actually REALLY funny to see your references from other games throughout EBF, like the Pikachu in the starting town in EBF4, and the various enemy move quotes.

    I’d like to get Bullet Heaven 2, if possible.

    Thank you very much for making these great games!

  247. long

    I tried to looked for good rpg turn-based games like yours’ but can’t
    Most japanese rpgs are good and well-graphic but it mostly concentrate on plot but the skill arent really appealing to me though
    But your games however just like a whole reverse of those. You dont just show an actual plot, it just all about exploration and fighting till u get to the boss, that’s it. And just randomly add some slight back story of the characters, jokes and memes along the way.
    And the thing i like the most about this game is the gameplay that differ from all rpg games is that you only have 3 moves per turn or less,after you have chosen an action, there’s no going back unlike most games where you can chose action for all characters before they actually do it and you can cancel anytime you want. Every fights in epic mode are just thrilling especially boss fights, where your team members keep getting killed or run short on mana, so the sad thing about the next game is you remove the mana bar and replace it with the count down like other.
    Aside from that, lately i still trying to find a good game, the only thing i found interesting is the new south park game, they really outdone themself this time. I havent actually played it yet cause i doesnt have any money for it, hell i doesnt even have money to buy your games, so it would be a miracle for me if i get a steam giveaway for your ebf4 game :smirk:

  248. Nathan Lin

    I love videogames. I haven’t really had the opportunities to play like other people because I didn’t really have access to consoles. When other people talk about nostalgia they feel for this Mario game or that Legend of Zelda game, I wish I had had that sort of childhood. I’m a teen in highschool now and I can talk about nostalgia a bit, and for me, that nostalgia is towards flash games. I didn’t get an x-box until recently, and I did play the sh*t out of the Wii-play minigames (we had a Wii with limited games and limited time to play on it), but what i DID have was access to my parent’s desktop computer. So I played flash games instead. I don’t remember exactly what got me into them; I think they were games like that marble game where you shoot randomly coloredmarbles into a chain of other colored moving marbles and three of a kind disappeared each other until you were left with nothing. Kinda like an elimination version of Triple Town. Also I played Gary the Snail or something. But EBF2 is what got me hooked on videogames. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the flash games before, but this was the biggest step. When I discovered you had made EBF3 is when my memories are the strongest. I don’t remember how long it had been out, but I found it around eight years ago as an eensy little midget. Really, EBF3 is what makes flash games so important to me. I loved the exploration and the customization and the strategy and of course the silly humor and easter eggs. I have lots of memories of spending hours playing it whether it be by myself or with my sister or with my friend. Those were good times. When you started working on EBF4, I flipped out; I couldn’t wait. I played that beta version several times when it lost all my data and I also played the real version all the way through at least three times, again because of lost data. I’ve been keeping track of your progress in EBF5. I’m so happy you’re investing so much quality into this and that you have becomes successful through your hard work! I’m also pumped to see that you’re close to finishing!
    So back to flash games. The EBF series was a huge influence on genres I liked. I’m really into explorative and strategy games. I remember Kingdom Rush, Cursed Treasure, Incursion, Gravitee Wars and Obliterate Everything 4, all of which are great strategy games (although OE4 isn’t a TD RTS and Gravitee Wars is turn based). Exploration or platformers like K.O.L.M, Gravitee Wars, and Endeavor (Endeavor is, I’m told, like Shadow of the Colossus). My mother doesn’t really approve of my playing videogames hence why I play only free online flash games, but recently my dad bought an x-box for himself and I’m having a blast playing Skyrim and Fallout 4!

    I would like the EBF4 key but I couldn’t find if it was supported for Mac users so if it doesn’t work for me and I win, the key would be better used for another entrant. Thanks so much!

  249. SkyWind

    Firstly, I just want to say that: I WISH more people would ask me about my gaming life! There’s so much to talk about that this actually gets my brain tingling. As someone who grew up in the 90’s, I was able to see SO much cultural, technological, and economic effects that games had on US society (and on the world as a whole). I took the time to read some of the other responders; and with each one read, it felt like I was able to see into another world ….another perspective that could have endless real-life stories mixed in with the imaginative fantasies of immersive gaming. I could drone on and on about this; however, I’ve got to at least follow the rules & requirements. Alright, lets talk about my own experience with gaming.
    When I was in elementary school, my family didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. Everyone was quite busy and for the most part, we scrapped by and stuck to our routines that worked well. I only had a small circle of really close friends in the neighborhood and we all played a variety of games both inside and outside. For some reason, video games really stuck with me, maybe more-so than my friends who found interest in other activities like sports, military, music, etc. My first experience was with the old original Nintendo – the games were mostly platformers like Mario Bros, duck hunt, & mega man. The Legend of Zelda was the exception. Most of the consoles I ever owned were just hand-me-downs from family who had moved out or moved on to other things. The progression was from Nintendo > Sega Genesis > N64 > PS2 > PC (currently). I could make a comprehensive list of the games I’ve played, but that wouldn’t be too interesting just listing them, so I’ll just talk about what games and genres REALLY stuck out on top for me.
    When I first started playing video games, I didn’t really focus on any particular type. Most were fun and I had a diverse set of games that kept me entertained. I was really into Mario Tennis, Mario 64, Smash Bros, Chrono Trigger, Flash Games (newgrounds), Goldeneye, Age of Empires, Skyrim, Minecraft, X-com, and Online MMOs like Fiesta, Fantasy Earth Zero, and Vindictus. If I actually made a comprehensive list of games I’ve played, you could probably pinpoint my exact age and get a feel of what kind of person I am LOL. I was pretty open to trying out new things and broadening my horizons. The thing is…over time, we grow older and we get less time to spend just playing and keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in gaming. As a consequence, I started to shift into different types/genres of games based on how much time and effort I wanted or able to devote to something. Also, my wallet can’t keep up with all the new console releases and exclusives….so I switched to PC gaming and rely a lot on Steam.

    When I was still in public school (US elementary to highschool) I had a lot of free time to play early MMOs and to just perfect my skills in the few console games I had. MMOs were my greatest weakness. I could grind and interact with so many people and it always kept me interested until life got busy enough that I started to play less and less. It was a sorta somber moment when I realized that I couldn’t keep up with my online friends in both gameplay AND just being able to hang out with them on a frequent & regular basis (I do wonder from time to time where everyone has went and how they are doing – we didn’t have skype, teamspeak, etc back then). Eventually certain games closed, certain members lose interest in a game and move on, and personal circumstances make it too difficult to keep up an MMO player character indefinitely. I’ve since switched to more single-player, casual, games that I can start, save, and continue at any time. I now have narrowed my search for games using criteria that fits in with my lifestyle and wallet limitations. I started off early with single to 2-player, simple games, to online multi-player, and now its back to single player games. It went from diligently practicing and perfecting my techniques on select games, to experiencing many different things, and now back to casual perusing of convenient games with less stringent time commitments.
    In general, I REALLY like strategy games and RPGs that I can take at my own pace. The MMO games that are “grind-fests” usually turn me off. I absolutely avoid games that have a “Pay to win” environment. I also get tired of the FPS genre, b/c its often a game solely based on mechanics and not much story and lore after you complete the campaign. I’m more interested in the story aspect of these FPS games than just repeated competition using the same few maps in multiplayer, or fighting using the same selection of characters. So this really limits my gaming to single-player, story-based games OR games that are instanced OR games that are random generation rogue-likes. It boils down to convenience, medium time commitment, moderate to advanced mental challenge, and value vs cost. There are probably another 50 factors that I use to assess a game for what it is, but it’d make this comment waaaay longer than it already is.

    In the grand scheme of things, I really like games that allow you to achieve a form of progression, while making you really attached to the characters in the story. Either we (the player) is made to empathize and love certain characters, OR we are the ones immersed into a world that we have some sort of agency in. I like games that have consequence, I like games that are even light-hearted…. I ESPECIALLY like games where you can really see that the developer puts in their passion to flesh it out. The little details and the interaction between characters make them relatable and lovable. So my number one fixation right now, are RPGs with a good caste of characters and story that compels the player to explore the who, what, why, when, and hows.

