That’s the Aquasharks pretty much complete. (I’m actually missing the smallest set)
Now I just need to collect the other factions…

sharks2And right after building that I destroyed it and built this next thing…
Working with these strange parts was a challenge but also a lot of fun. They lead to some really funky looking architecture.
shark lab

4 thoughts on “Aquasharks!

  1. Voidsword

    Nothing LEGO does anymore quite lives up to the exquisite detail and color they put into even their smallest sets back in the day.
    Which were also, like, 5x cheaper than they are now, and didn’t skimp on the minifigures to no actual purpose. 😥

  2. ThatPotato

    I know you’ve been asked a bajillion times by the community to get a store up and running, but why not let the community do it (creating the stuff, I mean)? :3


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