EBF5: 77% done

EBF5 is about 77% complete. It’s been roughly two whole years of full time development now.
I would have liked to be a bit further along by now, but at least the extra time is paying off and there’s a big jump in quality over the previous games. Everything is turning out better than I originally envisioned – I’m redoing stuff I planned on recycling, and generally putting a lot more effort into everything. It’s tiring, but hopefully will have been worth it.

And by some miracle EBF4 is still selling well enough to cover my living expenses… so huge thanks to everyone for that.

If I ever decide to work on a  3-year project ever again… please kill me.

Well actually, if EBF5 is successful… I’ll have to keep working on it for even longer after it’s finished, with all the leftover plans I’ve got saved for future updates.

28 thoughts on “EBF5: 77% done

  1. Danexing

    ugh… the hype burns… I spend way too much of my life on these games… and I need to read a book or something, but I know when it comes out I will become a blob for the next month…! Can’t wait for the release and those “updates” to the game. Keep up the good work! Also im a wolf slime on steam now! :shades: :coffee:

  2. Dark_Forces48

    well, its actually sure enough that ebf5 will be successful…. everything youve done is worth waiting for 3 years or maybe longer! pls keep up the good work making such wonderful games :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

    1. Dutczar

      At least 1.5 times bigger just from the map size, since I assume that also includes whatever will be this game’s Battle Mountain or Achievement area.

  3. Alex

    Hey Matt, I just wanted to say that everyone in your audience really appreciates the effort you’re putting in. It’s obvious that each installment of the EBF series is much more dynamic and complex than the previous, and while a few things are recycled from each game to the next, you’ve clearly invested a lot more time and energy introducing new mechanics, puzzles, an entirely new format, etc. So I wanted to let you know that the overall quality and enjoyability of each game really reflects that extra effort.

    Personally, the EBF series is one of only TWO games I’ve ever gotten invested in, and EBF5 is the only thing in the entire gaming world that I’m looking forward to at this point. So keep up the good work–I’m happy to wait if it means the game will end up as awesome as it seems like it’ll be :)

    1. TyloThorn

      Agreed. Why get boring high end games for 60-80 bucks if you can have quality for 10!
      To me, EBF is also nigh the only game im looking forward to these days.

  4. TyloThorn

    Some miracle? Maybe, or maybe the game is just that good :D
    Plus the effort you put in there is insane, so it’s more than earned, I’m confident EBF 5 is gonna be a blast!
    Great to hear you still get what you need though… i also wanna thank everyone for that. Thanks guys!

    I’m reeeeeally looking forward to this, best wishes and lotsa strength for the rest of the developement, keep it up!

  5. Dr Fugue

    If you don’t want to make a 3-year project again, than you better not be planning on an EBF 6. That is, not without help.

  6. stivi

    well i am rly pumped up for ebf 5 :love: and i if ebf 5 sells well i hope you make another one :yay: and if you do try getting some help from others :yay:

  7. Devin de Vries

    For what it’s worth, personally, I’m really liking the fact that you’re taking the time you need to polish everything the game has to offer. This is the kind of mindset that turns good games into fantastic ones.

    What I’m trying to say is, thanks for all the hard work you’ve been doing for the last years. I got so many hours put into EBF4 and it’s the game that rekindled my appreciation for RPG’s. So seeing where the series is going next will be really exiting. :smirk:

  8. Joseph Howard

    Happy to support you, trying to figure out an automatic method of electronically buying the $8 monthly donations.

  9. Agentr9154

    No matter what all your work is always appreciated! ebf4 was a amazing game,which is why i always tell people it was,at the moment it is tied with graal online classic as my favorite game of all time,

  10. Necrotoy

    Killing you if you plane to take a long time for your next games? don’t be silly :yay:
    For me, the quality primes on the time. :stars: . So … no, I won’t kill you if you do it :smirk: … because I’ll make in sort you do it. :evil:
    Keep the good work. It’s going to be a great game. :hurray:

  11. Konnor

    I’m definitely buying this game when it’s released. There’s no doubt about it, and I’ll have no regrets trying to complete the entire game to 100%… I’ve played the Battle Demo a few times, and the combats super fun, too.

    Also, Nolegs. :yay:

  12. Joseph Howard

    Yup, will immediately play on Flash, then buy on Steam, then keep with other purchased on beloved games on my computer. I can wait until my birthday in May, not past.

  13. Jean-Carlo Andujar

    To Matt Roszak.

    Cant wait for this game honestly. ive been a big fan for a long time and im really looking forward to seeing the improvements he done to everything. If it sells well(which im sure it will) you should embark on the journey of making a 6th game. i think it would be a great idea if you got partnered with a game development studio. Just so you can up the ante in you game since you would have a lot of help and therefore be able to do much more in so little time. And in the case you do i would really like to see the game on consoles like the xbox one as an indie game. I know it would thrive if you did that. But while partnering with a studio brings many benefits for both you and the players, dont sell out as this is one of my favorite series i dont want to see it transform into something it was never meant to be. So i hope you can find a studio that will allow you to keep all the rights for the game and let you pick and decided everything that goes into them as your artistic freedom and style is what really bring these game into fruition.
    – john jc152634@outlook.com
    p.s email me your thoughts and comments if you have the time :smirk:

  14. Justin

    I can’t wait to give you my money for EBF5. It feels like I’ve been waiting centuries for the game since beating EBF4 (which I recommend to every friend that likes RPGs!) – only because of how good it was and how excited I have been since hearing you did decide to relent and make EBF5!

    Happy to hear things are going great and that you are enjoying yourself while working! I’m sure it will show!

    Anyway – have an awesome holiday season! Best wishes to you and yours!


  15. Dutczar

    To be fair this post almost seems like you’re sad that you’ll have to work on EBF 6 if EBF5 is successful.
    If you even decide to continue this franchise, maybe you’ll do a new series, I dunno what your plans are.

  16. Nicolas Long

    I know this is insanely wishful thinking, but if you could complete before December 28th so i can buy the game on my birthday, that would be fuping amazing :stars: :love: :stars: . When the game comes out, i’ll have trouble deciding my team composition…nolegs is so good but i don’t know who to replace with him. Also the great quake is probably not apart of the hints that tell us who our villain is, because in one of the demos theres a robot that drills into the earth and explodes, or maybe it is and our villain is an AI, i don’t know, but its good to speculate!

  17. Veronica

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