  250. Sammmmm

    “leave a comment … about your gaming life in general”
    I don’t even know where to start. Most things I do today is because I played a game. I went to a part time school that didn’t offer classes or grades, but told you that if you were having fun you would absorb information at such a high quality and quantity that it didn’t even mattered what you learned. This meant I played games. I was betting my goldfish on poker hands at the age of 9 (maybe younger, I don’t know). After learning to analyze gaming positions and strategies I went to college and grad school, focusing on math, economics, and computer science. Currently I like to play darkest dungeon and hearthstone. Slow, turned based, adventure/strategy games are what I gravitate towards, so it’s easy to see why EBF3 was my favorite game when I found it in high school. I’m also recently a DM for DnD. My dream job would be to work at Blizzard, where I feel like I could put all my game theory to use.
    I’m hoping for EBF4, sorry for the life story :skull:

  251. Suelen

    Não sei escrever inglês, mas nada que um tradutor não resolva, inclusive e ele que uso para entender o que está escrito no blog e acompanhar você! ( No Brasil e muito caro aprender inglês ). Bom, eu gosto de RPG e jogos de passar fases, meus preferidos até hoje é sempre que posso volto a jogar são: Bomberman, crash, final fantasy e outros nesse estilo. Atualmente já passei por vários jogos de RPG no kongregate e no armor games e terminei todos infelizmente, e estou a procura de mais, porém sei como é difícil para o pessoal fazer jogos nesse estilo. Gostaria de EBF4 se eu ganhar.Ps: Admiro seu trabalho e minha esperança é que você lance EBF5 até o meio de 2018 pois estarei ganhando bebê e queria jogar ele enquanto vou estar de repouso e já ir mostrando para meu filho ou filha . Já avisei meu marido que quando sair o jogo vou comprar e pronto, bom que ele não brigou. Um abraço do Brasil.

  252. Sombres

    I usually play Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and Naruto Online. DL releasing on steam when I couldn’t play it properly on the phone was amazing. I’d like to have an EBF4 key :yay:

  253. Mauricio Vidal

    My gaming life is basically pretty normal I usually play fps, indie games, and action games, but there’s a catch with me playing games on pc “I don’t use a mouse, I use a trackpad/using a laptop without a mouse”. The game I would like is aka my wishlist is fallout 4, PUBG, and rust. Even if I don’t win I just wanted to say happy holidays and have a fantastic year :smirk: :tongue: :bacon:

  254. michaelshan

    Hey, what have I got to lose? I guess I’ll join. I’ve been playing your games since 2011. Stumbled upon EBF3 on Kongregate and thought it was one of the best flash games I’d ever played. I’ve played just about every single one of your other games and even watched some of your old animations like AOTBM and One More Final Battle.I can’t wait for EBF5, and from what I’ve seen, it’s got several improvements over the others. Already have the premium version of EBF4 on Kong, so don’t really need a Steam version, but I’d certainly like a Steam key for Bullet Heaven 2.

  255. Chester Gold

    What sorts of games I play and about my gaming life in general, huh?
    Well, in all honesty I don’t play games that often. I mostly watch other Youtubers play the games and review them. But I do enjoy myself a nice “Build Your Empire” type of game, or an RPG game ( like yours ). The first time I’ve ever fallen in love with a game is when I saw my brother play this game called “Epic Battle Fantasy” ( true story ). The gameplay and the characters were so fascinating it’s impossible not to try the game yourself. So I started playing the third game in the franchise ( ’cause why not! ) and was immediately addicted to the game. Even though there isn’t much plot in the third game, the mechanics of the RPG game was incredible ( it might just be ’cause I was new to this game type ). This might be a very embarrassing story, but when I got to Akron, being a lazy/ edgy child I was, I looked up on how to kill Akron on Youtube and then I just plagiarize the entire playthrough. From the equipment, to the skill, I copied them all. ‘course now that I’m thinking about it, I regret so much. I lost the fun in playing the game legitimately just ’cause I was a kid. So I replayed the entire game from scratch, and finally.. made the same mistake all over again ( I was a kid, how am I suppose to know what’s good and what’s bad! 😥 😥 😥 ). Anyway back to the main point.
    Thanks to your game, I finally realize what games are all about. They’re much more than just entertainment sources, they’re also stress-relievers, depression-destroyers and relaxation-bringers,… This is when I started to look up other games, ’cause before I was too lazy and didn’t have much interests in games. 2 years after ( this is when I was studying in 5th grade ), my friend suddenly came rushing at me and told me EBF 4 has just been released. This must have been my happiest moment. ‘course I still made the mistake AGAIN, but that’s besides the point. At this point, I was introduced to other games and game types ( such as horror games, free-roam games, first-person-shooter games,… ).
    So, to conclude this: You , Matt, you and your games brought the happiness of being a gamer to my life :yay: :yay: :yay: . Without you, without knowing about the EBF franchise, I wouldn’t have known about the true meaning of games. I don’t really care whether or not I win the key. All I wanted is too thank you for everything!!! :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: .
    P/s: If somehow I do win the key, then I’d like EBF 4, pretty please!!! :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  256. Ricky

    I usually really enjoy games with RPG elements. A good story will always suit me perfectly. I’m the kind of player who will go out of the way for lore, and I always try to play every part of the game. I’ve always loved the Epic Battle Fantasy games, and I’m looking forward to the next one! I truly hope you’ll be kind enough to gift me a key for EBF4! Even if you don’t, Happy Holidays! :smirk:

  257. Misaya

    (sorry for my bad english) i played game on kongregate for 4 years until now and another game in my country . i knew ebf3 when i played on kongregate after 3 months . i’m very interesting about ebf3 and hope that maybe more ebf4 and 5 in the future . also i play ebf4 and done it very easy so if i win, i want to have a steam keys for ebf4 :yay: :yay:

  258. Sofiene

    I wasn’t much of a gamer until dad brought internet access home back in 2010. Since then I became fond of pc games, mainly browser games until I stumbled upon EBF3 on my favorite website (kongregate) I loved the concept of the game so much that my favorite gaming genre become RPG and I’d replay the game any time for fun. Until EBF4 was released and I was extremely happy and I did support it in many different ways especially on Kongregate .
    The game was incredibly addictive that I enjoyed every moment of it in every difficulty and I can’t wait for EBF5.
    I know you’ve been through a hard time Matt because I’ve been following your Facebook page since forever and I do appreciate the effort of making such interesting games, keep making great stuff because they are the reason of many people’s happiness :yay:
    I’d love a stream key for EBF5 because honestly the EBF serie is one of my all-time favorite games of all time. :love:

  259. SadBoizChingChong

    I played your game for a long time ago, maybe 6 years. At that time I played a lot of action game like Gta, Dynasty Warrior, ect also some FPS games and RPG like final fantasy from X to XIII. The first time I saw your Epic Battle Fantasy 3 was the time my friend introduced me to the game and I enjoy playing it. Some years later I played the EBF4 and I dont know why it so attract me, it made me played about 67hours in game :ooo: . Your game pretty much my childhood from a little boy to an 17 teen boyz. I really want to try your Bullet Heaven 2. Thanks and I will always support your games.

  260. Jeffrey

    I love playing all kinds of games, but I especially love RPGs and MOBAs. I remember when I first started getting into games, and I loved the adventurous aspect of RPGs that never got old. In middle school, I starting getting into MOBAs after hearing about LoL, and since then I’ve just kept broadening what kinds of games I play. I would like EBF4 if I do win, thanks! :yay: :smirk: :love:

  261. zds2a98a

    I play mostly open world and rpg games, such as Skyrim, Just cause 2, EBF 4, and a few Pokemon games. I have played over three hundred hours of EBF4 between Kongergate and Steam, and it is one of my favorite games. I am looking for a Steam key of EBF4 for my sister, she played part way through the game on Kongergate and loved it but the file got wiped. Can’t wait for EBF5 keep making great games.

  262. tsukiyomaru0

    I’m interested in many games, specially ones with good story and action. And I’ve my eyes on that EBF4, as I have BH2 already.

  263. Santos

    Been playing many games that I can remember, many fun memories that had. Recently I have playing Paladins and some other games But now that I have less time to play these games cause of life and other stuff. So, in short, my gaming life is not that great but I’ll enjoy it as I can :hurray: .

