18 thoughts on “EBF5: Jungle Gif

  1. Joseph Howard

    Awesome! Glad to see things are really coming along with the maps and animations! Is the forest going to be the starting area like in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, or will the area order be mixed up a bit? Are any of your games featuring Phyrrna as a playable character without paying for premium content? :stars: :love2:

  2. Altarius

    I’m not sure, how long you will work on the game series, but I’m glad you kept up the good work :smirk: Anyways, you are my favorite Game Developer :yay: :yay: And I won’t ask you to create EBF 10 or anything. I’d just be glad when you finish EBF 5 :smirk: Anyways, I doubt that this will be the “big thing” in the global world and I don’t know if you lack of money, but in case you do lack of money, I am sure that on behalf of all your fans I can tell you that we wouldn’t mind if you even put some adds in it. Of course I know that you will also create a payable steam version, but just in case that won’t help you out, you can still put adds in it (just please no non-skippable 30 second adds :neutral: ). I promise I would still play the game and I’m 100% sure other players will continue to play it too.

    Thanks for spending your time to create such gorgeous and fascinating games with so many details and references. We need these kind of games, not always the same shooters with just 1 or 2 totally different guns. Where is the game uniqueness? :mad:

    I wish this game would recieve MUCH more attention, as it would bring enough money to you, but sadly browser games are going down right now. (Like Rise of Mythos, Mardek RPG Series, etc.) which is sad, because those games were somehow unique. :cry:

    And I know that I am thinking too pessimistic right now, but it is reality somehow.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy creating games and having such a “social” fanbase. You might not be the biggest game developer, but many (I dont know, maybe 1 Million (?)) people are looking up to you, which is definetely more than in my case :smirk: .

    Yours Sincerely

    A guy with his gamer name “Altarius” :smirk:

    1. Oxybulyx

      I may not be Matt, but I cannot argue with anything you said. They were what I (and every fan) thinks. Thank you for putting time and effort to write all of this, for all of us. You spread a message that can’t be more true. It encourages both our king Matt Roszak, and the fanbase and it’s hopes.
      Again, thank you,
      Oxybulyx :smirk:

    2. Shraderc.inc

      this is the most beautiful thing i have read. You have my support sir. Matt i would love to fund your business, bring on the adds

    3. Dewayne Thomas

      I wouldn’t even mind a 60 second required ad on startup. As long as it doesn’t constantly run in the game using cpu resources, mines barely chugging along trying to run your last couple games as it is. You’re fans won’t mind it but people who are first time playing definitely will. I’ve seen some of the reviews on them and damn are they harsh on such little things that don’t even make sense like “Oh, I didn’t know it was turn based, 1 star”. Like wtf.
      And we all want to see you profit more from your work. It sucks that triple A titles are making bank and aren’t half as good as these games. I can’t even count the amount of hours i’ve spent replaying them.
      Btw, the word is ads, not adds. One is short for advertisements, the other is calculating math. If someone we’re to translate this they wouldn’t be able to understand it. Matt speaks English though so no worries there.

  3. Den

    Kupo, Russia is waiting for EBF 5!!! =) Just can’t wait when it has been completed! =) Thank you a lot for your creativity, work, and efforts!

    Best Regards,
    Den from Moscow

  4. Shraderc.inc

    this is great! there are some minor tags where the characters snap back to their original position but nothing a few seconds of editing wont fix

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      Seems alright without player idle animations. I wouldn’t mind seeing them change to a different look if you’re idle for a minute though. Or even random thought bubbles popping up around their head or something.


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