21 thoughts on “EBF5: Spooky

    1. Drake

      Looking at the EBF4 map layout, it’s 11×10 map tiles. 50 maps would be almost the half for EBF4 but it is just an 1-floor map. EBF5 will have multiple floors if I remember right but 50 maps is surely a big part. What will follow after the maps? Scripting the story line and test playing?

  1. RPG_lover

    Wait, wait, wait. It’s just me or you recreated a room kinda similar to EBF3 before the fight against jack, which is a Halloween themed boss, when we’re aproaching to that date…? Clever, veeeeery clever.

    1. JustAnotherEBFLover

      Shut up. Matt is human, and it will take some time to make the game by himself. You’re not going to help by criticizing him and telling him to work faster (not like he would pay attention to immature, impatient idiots anyway)…….

    2. Necrotoy

      I prefer him to take his time and showing his work than finish with a buggy game finished quickly because some people wasn’t able to wait. I’dd like to play the full game now to, it’s true. but if we want to play the game in its best form, we can do nothing but wait and admire the pictures Matt show us … or we can play the first games too … anyway, just calm down!


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