  264. Crikyy

    Path of Exile all day long! You should try it too, great F2P ARPG, and it gets quality new contents every 3 months. I used to play Dota 2 as well, but the lack of attention the devs are giving it turned me off.

    In the past I had a horrible PC so I’d surf the web looking for good web games, and that’s how I came across EBF series and absolutely loved it. I still occasionally check armorgames for such, but things haven’t been the same anymore 😥 Submitting my entry in search for some nostalgia of EBF4!

  265. Nevermore

    My favorite game is Dota 2, but I play a lot of different kinds of games. To give you an idea of the variety, in the last week I’ve played Awesomenauts, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Brütal Legend, Bullet Heaven 2, Rocket League, Half Life, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. I also play party games with my friends weekly on under the name Four_Noobs_in_a_Room, where we’ve played BH2 once.

    I’m looking for a copy of either game to share with my friends.

  266. Alex

    I played all your games on kongregate YEARS ago and was excited to finally buy one, so i bought EBF4 on steam and was thrilled with the extra stuff in that version and I’ve already put like 14 hours into it in a week!! I don’t even need a steam key I just wanted to give a shout saying I love your games and keep it up!

  267. Jean Pierre Chica

    I have played all zelda games, except the last ones ( i dont have money 🙁 ), and i know all the history of hyrule, its incredible how i know more history from a game than real history jajajajaja

  268. Rioda

    My gaming life could be described as something between competitive due to being a League of Legends player, and a casual as I play games which are story driven. As far back as I can remember, I’ve played games that cater strategy, co-op, and simplicity like those of the Famicom system games to more story rich, adventure and fantasy genres of the PS1 titles like Final Fantasy. So when the day that me and my siblings had to retire our consoles, we gave in to the internet’s flash games like Kongregate, AG and NG to pass the time. To me, it was a such a nostalgic gift to see games with similar styles to those of what we used to play in front of the TV. The games I spent hours traversing the world gave me a sense of excitement wanting to know what the game is going to throw my way; be it enemies, allies, plot twists, and experience. The feeling of satisfaction of finishing the game is what makes me want to try other titles so long as my hardware can accommodate them.

  269. ElBee

    When I was a juior high school student, I started to play game. My favorite genre is adventure, and I knew EBF3 throght Kongregate. I spent my whole summer vacation to finish it. Yeah, it was so epic, good story and mechanics, cute graphic and nice design,etc… I sure my most favorite RPG game is Epic Battle Fantasy, so I really want EBF4. Hope that come true :stars: .
    Merry Christmas :stars:

  270. Isaac

    Hey. Just a fair warning, this is kinda a long post.

    So… my gaming life…. I am quite young, in my mid teens, so videogames existed long before I did. As a result, I was playing video games when I was very little. I don’t remember what my first game was…. Might have been Loz: Link’s Awakening. I played it on my dad’s Gamy Boy a lot. Project Starfighter, a free PC game, might have also been it. I also played a lot of M rated games like Diablo and Warcraft when I was little. How those games didn’t damage me for life is beyond me. (Indecently, I played Dungeon Keeper II and THAT’S the one that scarred me. Don’t ask.)

    Thought my life, I’ve also had a taste for old, classic games, like the NES Mega Man games. I don’t exactly know why, but I think the pixal and unique synths associated with classic games have had some sort of a charm. I think about a third of the games I like are either classic games (such as Contra 3) or inspired by those games. (Like Shovel Knight)

    My favorite genre of video games are shoot em up games. (IE Gradius, Touhou, Raiden, Axelay, R-Type, In The Hunt; ya know, those sorts of games) This kinda sucks for me, because the vast majority of shoot-em-ups are incredibly generic and unmemorable, and only like 10% (inexact statistic) are really memorable. I don’t play a whole lot of RPGS… the only turn-based RPGS I have completed are Golden Sun Dark Dawn and All four of the current Epic Battle Fantasy games. (And one other, but that one other game is a fetish game, and I am NOT comfortable talking about the fetish games I play)

    Recently, I’ve mostly been playing NES Mega Man (especially 4 through 6), Mega Man Fan Games, and Gradius. For some reason, I have gotten REALLY into Gradius games recently, to the point where I can beat Gradius III with out dieing once. I can’t do that consistently, and I can only do that on easy mode, but I can never the less do it.

    I really like EBF4, and have beaten it multiple times. But I’d like the Steam version so I can have more content, and be able to play it offline, and to be able to play it without the risk of my iffy internet connection bumming out on me. I also like Bullet Heaven 2 a lot, but I already have the Steam version of that game. If I don’t win a copy of EBF in this… that’s fine. I should be able to buy it with Christmas money. (assuming I actually get a Steam Gift Card….)

    I don’t know how to finish this post, so here’s a random, out-of place no-legs emote instead. :ooo:

  271. CapnOblivious

    I happen to prefer RPG’s, strategy games, and certain kinds of puzzle games, mostly ones for PC. I have a habit of playing one game virtually exclusively for a short period of time, then (If I haven’t already completed it) dropping it for up to months at a time. This means that I generally have several games sitting around half-finished, and I tend to drop repetitive or dull games entirely (never had any problem with EBF, of course). That’s pretty much my gamer’s manifesto. ~ :smirk:

  272. Solomon M

    I honestly adore the idea of a super hard game. I’ve spent my time on geometry dash, things like that. So basically, I would like a key for Bullet Heaven 2. :hurray:

  273. Doom

    Favourite types of games i play are RPG, Horror and Strategy games, I’ve been playing games ever since i was basically born and always have been playing Pokemon and recently been replaying all the EBF games for fun :yay:

  274. JustH3LL

    email is old; don’t mind that

    Anyways, I usually am playing arena shooters, as I love those. Like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Cube 2 Sauerbraten, Serious Sam, the list goes on, but I do, at times, play other games like Fable, Saints Row IV, FO3 and FO:NV, Just Cause 2, Halo CE, and Halo Online. Random stuff. I’m a PC guy that browses Reddit quite a bit

  275. Sonny

    Hey dude, Happy Holidays.
    I usually find myself playing adventure/action adventure games (platformers, RPGs, a few FPSs, etc), but I find myself gravitating towards games with customizable elements, like The Elder Scrolls, Death Road to Canada, and even Smash Bros with its custom stages pair with “special” matches, though I try to give each genre a fair chance… Except horror. I know from the onset that I will not enjoy being scared.
    Anyway, Happy Holidays again, looking forward to EBF5
    (Also I am entering for Bullet Heaven 2, I already have EBF4… And you even gave me an extra code once because I bought it on Kong before steam, and didn’t know you gave out steam keys to Kong buyers.)

  276. Karolnh1

    Hi my name is Karol
    I play mostly PC games. but when i was young i was playing on Nintendo 64 Game like Zelda, Pokemon,Mario etc i love this kind of games. I dream of ever getting a wii to play new parts of games .On Pc i recently play Heartstone,Gwent League of Legend rarely some Survival games like Pubg or Fortnite. A few years ago I found a game EBF2 i passed her and then i found another version EBF3 i loved this game so much.I finished it more than 5 times After a few months, the fourth part of the game appeared and I went through it the first time I started playing.Now comes the 5th part of the game will of course be the same situation as with the 4th part I will pass it the first time I start playing.

    I would be very grateful if I could get EBF5, after all it is the only game I am so waiting for so long that I can not sit on a chair and check how many percent was left until the end :yay: (Sorry for Eng :c)

  277. Bowen Dober

    My current gaming life can be summed up as: Humble-Bundle has caused my Steam Library to be bigger than i’ll ever get around to playing. Currently been playing a [b]lot[/b] of Overwatch and, since my siblings and i just pooled our money together for a switch, attempting to 100% both of my personal GotYs: Zelda BotW and Mario Odyssey. My all-time favorite game is still Portal 2 (beaten it 8 times), but both Mario and Zelda are definitely up there. At the moment, other than the obvious choice of EBF5, the two games that come to mind when I think of which games I want are What Remains of Edith Finch and Tooth and Tail.

