13 thoughts on “EBF5: Making Maps

  1. Shraderc.inc

    yea i can imagen making maps would get boring, i loved making bosses in my games but damn after the 2nd it just gets tedious working with all of the bugs

  2. Danexing

    Do you think the game will be done around the holidays? I most likely will have 30$ around then so I will get BH2 and EBF5 if it comes out. :shades: :coffee:

  3. Favian

    I think I understand a bit of it at least (other then the completely obvious), like the bottom right corner is a spot for the latter key item and middle left area is a small block puzzle..right? :?: :coffee: :bacon:
    I don’t mean to spoil :sad:

  4. Eskil Nyberg


    I read the comment regarding it not being done for Christmas, but maybe a pre-order will be available then? I’m basically stating this as a suggestion… oh and make sure to bundle extra pre-order stuff :shades:


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