EBF5: Sidequests

While sidequests still very much only involve collecting items, I’m trying to write better stories for them this time. Finishing sidequests will have effects on the map such as adding scenery or opening new areas.

NPCs in general are more thought out. In previous games they usually looked like they were made with a random character generator and they just spewed jokes unrelated to their environment. This time I’m trying to tie most of the NPCs into the plot, and they’ll all do their bit to develop the world a bit while also giving gameplay advice… hopefully.

28 thoughts on “EBF5: Sidequests

  1. Shraderc.inc

    Awsome! how about stuff other than fetch quests like, guide this one character through a valley

    You would have to fight all of the monsters before they reached him/her and if they did you would have to protect her as you fought them

    1. Cactus.exe

      Yea and if the NPC dies you can restart by using a coffee (or rare coffee) to start all over. If you win you get skills/items/areas

  2. Joseph Howard

    That looks awesome! I have some in-depth NPC characters (my characters remade in EBF5 NPC Maker), but since they are at the bottom of that reply page, you may not get to see them. It is my 1st real publication of my creative characters and their stories. Your series is great and has brought me a lot of inspiration and joy! :stars:

  3. NoobDrakath

    You could also make them give quests like killing a secret boss or something , or completing a challenge. Anyways great job Matt!

  4. RSC

    Great ! Here are some other ideas about NPCs :
    Different reactions depending on current 1st player, equipment and stats:
    Some NPCs could block the access to buildings and step aside if you find the correct requirements.
    For example, a veterinary clinic could only be entered if nolegs is current 1st player and wounded. Messages like, “No entry sir/madam, this is a veterinary clinic”
    “You don’t look like you need our service at the moment, Kitty’ would give hints that the solution is player dependant.
    Maybe some other building requires you to wear something specific to enter, like full indian set to enter the indian hut.

    Secret dialogues and battles could occur upon talking to an NPC while carrying a given item, like the slime killer blade to an NPC with a slime on his head ?

    Maybe we can have some NPCs that are afraid of something (allergic to cat hair, too shy to speek to girls, undead scared by holy wepons… whatvever) that would flee to the next screen in the direction opposite to the one you talked to them from. This could lead to multi screen puzzles with events occuring when certain NPCs meet on specific areas.

  5. Danexing

    That’s what I like to see, real improvements. Every game had a significant improvement from its previous game… I love to keep seeing new features… :yay: :phone2:

  6. DoingTheJukes

    I wuv this so much, can’t wait for when its finally done and playable so I can stop trying to get ALL THE STUPID MINI GAME ACHIEVEMENTS FOR EBF 3 MY GOD THEY’RE HARD!

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      He made them easier than they were before. The steam version at least. Not sure about the Kong one. If you’re having trouble with the match game you can take a screen shot when the cards are being shown, copy paste it into paint and have the game sidebyside with it. The skeleton stabbing one you gotta go from far side of screen to the other using the long stab move (down than up) and using jump stabs to catch stray ones. The other 2 sidescrolling ones you can jsut stay to the left and kinda get a rythm of moving up and down. The food eating one I usually jsut stand like 2 characters length away from the right side and jump every once ina while to catch ones that are too high. No need to move at all.

  7. Voiditect

    So the story is going to be more in-depth this time?
    Cool, I always wanted to know why Matt and Natalie are adventuring together.

  8. Eskil Nyberg

    That’s a cool idea.

    You could use that for NPCs to build bridges/destroy obstacles and have that be a part of getting places; and expand stuff that way, or create objects to enable completing some puzzles.

    But da*n you’re making progress. I would never have the patience to code an entire game alone, and I completely lack the skills in art necessary. Good luck with the last 29%!

  9. Kawhey

    And how about repeatable quests ? Sidequests are always good ideias when mades in a good way, and yours is very interresing, I wanna see that. I’m wanna question you about farm engines in EBF5, in this game we’ll see respawning monsters or quests that we can repeat ? I think that would be very interresing


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