    Merry Christmas, :stars:

  278. edy pagaza

    i love RPG games
    i started to play rpg games with final fantasy mystic quest, then final fantasy IV (snes)
    and then final fantasy VI, and then FFVII my favorite one.
    i’d like to have bullet heaven II 😀
    i love your games, i really enjoy them :love2:

  279. Mr. K

    I play games everyday. Mostly Android games: RPG, strategy, clicker, simulation, puzzle, shooting, action, etc; any game will do, as long as I enjoy it, I’ll keep the game on my device. As I teach about games in my class, I need to try many games so I can give examples to my students in class. And I must say, it’s totally worth it. Discussion in class always go well, as I give some example in class, and when my students play the game, they’ll react to my statement.

    Outside of my personal life, I also play games with my family (my dad and my two younger siblings). Card games, board games, multiplayer games, anything.
    We also help each other when one of us can’t pass some stage on puzzle games.
    I and my younger siblings sometimes compete on any games (especially Android games), and most of the time I lose, as I seldom played the game compared to my siblings.
    They even help me giving ideas for games I develop, and testing them as well.

    Oh, talking about your games, I and my siblings play EBF 1 to 3 together every time we have free time together. Sometimes we compete on Bullet Heaven too.
    Although we have beaten it several times, we keep playing again and again, as it has some nostalgic value to us.

    At last, I can say that games can unite my family and my class.

    If I win, I’d like EBF 4 key, so I and my siblings can enjoy it together.

  280. Kim Cedric

    No game NO Life. I love playing games. Mostly RPGs platform doesn’t matter as long as the game suits my tastes may it be in console or handheld. i remember playing ebf3 in my pc and accidentally i clear my browser history(all boxes checked) thats one of the nost frustrating things gamers can feel having their saved games erased. I always play browser games on site without logging in because internet connection sucks at the philippines that why i play it offline. ilove playing games since i was a kid and arcade games are the much more fun that time and computer where big AF.

  281. silferysky

    Bullet Heaven is my favorite bullet hell game of all time! It is definitely not the only bullet hell game I have ever played. Nope, definitely not.

  282. Jordan Allen

    Where to begin? First console was my Megadrive and I obsessively played the pack-in 6-in-1 cartridge. I loved Streets of Rage even though I wasn’t particularly good at it. My first game played was likely either Mario or Zelda on the NES at my friends’ house.

    As time went on, I got a PS1 and a GB and played them like crazy. I remember Crash 2 so vividly while I ignored Croc, one of my other early games, because I couldn’t beat that damn boxing boss. Easy now, but as a kid I couldn’t do it for whatever reason. My love for RPGs really started with Final Fantasy 8, Grandia and the holy grail of Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2. Me and my primary school friend used to grab strong sticks and play out RPG battles and adventures in the quarry near his farm using the sticks as swords.

    Eventually I made my way to Newgrounds due to another friend. This must have been back in 2004. I hung around the Flash portal and forums a lot and dabbled in making animations and learning AS2. I fell away from it somewhat and gaming as a whole in 2008 or so. Around 2009 I got back into it in a big way and in late 2011 I started to do some pixel art because I was doing a placement near my family home and couldn’t stay up in my rented house as often for a couple of months (paying the rent was annoying because of that, believe me).

    About six months later I released my first Flash game (I did the writing, art and design, MSGhero did programming and Matt Jones was the musician), JUGGERNAUT: Awakening. The first in a planned four-part series. It got decent reviews and a LOT of plays, but I cringe playing it now. JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising followed and it was vastly superior and we even hired voice actors. I dabbled in platforming too and released 3: Land of Enki, Land of Enki 2 and Dashwood’s Daring Delves. The former two were the early inspiration for my Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage game. My most successful Flash game to date was also my most recent release, Ender Story: Chapter 1. Chapter 2 went into development hell after our programmer bailed on us when it was about 95% finished.

    Now I’m working on my aforementioned Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage RPG (which your EBF characters will be cameoing in, I haven’t forgot!) and I believe it will be my most polished and highest quality game to date. I also have an ongoing longstanding project with MSGhero, a procedurally generated Zelda-like game that we do some work on when we have a few spare minutes. I still play games regularly too, I’ve sank an insane amount of hours into Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve recently stated Torment: Tides of Numenera and I have Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin and Original Sin 2 at the top of my “to play” list.

    I went on longer than I planned, whoops! I’ve got both EBF4 and BH2 as does my brother. If I get a copy of either they’ll be going to one of my buddies for an extra Christmas bonus.

  283. Playercito

    I mostly play action or puzzle games in general. I’m mostly into fighting games, shmups and fast paced tps.

    I really enjoyed Bullet Heaven 1 so I’d like BH2 for this giveaway.

    Merry christmas to all of you! :smirk:

  284. Sticks

    I honestly haven’t played too many RPGS, I usually play a game called Team Fortress 2 or TF2 for short, I tend to like all types of games but TF2 is the game i’ve put the most amount of hours into. I also really enjoy indie games and I can’t wait to delve deeper into Metroidvanias after I played Hollow Knight, a really great game. Sometimes with long games I stop playing and then later I go back to them, thats what I did with Hollow Knight. 2017 has been my main year for playing Console games since I usually don’t play them as often and i’ve been loving most of the games that have come out on the Nintendo Switch. I’m very excited for all the games coming out in 2018!

  285. DKG Racoma

    I often play rpgs, point and clicks, puzzle games, and visual novels. I don’t often play games because I ‘m just busy with life in general and even when i do get to play someone usually cones along to do something or disturb me. The chances I do get to play is usually very late at night when most people are asleep and even then I can’t play too long because i need to wake up early. Another contributor to my lack of a gaming life is money so I don’t often buy games, i usually just play free games and the times I go out to the mall I just check out the games section. There’s really not that much to my gaming life.

    I’d like the game EBf4.

  286. Toffel

    My main games are Osu! and FF14 for now (Later monster hunter world :stars: ).
    But I’m alwas a RPG fan in my heart :love:
    So yeah, my gaming life is a bit boring D:

  287. kevbotdominator

    I love EBF games (mostly 3 and 4, because you can adventure) and I am not a hard-core gamer, but I love certain ones, like EBF3 and 4. I play games such as Call of Duty, EBF4 (obviously), and a few flash games. :skull: 👿

  288. Kitty101ck

    I’ve been getting more and more into the games recently but when I was first introduced to flash games such as Elephant Quest and EBF4 which led to love games like them, games where you can level up and JRPG style game layouts. I’ve only got into the gaming console world because of shows like Kirby, and then through smash bros I found many other console games I fell in love with. I made friends on those consoles who dragged me back to the PC, and there I once more found EBF4 and play it again with similar flash games and tried out the previous installments. Now a days I still go back to it (I’m grinding my way to beat god cat cuz I am always nervous about the big bosses) and also play other games (mostly ones my friends have given/dragged me into) like Stardew Valley, Splatoon 2, Terraria and Don’t Starve Together. I love the JRPG series Trails in the Sky.
    I’d like to get EBF4, but I wouldn’t mind spending the time to try out Bullet Heaven 2, it looks really fun :yay:

  289. Banjo

    I play games like Darl Souls and The Surge, but I haven’t played much lately because my controller broke :bleh: but I’ll be getting a new one for chistmas, along with the DLC for The Surge :yay:

    I started playing games when I was about 9, when I got a Wii for my birthday, and played New Super Mario Bros Wii with my younger brother and sister, until I found the greatness of single player games with Sonic Colours. I found my love of third person action games with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (for Wii) and Xenoblade Chronicles, both of which I still go back to once in a while – though not Xenoblade as of late, as the disc is too scratched to operate (that’s why you don’t give a 6 year old something shiny 😥 )

    If I were to have either EBF 4 or Bullet Heaven 2, I’d prefer the former, as I haven’t haven’t played the expanded version (only the free version on Armor Games), and I find bullet hell games too intense

    Kind regards, and merry Christmas,

  290. BluePaw


    I play mostly Nintendo / PC games. Things from Zelda, Pokemon, and stuff like that are my favorite; I’ve played games like that since I was very young.
    Lately, though, I’ve been really into indie games. I recently played through Hollow Knight and Night in the Woods, and I just started Rain World! It’s pretty awesome seeing what all these different games do well and why people like them.

    I would prefer EBF4. I’ve played it in browser but owning it on Steam would be much better.

