Fanart: Emoticons & Memes

Hey guys, here’s a collection of emoticons I found on the EBF Discord‘s Spam channel. Sorry for not crediting anyone, but it would be tough to hunt down the original creator of each.

The original EBF5 emoticons can be downloaded in HD from here.

fan emoticons


10 thoughts on “Fanart: Emoticons & Memes

  1. Mace

    I have no idea what Natz is doing with that cigarette.
    Apparently Matt and Lance don’t either as theyre smoking them *backwards*

  2. Joseph Howard

    Isn’t the text from the song “Crawling” by Linkin Park? This is really funny, but it’s hard to imagine these characters smoking whatever. Anna isn’t that kind of hippie. LMAO.

  3. Anonymous (not rlly)

    Well um… I never knew that Matt,Natz and Lance are talking drugs or what kind of smoking is this obviously,it’s ridiculous lol :neutral: Btw i like Anna she’s normal natural girl which doesn’t take any shit from this :smirk:


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