EBF5: Tribe Gif

Here’s some more of the haunted forest.
It’s populated with all sorts of creepy dudes.

Also Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has sold over 100,000 copies now, across all platforms, not counting bundles.
tribes gif

19 thoughts on “EBF5: Tribe Gif

  1. Grumpy Lover

    Speaking of EBF 4, do you get info on how the game got nominated for the Steam awards? I’m curious on it’s stats! Can you share them please?

      1. Joseph Howard

        Sure they are! They are popular enough that they are the only game series on Steam that I have purchased so far! Enjoying the free soundtracks, too!

  2. angel alejandro gandica sanchez

    You know matt, I’ve asked myself something, why do not you throw when you have time to act out for the first game of the series? I do not mean something like “now EBF1 has a minimap” or anything like that but an update with new languages, such as Spanish, for example, person like me who speak Spanish (I apologize if this is not well understood, I use the translator from google) we can understand the first 3 games because you know.
    when I played EBF4 for the first time it took a while to understand it but I loved its complexity but I felt lost in terms of continuity so I decided to play EBF3 but it did not help much because I did not understand almost anything, I also think that it could attract more fans Latinos like me who want to start with the first game … it’s just an idea you could use between games. :hurray:

  3. DeadlyPhantom

    LOVE all the work you have done i came back from exams and so this 76% that is amazing :love2:
    also what shauwen said is EBF5 going to have free versions and a pay steam version or not :?:


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