  291. Raysson Dantzger

    I practically grew up with games, i’m not a native English speaker but since most PlayStation 2 games are writen in english they really helped me understand this language. – I’m a Brazilian that likes your games :yay:
    My favorite games are RPG/strategy based games, i’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, but the game I like the most is definitely Final Fantasy Tactics, It will be in my heart forever. I never player It on PS1, only on emulators since i’m not that old.
    I also like some horror games, like the Fatal Frame series and Dead by Daylights.
    I never even dare to touch one FPS/shooter, I completely suck at those.
    I’m most of the time the “support” on team games, i’m very good at that and hate taking the responsibility for DPS.
    It’s not a very big variety of games, all of then are either digital or some old PS2 disc.
    (I’d like to have the Epic Battle Fantasy 4, thanks for reading and have a good Holiday) :yay:

  292. superconno

    i think i got into games by playing games like final fantasy x and breath of fire 3 and i was so dumb that i never got past Seymour in x because i didn’t use the sphere grid because i completely forgot about it, and i never got very past the “sneaking into the mansion” part of breath of fire 3, which is literally just past the first boss, i already have both games your offering but i thought i’d indulge your question anyway XD, i wouldn’t mind giving the code for ebf4 away to a friend i know likes 3 though
    p.s. . if you like ps1 rpg’s i would suggest you search breath of fire 3 up i think you’d like it considering the game you make, if you want more details feel free to ask, i’m really hoping this was appropriate to type concidering this is meant to be about my gaming life, sorry XD :ooo:

  293. Jackson lancaster

    I love rpgs deatiny is pretty good its a shooter/rpg i know but still. Just got the ps vr its awesome. Id like bullet heaven 2 of i win. Also merry christmas and happy new year. :hurray:

  294. sureman

    I really like adventure, RPG, strategy and puzzle (logic) games. This is why my favorite games are EBF 3 & 4 + Skyrim. In the past 5 years I haven’t really played anything else. When I have free time I go on Kong and play a flash game until it’s completed (1-3 day) and that’s that. No replay, ever. However I always go back to my 3 fav game. Although I’m really ashamed that I don’t own the full version of EBF 4. 🙁 But best wishes to you my man. :smirk:

  295. Morek

    Hello Again, I’ve won EBF4 last year, so let’s try with Bullet Heaven 2 this time <3

    I've started playing games as a 5 years old child, and my first games were something like Soldat, Little Fighters, Age of Empire, Kohan etc. I found EBF series for the first time when I was 9 or 10 (something like that). And still love them :3 . At this moment I'm playing some League of Legend's with my friends, alone in Overwatch and waiting for Christmas to play Resident Evil 5 with my friend, who has no time now. Generally, I'm playing everything what is co-op and someone want to play it with me. Few days before I was playing Brutal Legend, which is awesome! The rock and metal are coursing in my blood <3 Hmm, as always, I've gone away of the main topic. Well… Hi :smirk:

    (Greatings from Poland, again <3 )

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Haha, Soldat seems to have been popular in Poland, it’s the only place where I’ve heard of that game.

  296. James Dominguez

    I’ve been gaming for a large portion of my life, I’ve played a grand range of games that has meant I have had a open taste in genre.
    I think I first came across Epic Battle Fantasy back on Armour Games many many years ago. I loved the references to Pokemon and other JRPG’s and the game got me interested in the rest.
    I beat EPF 3 for the second time a year ago, I’m considering going through EBF4 once again.
    Keep up the good work and stay well Kupo, can’t wait for EBF5.

  297. sindj2000

    These days I’ve been playing minecraft but I love RPG and FPS too. I wish I had my own computer so I can have more gaming time.
    Oh, and I would like EBF4
    Sorry for the bad English, I’m Japanese;;

  298. Tatty

    I generally go with everything in gaming, but veer towards Visual Novels, Stealth-based adventure, and RPGs, (after finding myself playing on my parents’ old Amiga when I was younger (Cannon Fodder and Lemmings were my best games, by far)). This means that the Epic Battle Fantasy series has always been a love of mine — and even more so since I discovered it a while ago.

    My gaming life generally fits around my other commitments, whether it be studying or training, and I try to sink a couple of hours into each one per day, to get myself the Relaxation I generally need, being uptight and all that. Currently, I’m aiming to beat Assassin’s Creed 1 – 4 to 100% completion, and I’m already halfway done!

    I also seem to go more towards Indie games, over triple-A games, as they seem more personal (and not in the money-making stasis some seem to be). It removes a layer of separation, as well, to see the development process — which is why I also love the other indie title “Yandere Simulator” — and given my interest in Computer Science, I like to take back the cover and see how it works, as well as enjoy the product with the cover on. Also on my recently played list has to be “Doki Doki Literature Club” – which really is an Experience, to say the least.

    If my luck does hold out and I do win, I would prefer to have Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

    All that aside, I have a small message: Gute Weihnachten ! :yay: :yay:

  299. Michele Chung

    I love puzzle/casual games that are smart. Hate having to *grind* for progress. EBF series is one of the few rpg games where I didn’t get bored and actually played through. Congrats and thank you for making a fun and smart game that I can see playing with my kids. 😀
    :love: :love: :stars:

  300. Marina

    I’ve been playing games all my life. I remember waiting to my father go to work to play his games (Torment, Baldur’s gates, Elder scroll, etc) while I was young and I keep up some well 20 years later. I play when Im sad and I play when Im happy. As a girl and a teacher I got a kick everytime I qoute a popular game (such a skyrim or Dragon Age) and my students look me confuse for a second. Gaming has giving me a lot in my life, it has help me form a bond with my father and learn a new language (spanish is my first language).

    Rpg are my favorite of all time. I dont care what kind of graphic it have or the format as long as the story and character are well written. I love a good story, its like playing a good book!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and developing such fun games. As the key, I really love EBF4.

    Good luck with EBF5! Im anxiously wating for it! :yay:

  301. David

    I play things like Pokemon. I love the games and always try to find new ROM hacks or RPG maker versions of the game. I actually was really shy about it and tried to not involve my friends in it until I found that they actually play too. Now one of my friend an I play on Pokemon Showdown whenever we have a chance. I remember as a kid I found Epic Battle Fantasy and noticed the Registeel and Pichu so I started playing that and once I finished that I found all the other games in the series, my favourite was EPF3.

    Personally I like RPGs, puzzle games, or open world games and I completely suck at FPSs. I like to 100% games if possible but I don’t get to play video games all that much because I am in University. I’m taking a full course load but whenever I get a chance I play some RPGs. I recently started Chrono Trigger because I heard that game was great but I have never actually played it. If given the chance, I would probably choose EBF4, because I can’t handle bullet hells (there is just too much for my brain to comprehend).

  302. TwiGav

    My first video game system that I can remember was a GameCube – my first game was Fairly OddParents: Breakin’ Da Rules. I grew up playing a lot of licensed games on the GameCube as well as a few on the GBA and one in particular on my old desktop Mac. I remember getting some licensed game about Nicktoons and photography during a hospital stay when I was pretty young. It took me a while to learn how to actually play the game, though.
    Now, I play a lot of RPGs and a lot of mystery games and VNs. I tend to like games with good music (Jeremy Soule’s score for the Harry Potter 2 computer game remains one of my favorites), games with charming worlds and games that just kinda suck you in for a while and take you to another place. I think games are a healthy form of escapism, and I want to just be able to not worry about the world for 30-45 minutes or so every time I play.
    In conclusion, video games = good.

  303. SirMalvet

    I have been playing almost all my life, in fact life can be seen as a game… where am I straying off? Anyway… even though I am currently in medical school, shocksbusters! Its like i’m deflecting all these expectations coming all around. Nevertheless, I have never seem to let go of this hobby and made me think about the scale of my life. I found my purpose for games as it contributes to general to in-depth dive on matters it involves.

