The Big Journey

I’d like to take a moment to shill a mobile game that I actually like: The Big Journey!

As you’ve probably heard me mention before, I think that most mobile games are nothing but endless time wasters filled with micro transactions and horrible psychological exploits. (I blame casual gamers who don’t want to pay up front for anything)
But I like this one, so I’m doing my part to promote something good. It has actual level design, and no mobile bullshit. I also really love the art style and music, to the point where it might inspire the cartoony cutscenes in EBF5 a bit.
It’s not a masterpiece or anything, it’s just really good by mobile game standards, in my opinion. Also Sushi Cat is in it.

Anyway, it’s on iOS and Android for like $3 and takes around 2 or 3 hours to beat.

10 thoughts on “The Big Journey

  1. Thrynity

    Nice, Always enjoyed all the stuff you bring up here, you helped me found some pearl in the vast indie sea of games. :yay:

  2. Yes

    Can you make an update on what’s left to do? (No idea if you did that recently because my memory is worse than that of a degenerate goldfish)

  3. BuddyBrawler

    Speaking of getting inspired by something, I have been inspired by your characters because they are very funny and engaging. Although, there is something I am curious about your main five in terms of tropes. There is a trope called the five man band which consists commonly consist of five characters that play off each other like the leader is one everyone looks up to and the heart keeps the group together. I will post a link to video that can explain the five man band in detail. All I want to know is who plays what roll in the group? Sorry for long post I have no idea how to shorten any of this. Thanks if you have the time to look it over and respond though.

      1. TeKett

        IMOO it dident feel like there was a leader in ebf3, while in ebf4 we had Anna, but she was more like a guide then a leader, the rest are just carefree. and Anna is replaced with nolegs, so i think having a carefree party would fit better rather then forcing a leader roll on one of the already established characters.

        1. TeKett

          OK just shoot me, im retarded. I have not followed the progress for some time, and just got a hiccup. Some one punch me in the face.

          i regress that Anna is replaced, but the rest still stands

  4. adfdsasdfasdsdfda

    “Indie devs are putting price tags on their small 30-minute games” – by Matt Roszak, summer 2016
    “Mobile gaming peasants prefer f2p garbage over paying $3 [for a game that takes 2 hours to beat]” – by Matt Roszak, summer 2017

    There isn’t any direct contradiction, but something doesn’t seem right anyway…

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I don’t remember saying that…. but I do still think that a 30 minute game isn’t worth selling, or not for more than $1 anyway.

  5. 1Laika

    I mean, Mobile games aren’t THAT bad (Though they are REALLY bad), but to say Clash of Clans or Subway Surfer is better than Smash Brothers or Legend of Zelda would just be flat out wrong (No one has ever said this, alteast I hope, this is an example). :skull:


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