Water Monsters

Here’s some more monsters, this time water-themed!
I got a lot of drawing and reading done while on holiday.

Which one is your favourite?


13 thoughts on “Water Monsters

  1. Agentr9154

    Quite cool,normally on your website i focus on ebf5,and the game section as i like to keep my brain active,but i noticed sketches,and as i was bored,now i know how amazingly fun it looks to sketch :yay:

  2. meower808

    I love the bubble fish, sunken mask, tentacle snake, fish bomb, exoskleton fish (so cool :stars:), face eating starfish, brain coral, and sunken jawbone!
    Dead snake and lost shoe were funny x3

  3. StaticGamer

    Drowned Snake has to be my favourite. Just imagining it as an enemy makes me wonder what it would do and how surprising it would be to see it move. :ooo:

  4. Crepo7351

    The Exoskeletor Fish would make an awesome boss, and the Jelly Brain would be a neat mini-boss.

  5. Spirare

    I love the Coral Seedling, Spear Fish and Exoskeletor Fish.

    Exoskeletor could be a nice boss, using nonelemental, water and dark attacks and summoning Spear Fish, Hammer Fish and and Sunken Jawbones.

  6. Sunny

    Here are my favorites
    -Coral Seedling
    -Normal Squid
    -Cave Eel
    -Derpy Bomb(It can be used with uh… submarine?)
    -Sword Master Narwhal(I love this :love: )
    -Sunken Mask
    -Sunken Jawbone
    -Tentacle Snake
    -Fish Bomb
    -Hammer FIsh
    -Spear Fish
    -Exoskeletor Fish


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