    Yeaaaahhh, vocation of my experience is messy, but the ideas there… i guess? :wut: whatever

    Shouting out from the Philippines; always love the EBF series; thanks for your hardwork; and keep it up! :yay:

  304. Fabián Vidal

    Los juegos en mi vida me han apoya en casi todo desde la parte educativa hasta la de problemas familiares, los juegos me an acompañado desde que era pequeño, inicie con sonic the hedgehog en la sega saturn desde ahi quede sorprendido ante el mundo de los videojuegos, los tipo de juegos que normalmente juego son sandbox por ejemplo garry´s mod y Terraria pero tambien juego mobas por unos amigos aunque nos terminamos enojando aveces por estupideces pero despues de unos dias se nos olvida por que nos habiamos enojado, retomando la parte que los juegos me ayudaron en el colegio me gustaria remarcar EBF3, esta me enseñaron a leer y entender el ingles, me encontre con EBF3 a la edad de 11 años, desde que lo encontre, lo jugue y lo finalize (una sola vez) el EBF3, mi comprencion de ingles aumento drasticamente en ese tiempo ni idea como sucedio pero EBF3 me enseño ingles. Aparte de todo lo anterior para ver si obtengo el Epic Battle Fantasy 4 me gustaria agradecer a ti Matt Roszak por enseñarme ingles cuando el colegio ni mi familia pudo. Muchas gracias y espero ser un ganador.

  305. Finnish Flash

    This is so awesome that you are doing this giveaway! Right now i’m playing Clash Royale, Minecraft and i also started playing Hearstone few days ago. I’m pretty competitive guy and i like to challenge myself. Sometimes i might even become frustrated when i lose a match against someone (because of the lag of course, there’s no way that no one is better than me…). I don’t go outside that much since it’s cold, dark and icy in Finland during winter. That’s why i play A LOT of games when it’s winter.

    If i get lucky and win then i would love to get EBF4 key :yay:

    I love your games and i wish everyone happy Christmas or holidays. And good luck for the giveaway! May the odds be ever in your favor :smirk:

  306. Andres Jasso

    Wow, I’ve been playing games since I can remember… My dad says that when I was 2 years old I already played on the computer. I was born in 96, so I had a chance to play oldies and new games, which I’m grateful for. I think the games I enjoy the most are adventure games, which is why I love yours! I love all kinda games, I can’t recall a genre of games that I dislike. But anyway, so I’ve been playing games my whole life, and I don’t plan on changing that :yay:
    Uuh, I would like Bullet Heaven 2, for a challenge :tongue: and I wanna say that I really enjoy your games, keep it up!

  307. Alex Rudyak

    Well , the games I love the most are Skyrim and Fallout 4 (sorry Matt 😥 ) , I love playing rpg’s and rts , probobly because I suck at shooters a lot !
    All my friends tell me its a matter of practice , so I played for awhile and got wiped , shooters are just not for me xD
    i got 400 games on steam (mainly from bundles ) , but epic battle fantasy I actually played the 1st one when I stumbled upon it on kongregate back in 20xx dont remember xD I got an account there since 2006 or something so that’s that .
    I’m asking a key for bullet haven because I got ebf 4 already xD , and since i’m older I have less and less time for hardcore gaming so that makes me a bit sad , but life hits you hard xD

    well any way , thats me for today and as always
    sorry for the long post :tongue:

  308. ENMF

    2 years ago, my friend showed me steam in eighth grade. I was interested. I’m a relatively new gamer, with a liking for RPG-esque games and stardew valley. Shooter Games were never my favorite, which is why I usually didn’t do them. Honestly, the only games I had played beforehand were nintendo DS ones like Harvest Moon(I’ve bought the whole series, I have a problem) and whatever there was on the school computers. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed the original bullet heaven. Japanese Bullet Hell Games felt too hard for my taste, but this one had a perfect pace. I got through most of it, except for the second to last level(screw that level). I love everything you do, and I do support you. If I had to pick between Bullet Heaven 2 or EBF4, I think I’ll have to go with Bullet Heaven 2. I like EBF4, but I’ve played through it to much. I want something fresh again, something like Bullet Heaven. Anyways, happy holidays Matt! :smirk:

  309. Dack Saris

    Hey !
    I mainly play RPG (did you tried Tyranny and Pillar of Eternity?) and Strategy game (Civilization franchise is one of the best), every morning befor work and every evening after work 😀 And that since I can play on a computer. I was born with a computer in my hand thank to my dad ! I started with the first Civilization, Age of Empire I and old school RPG like Might and Magic.
    I have spent hours on kongregate when I was in school, where I found your game and other.

    Thanks for your work, even if I did’t buy any of your previous game (I finished them on Kong ^^”) I’ll definitely take your 5th one.
    Thanks and Have fun !

  310. BluFox

    Basically my gaming life comes to:

    >Couldn’t play really good games because no money to buy them
    >Got a Job so I can buy Games
    >Can’t play often because Job and study takes all the time

    In my free time I’m used to Play mobile game. (Brave Frontier is a good time killer while you digest your lunch,and its art is cool too),and play some pokemon in an old Nintendo DS. At home just chilling with MOBAS and Starbound and a few Steam Games.

    Not an HARDCORE gamer but I really enjoy games. I am on my way to build a Gaming PC,so I will not only play new games but play the old ones with superb enhanced 4k high definition yada yada yada.

    Greetings from Colombia. Tienes buenos juegos,de grande quiero hacer juegos como los tuyos!!! :stars:

  311. Khoi Minh Huynh

    I play many kind of game but my favorites are strategy, RPGs, interactive story. Currently, I got hooked up with interactive story and WWII related games like World of Tanks
    Anyway, your game kept me entertained for the whole summer, thanks.
    I would like to have EBF4

  312. BlueShadow

    I have been a major gamer since I was 12. I always loved playing RPG’s like Runescape and FPS like Halo, but I mostly like to play story-based horror games like Amnesia the Dark Descent. What got me to play games for hours on end was the early Mario and Pokemon games like Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo and Pokemon Red for the Gameboy. Since then, I already pulled 4 all-nighters and play for 10-12 hours a day. My love for RPG games is stronger now that I have played through all the EBF games so far. :love2:

    I would love a copy of BH2.

  313. The_Patient

    Long time ago… i still into those online indie games, from many online series. Back in the old days of Newgrounds, ArmorGames, Kongergate (ehm…), especially those puzzle and RPG games. :ooo:
    But as far as time goes i got more into so called “rage-quitting” game, like Geometry dash, and Touhou Project (all of em’) and until now i still tried to finish one of them, i even could spend so much time just raging myself out xD
    so for now, i’m into those indie hard games, those sure are fun ! :yay:

    If, i’m chosen, i would like the EBF4 and also Bullet Heaven 2 (for obvious reasons :stars: ), thx for reading

  314. VolTorian

    My first experiences in gaming were on the Gamecube. My most memorable games (which were really all my brother’s) were SSBM, SA2B, and YEARS later, MP2 on Dolphin emulator (though I do have the physical copy). Later we got a Wii and PS3, though I don’t have any of the newer consoles.
    I started playing flash games on some very old desktop around 3rd grade. None of that stuff really stuck until I tried Sonny 2 and Gemcraft Chapter 0. The games introduced me to the turn-based RPG and tower defense genre. A few years later my friend sent me an email and a file saying it was his favorite song and a message “you’ll never guess this.” He didn’t tell me what it meant, obviously, so a few days later I looked it up and found out about the EBF series. It was my favorite game for almost a year, when Kingdom Rush came out. I thought it was a pretty unique TD game, because you couldn’t just cram towers in tiny places; you only had a set amount of spaces to build.
    On Newgrounds, I discovered Spiral Knights, which at the time was very popular, and I got addicted to it. Unfortunately, the game is almost dead now. Only recently I finally got my stuff transferred from Newgrounds to standalone so I could play on Steam.
    EBF4 came out. I finished it in a few weeks, though I had to use a walkthrough to get the Cosmic Monolith summon. My first attempt on the final boss, I lost at 6/7 waves. I told the same friend “so Anna got burned, cursed, hp-reduced, auto-revived buffed all on wave 5. so then i got to wave 6 and she got stunned, frozen, killed, auto-rev revived her, but then she got burned even more, frozen and killed.” I can’t remember how exactly it happened, but I know it was a roller coaster with Anna being the last one alive for the last wave. I tried again, this time upgrading my gear some more, and won. When I heard about EBF5 in development, it made me wonder how the plot could continue off EBF4.
    I only really got into games that needed actual installation around my freshman year in high school, when I got my own laptop (thus I was the administrator). Most of the games I play now are on Steam.
    All this time, I’ve often played when I wasn’t supposed to. I’ve always been ashamed of it but I love video games so much. Perhaps too much for my own good.
    Overall, I don’t really have a specific type of game that I like, though I do prefer online games because interacting with people makes the experience better for me. Most of the time those games are MMORPG’s. When it comes to turn based ones, I prefer single player games, because some people take so long to make a move. I’m not big on FPS games (a lot of that is because I’m bad) but I do really enjoy TF2. Minecraft is also fun for me, but most of the community is just…ugh.
    In my attempts to make something useful out of playing video games, I have started a channel, though it’s hard for me to find time where I can actually commentate.

