14 thoughts on “Fanart: Pyrohydra

  1. DoingTheJukes

    This darn thing… I love the 3rd installment of the Epic Battle Fantasy series but really, giving a boss healing properties when it has a freaking shit ton of health came 3 heads is just broken. I can beat this thing no sweat on easy, a bit of prep on Medium, relatively hard on the next difficultly, but in the hardest difficulty, this thing is just freaking un-killable. The fire head is fine and dandy to take down but the LIGHT AND DARK ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS! The light is always healing and the Dark one has permanent freaking poison regent! I just want to get those 2 achievements for beating the game on the hardest difficulty is that so much to ask? :scared:

  2. JIM

    I remember this being a bitch and nine tenths to beat with me going as far as to actually grind to the max level just to beat it :yay: :yay: :scared: :scared:

  3. Meiko Pfaffmann

    I know its a silly question but how long will you need this year?Next year when? please I cant wait :stars: :tongue:

    1. DrFugue

      Hydras are a freakish mutation far removed from “true” dragons. That’s why they have no arms or wings, and multiple heads. Linnorms don’t have arms or wings either.

  4. Arkanishu

    Seems like the creator of this art is unaware of the fact that dragons in EBF don´t have bodies :tongue:
    Great work though :yay:

    1. Joseph Howard

      Sure they do. I mean, it is likely that they do, and there isn’t enough room on screen to show it. The 3 Pyrohydra heads are part of the same creature in this case, so they must have a body in common.

        1. Oxybulyx

          In the ninth screen of Volcano Peak, where Pyrohydra’s overworld sprite is visible, you can clearly see a body.
          So yes, they have a body.


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