EBF5: Player Emoticons

Here’s a huge reference sheet for all 150 player emoticons in Epic Battle Fantasy 5!
They’re all numbered so I can easily use them while writing dialogue.

There’s a bit more going on in there than just faces this time. Which ones are your favourites?

On my DeviantArt you can get a big .zip file of all of them in HD, to use for profile avatars or whatever!emote ref sheet

40 thoughts on “EBF5: Player Emoticons

  1. Trycka

    I love Natalie’s ones. But my favorite one is the number 123. No Legs looks so cute on it. But he is even cuter on the number 127.

  2. Thrynity

    Those super angry icons are so great, might goes under the “mature” option tho…
    I don’t know if you will handle it or let it like it is.

  3. Alex Warner

    other than the ones where they’re flipping off (which would be a big problem for anyone who wants to do a lets play in the near future for youtube)

    I like them, especially Anna’s

  4. Necrotoy

    I like anna’s ones :smirk: . but I like the 60 too. kind of funny even if it’s quite surprising to see that for an all age game. :ooo: Oh well, children will learn life like all of us. :shades:

      1. Prexot

        If you can disable cleavage… Does that mean that people who play with content filters can’t get the Pervert medal and will therefore be screwed out of 100% completion?
        Or are you instead getting rid of the greatest running gag in the history of Flash games?
        …or have you not thought about this?

        1. weatherly23

          The filters can be disabled and enabled at any time. So if that achievement is in 5, they can enable it for a few seconds then disable it again.
          That is, if Kupo Games keeps it in this time. He’s kinda implied that it might be left out, but nothing’s certain.

  5. Uubong

    In a world where we are being pillaged by hurricanes, north korea is actively launching missiles, and kim kardashian is allowed to have children people are way too caught up over tiny middle fingers.


  6. Aysu

    I’m pretty sure #90 makes Lance something other than human. Are we sure his evil character in EBF4 didn’t just reattach his jaw and is posing as Lance now? :scared:

    As for my favorite, definitely #124. Snaggle toothed NoLegs is so cute! :love:

  7. nekogardens

    I think 86 and 87 are in the wrong place judging by the position, that may cause some problems but otherwise I love 15 and 105 for ironic humor

  8. Az0riusG4m3r

    On solo playthroughs, I might play with no content filtering. However, I plan to possibly do an LP on this at some point (if I can find my Round Tuit anytime soon :coffee: ), and would like to minimize age-inappropriate content, I would DEFINITELY filter out mature content and blood at least. Possibly cleavage too, but I’m not yet certain.


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