    If I do win, I’d like an EBF4 key.

  315. Crimson

    Its been nearly 15 years since I found Newgrounds. It was a place where upstarts could make their games and videos, and everyone could vote on them. There where good ones, and bad ones, and the artists and devs that stuck through to the end got better and better with each release. From that site, I learned what to really look for in Indy games, and who to follow and support.
    It was not till years later when I found later versions of the games made by Matt and becamed enthralled, both with a sense of nostolga, and excitement since EBF3 was just about to come out. When I tell you I vanished off the face of the earth when that came out, I would not be lying. I think I beat it in 3 days time? and ended up playing on a harder setting planning on using stat up items :3. From Bullet Heaven, to EBF, every game has had a great deal of work put into the game play, the music, the flow and understanding, and its just meshed so well together that I could totally see an EBF MORPG even in the future being possible.

    You keep making your games, and I will keep on buying em. Good work deserves to be paid, just dont let greed and cash grabs consume ya :p

    1. Crimson

      Oh right, I got so hung up writing that post I forgot to follow the directions x_x

      I am a game designer myself (albeit a novice one) focused around RPGs and strategy games, so those are of course the types of games I play. I also have gotten into bullet hell games thanks to Touhou, so its really refreshing that you have a beautifully made one (two now!) that I can play. Ive taken a step away from MMOs as I also do contract QA work from time to time and its kinda burnt me out, so now I am looking at RPGs with replayability and tactical games where I can face down another player in a battle of wits.

      As far as game selection goes… I think I own all your games on steam already save Bullet Heaven 2, lol.

      Best of luck on on EBF5 btw. Im following closely, and I look forward to playing it. If you need any feedback on anything, feel free to drop an e-mail. Im not doing too much these days :yay:

  316. AntiGuerrero

    I usually play Games Type RPG and shooters, Now i play Chrono Trigger and Destiny 2, I play about 2 or 3 hours a day (obviously at night :hurray: ), I would like The Epic Battle Fantasy 4, since I played ir for a long time. But I never had the opportunity to play his version of steam (and I did not want to pirate it), and until the 5 comes out it eill be a good warm-up

    PD: I am from Argentina, I cost to translate this message, in case you have errors LOL :yay:

  317. andresixx

    heello! iam a very big fan of yours game <3 :love: since I was a kid I love it and I play it with my friends: '3 we still remember them and we wait with ancias the epic battle fantasy 5 my favorite games are online to laugh a while with friends and epic stories like yours and learned several parts of several languages thanks to many games and I love them <3 sincerely I would like to win! and the epic battle fantasy 4 since it has many extras and cool things! <3 really love the saga, thanks <3 loveuu matt roszak :stars: :stars: :love2: :love2: :love2:

  318. janlord123

    i want the steam key for epic battle fantasy 5 :stars:
    oh also i really love the ebf gamelist

    merry christmas and happy new year :love: :coffee: :bacon:

  319. colidage476

    For the most, I play old school 3d action like shadow warrior, duke nukem. The control for these games nowaday, is more easier to play. I also play adventure platform game like some old metroidvania type. (Cally’s Cave is awesome too) Steam really opens my world of gaming. I already have EBF 4 (playing until reach to Godcat, but my computer’s dead after that) and still waiting for EBF 5. just want that bullet hell shooter to add to my completed library. 😐

    Thank you so much. I’ll buy imediately if EBF 5 and Cally’s Cave 4 release on steam. :love:

  320. Luke Jackson

    A friend once told me to try out final fantasy and one can usually now find me running around ffxiv as a popoto dressed in moogle costume : it’s a game that I can enjoy both alone or with others and it lasts more than one week *cough Why did I also buy Destiny 2? cough*.
    My mate keeps seeing the EBF Facebook posts I like, but they have yet to try any of the games, so I’d ask for an EBF4 key to give to them, as it’d be the perfect chance to get them into the series, kupo!

  321. Oxybulyx

    Am I the only one to think that bear looks weird?
    Am I the only one to think that the snow to rock trasition is weird?
    Am I the only one that cares about the GIF?

  322. Latisan Sklay

    Though my real life has changed dramatically in the last 6 years (when I finished high school), my gaming life hasn’t. It still involves playing RPGs every chance I can, fit among all the other cool stuff I get to do in life. EBF was one of my first, back when Armor Games was my main portal to games.

  323. Thomas Turner

    Hey Matt.
    I’ve loved your games for along time now.
    Since EBF3 i’ve been playing these wholely abscure yet incredible games, infact, its because of the games that i found out about Steam and other games.
    In a lost account, I almost 100% EBF4 and got 100/102, with only the Epic Godcat fight and the highest damage achivement left.
    And, once i got a new account, I got it again. I just loved it so much. :stars:
    Other than RPGs, i’ve got a interest in FPS and Adventure games, like Team Fortress 2, Fallout and Borderlands. I even like games like Portal 2, Stardew Valley and Binding of Isaac.
    EBF is the reason for the gamer i am now, and i can’t thankyou enough, keep up the overly amazing work. :yay:
    The key I would personally want: Bullet Heaven 2

  324. Ennio_The_Legend

    Hmmmm I’ve been gaming since my dad bought an AppleIIGS and a pile of pirated software. Since then my favorites have generally been MMORPGS and FPSs. Currently playing Dwarf Fortress (so much ‘fun’) and NEIR: Automata.

    Happy holidays :bacon: :bacon:

  325. Belgianfan

    Saw this on my facebook and I thought: why not 🙂 I am a Belgian university student. Gaming for me started on the gameboy my older brother got, with tetris and super mario land (we still sometimes play its soundtrack on the piano). I was the only one who actually got into gaming after that, after mostly pokemon games on a few nintendo consoles I started playing more flash games on sites like kongregate. There I first discovered the EBF series, when the 2nd came out. Along with the MARDEK series these were my 2 favorites. Later a cousin got me into League of Legends. There have been some other games here and there, played RS on and off for a few years in between. Also got into starcraft 2 and diablo 3, both of which I got as a gift a few years back.
    A few years back I discovered a great and mostly unknown physics based strategy-micromanagement-towerdefense/offense series called Creeper world. I have played all of these and got extremely exited recently as the developer is making another game. (Can’t help myself but to give the link to his site :hurray: : These series are my all time favorite, as each game has the same basis but still some unique twists, and with a different but still ingenious game in the middle. Of course, I am also really excited about EBF5 but to be completely honest it comes in 2nd place :p
    Now, as a university student in my 3rd year, I have much less time to game, and play mostly League of Legends so I can play with friends I don’t get to see all to often.

    I’m hoping that I can soon switch between that and EBF4 if I manage to win a key here :love2:

    Hope I didn’t rant on too much here :p but to end this comment I want to wish you as much fun making your games and reading all fan messages as we do playing your games!

  326. Vipirio

    My gaming life started when i was a kid somewhere around 8 years old all happy with just a simple gameboy playing pokemon on it and many other old game and everytime i got older i played online game like endless online (doesnt exist anymore but good old times) maplestory and flyff and the day when i got steam i played lots of dota 2 that consumed my time alot like 700+ hours until the day heroes of the storm came out from Blizzard and i play that all the time and guildwars 2 too and turned based game i have enjoyed alot too i have played those games a lot on my nintendo first it was final fantasy the four heroes of light then bravely default and as last bravely second. EBF4 was alot of fun and really wished to enjoy it again but then more of it then just beating god cat and all of the sudden im back at the main menu but it was still a tough and fun fight against them and i love to fight them again and see more of the EBF4.

