Patreon is okay again!

(continuation of an earlier post)

Hey guys, after a lot of pushback, Patreon has decided not to change their fee system!
This is good news, as it means they will continue aggregating all of your pledges into one monthly payment, and you won’t get hit by transaction fees multiple times. So if you support 10 different people, you’ll only be hit with one fee, as before. (and the fee will continue to be invisible to you, being taken out from our end)

But basically, the smaller your monthly amount, the bigger proportion goes to fees. If you’re only giving a $1 or $2 in total on Patreon, it’s probably not worth using. Save up your money and give $10 after a year instead. No point in giving 35% of your pledge to PayPal or Credit Card companies. The main benefit of Patreon (in my opinion) is that you can make lots of micropayments together, as an efficient larger payment.

It’s also worth noting that protesting actually works, if you hit your opponent where it hurts: in PR and cashflow!

Anyhow, in EBF5 development news, the overworld map is complete now!
I’ve just got two of the premium dungeons left to do. After that I’ll finish off NPCs and sidequests, and then patrons will be able to test it all out. It would have been nice to get it done by Christmas, but that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll have many more animated gifs done before then though.

I suppose I may have to do my usual Christmas Steam key giveaway soon…

22 thoughts on “Patreon is okay again!

  1. DeadlyPhantom

    Love PaulCovaciu idea of a secret boss and Love that the over world map is done if you can could you post a picture of the map :smirk: or is it a secret 😥

    1. Drake

      Definately. Had multiple save files with different stat focused characters, mostly played 20h+ on each save file. Curious how much diversity EBF5 will give.

      I personally prefer spending money every once a while. So preferably once 10€ instead of many microtransactions.

      1. Dutczar

        Seems like EBF5 will be a bit less diverse with most skills being either exclusive or available to multiple characters and with stat boosting items affecting a certain character.
        This might be a problem with some people but honestly I prefer it that way, since when playing EBF4 I was planning to 100% the game on my epic save file and I was worried about not using the optimal skills so that I’ll need to completely rearrange them and more importantly distributing stat boosters to wrong characters.
        Customisation via armor is fine enough for me tbh.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          I’m also aiming to have more options available in future updates as challenge runs (such as randomized equip locations), so there’s room to play with some of that stuff.

  2. Dutczar

    “I’ve just got two of the premium dungeons left to do. After that I’ll finish off NPCs and sidequests, and then patrons will be able to test it all out.”
    That’s 20% of the game? Because that’s quite a bit of stuff then… unless that includes making trailers, bug reporting by patrons etc.

  3. JB546

    giff fore XMas? I think everybody have all yours games, I preffer a: Hello or something like that, no body greets me never 😥 but I already be accustomed :yay:

  4. Meiko Pfaffmann

    Do i HAVE to support you (other than buying this) to get full content on my paid ebf5 steam version? if its released :wut:

      1. Oxybulyx

        But is the buggy version of ebf5 that you promised for 1$ patron going to be accessible after a while, ’cause I can’t use Patreon and I would love to explore it? :yay:

      2. Meiko Pfaffmann

        I was confused because of ‘premium’ dungen btw. what did you meant? And of course I will buy the game gladly :stars:

          1. Meiko Pfaffmann

            ah i understand a free version like the others ohhhhh it makes sence but of course i will buy your gume such a awesome developer I do want to support :love2:

  5. christherenegade13

    If I could I would chance on giving you a hundred dollars a month but got no money to do so keep up the awesome work and woo take that patreon you must learn to not force new stuff got to ease it in very slowly :yay:

      1. Dewayne

        Yeah, if they had their way they would be selling you lootbox chances to actually give the money to the person your backing 🙂

      2. Az0riusG4mer

        I agree with that on whatever the big Internet Service Providers plan to do after the removal of Net Neutrality over in the United States. :sick: :scared: 😡 🙁 :skull: :skull: :skull:
        Ajit Pai is 👿 and can Suq+Liqa Madiq!


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