  327. Konnor

    My favorite types of games are shooters, or RPG games. I love the turned based RPGs but I like first person shooters better, like Team Fortress 2. Usually I play games on my computer whenever I have free time to do so. (No work, chores, or anything to do.) I watch a lot of Youtube videos on games, and I find them pretty entertaining. I don’t know why, but it gives me about the same feeling as actually playing the game. (Those “Awww”, or “Whoah!” moments.) I hope I get a VR system for Christmas, too. If I did get a VR system, I’d definitely get the game “SuperHot”, no second thoughts on that. I find games with unique styles like Superhot to be very interesting, too! (Time moving when you move, or with the game Fez, you can change the side that the map is facing in order to complete puzzles.)

    My preference for the Giveaway: EBF4

  328. That Guy Over There

    When it comes to gaming, i am fond of RPGs, Adventure, Action, Platforming, Puzzles, and etc. Currently i play three games that i hope to manage to complete 100%, or (atleast get very very very close), the three being “dont starve together”, “LOZ breath of the wild”, and “terraria”. I love challenges in terms of gaming and have and obsession with completing it fully, sometimes restarting something hundreds of times before i am successful. I am also a crazy lorehound, searching everywhere to find what kind of lore games have behind them, and what the characters really are like. Games are a large part of my life, and one of my main stress reliefs. If i was to choose one of the games, i would have to go with EBF4, love that game, and will continue to love it. Good luck going through the all the comments and have a wonderful holiday! :stars:

  329. Stellar Andriana

    I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Due to certain problems in my life that I won’t name, a lot of aspects of it weren’t that happy but video games had always been a place where I could escape and stop thinking about it; even when I am not playing them I still escape to them through my mind. I strongly believe that it’s an important factor that has kept me going all those years. They are truly important to me since I kinda owe ’em my life and I love them to death. I don’t know if I will win and it’s okay if I don’t but I would like to thank you for putting effort into this game. I am sure that I am not the only one who holds such an importance to them and it’s genuinely so helpful to have something to escape to. Thank you for helping me and everyone else who feels like that.

  330. JB546

    I going to tell to my cousin, he likes all Matt´s games like me, soooooooo, I going to tell him about this. Thanks for the oportunity
    :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  331. Chigo

    I like to play many types of games. However, if I had to choose from a few genres, they would be FPS (like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch), platformers (like Mario, Cuphead), and hack and slashes (like Dynasty Warriors). I don’t play games as much as I used to due to school life but I always try to use my free time for it. I remember playing the first 2 EBF games on ArmorGames. It was such a blast and I always desired more. It’d be nice if I can get an EBF4 Steam Key. I wouldn’t mind BH2 but there is the fact that I pretty much suck at bullet hell games.

  332. Oceane

    My gaming life… it started early for me, I was 4 or 5 when my parents bought me a NES and a Megadrive II at a garage sale… Let’s just say hey had no idea what they started by bringing video games to our house :tongue: I’m now 23 and I’ve played countless games on NES, Megadrive II, PS1 and 2, variable portable Nintendo consoles (from the Game Boy to the 3DS) and, of course, on PC :shades:
    I really enjoy to play turned based RPGs, Action-RPG, Point & Clicks, Plateformers and many more… In a nutshell, I. LOVE. GAMES! :love:
    And I hope I will continue to play video games for a long time :smirk:
    PS: I know it’s not the same, but I also love tabletop games :love:

  333. Ezageima

    My gaming life consists of mainly online games; FFXIV, RuneScape, Warframe and some others. I sometimes do play single player games, but they’re left on the back row because there’s usually so much less things to do. But EBF4 has kept me entertained for a nice 200 hours with many playthroughs in, and since I’ve played so much of it, a key of BH2 would most likely get me another 200 hours worth of entertainmeng

  334. omnigod

    I play League and various random single player games. I volunteer at a LAN center so I get good performance :love: :ooo:

  335. bbbrrr

    I play all sorts of games, really. Currently I’m spending a lot of my time on Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links just because of nostalgia, but I’ve also been playing through the Professor Layton series again as well as streaming Hollow Knight and Fallout: New Vegas for my friends to watch (those are basically the only people who tune into my twitch channel, which is to be expected). Otherwise, I tend to prefer platformers, puzzle games, and rpgs over most other genres – though I still play games from other genres. I used to play a lot of different games, but I don’t seem to have the time any more. I still try to make some time – gaming has become my main escape from the “horrors” of the world – but actually carving out the time seems to be a larger and larger issue as I grow older.
    I’d love a copy of Bullet Heaven 2 – I already have EBF4.

  336. V17131UB

    My gaming life it’s very simple,I love RPG games and 2d games (Because my PC only have a decent FPS rate in this games :yay: ),but I am developing a game and I don’t have a lot of time to play 😥 . I would like to receive the key from EBF 4 (even though I’m sure I will not win :bleh: )

  337. Piero

    Mmmm i play well what i can get my hands on. Mostly rpg, mmorpg, mmorts, rts, fps, but right now moba Heroes of the Storm to be more specific, and the game i like of the ones presented epic battle Fantasy 4

  338. Jman37X

    I play a variety of games, depends largely on whats come out recently that I’m interested in! Currently I still want to 100% Mario Odessey, I’m getting back into Breath of the Wild with the new DLC, I’ve got most of Ultra Moon to get through still, and a few random games I like to play that I recently got! Also still working on getting all the achievements in Isaac Afterbirth+, but that’s mostly for just when I stream!

    If I win, I wouldn’t mind a key for EBF4, so I can potentially give it away during a special livestream I have planned on the 29th! :yay:

  339. Tiago Correia

    Game I want: Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
    My gaming Life: I usually play Hearthstone and Runescape, I’m waiting for the mobile version of RS3 and OSRS (Old-school Runescape). I also Play Uncharted Multiplayer.
    Currently I’m actually playing EBF3 for the first time on Steam, I started on November but still stuck on Hydra Boss, but I never got a dull moment on that game, and I really want to try EBF4 again, but now I have this unique opportunity to get it for Christmas!
    Since I believe Steam cards are not available where I live, is kinda hard to get the game, so this is perfect!

  340. Raven

    Gaming pretty much *IS* my Life. I’ve grown up on Mario and Pokemon which to this day continue to be at my side. RPGs have also taken up a big chunk of my Life which did include EBF3 and 4 on Kongregate though i mostly stuck with Platformers. I was brought into gaming by my parents with the games they knew and as is normal have since reached a level of knowledge they have not kept up with. Heck they still don’t know the difference between the PS2 and PS3 much less the PS4 but that’s okay. I still sometimes play the NES Mario games with them or boot up Pokemon red with my mom. Heck i tried to teach my mom Pokemon X when it came out though she didn’t enjoy it as much because it’s just too much these days. I’m pretty much just waiting to acquire a Switch now to live my gaming Life further into the new generation with Mario Odyssee and the likes.

    If i win I’d love to get a key to EBF4

  341. Amonimus

    I’ve been playing since… literally always. And I live for games, as they fill me with new ideas, though education doesn’t let me. Games that I play are mostly retro. Especially for Sega and Sony consoles or MS-DOS. I just like to think how innovating they were back in the days. Of course, I pick up new releases, if they have an interesting new concept. For another preference, game’s mechanic should match it’s genre, I’m okay with moon puzzles in a puzzle game, but I don’t like random item drops in a realistic survival shooters.

  342. Els

    I play Final Fantasy XIV all day every day. RPGs are life. If I get chosen I would like to have a Steam Key for Bullet Heaven 2 :yay: :yay: :yay:

    1. Reepz

      Bought battle fantasy 4 when it came out on steam, and recently also got bullet heaven 2. But plenty of friends who should be introduced to these games as xmas gift! :yay:

    2. George Wong Toh Ann

      If it was me, i wish i could choose Bullet Heaven 2.
      Also, EBF4 nice to play…. for person who has free time to play(kidding)
      Art nice though :yay:

    3. Naikem

      I play mostly RPGs, on pc, android and ps4. Current games I’m playing are FFXV, Battlerite, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gumballs and Dungeon, Captain Tsubasa.
      My gaming life is very limited atm, because my work occupy 10-12 hh /day so I need to arrange myself with the little time I have excluding family time.

    4. Adnan

      I’ve been following you for some time now. I’ve played your games on Kongregate and remebering how I checked your FB page for updates on EBF3/4. I played numerous hours and would play again for the steam version. :bleh: :stars:

    5. Kyle Haruyuki