EBF5: Area Concept Art

I made a slideshow video of all the EBF5 area art I’ve made, in case anyone missed some.
(but mainly it’s just an excuse to link my YouTube channel some more)

9 thoughts on “EBF5: Area Concept Art

  1. Trycka

    Can’t wait to play this game. I loved the games you made since the first EBF. I’m so hyped that i’m more willing to play this EBF5 than reading the ending of Fairy Tail.

    Just wanted to say also that you could find a really good music compositor with Adrian von Ziegler, he make extremly beautifull musics, and sometimes i found some that match more than the original in EBF4.

      1. Didier Alaniz Farfan

        Matt i really love your games dude i canth wate more y need EBF5 now :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :smirk: i am your fan dude Atte: Didier AF From: Mexico :v

  2. Dewayne Thomas

    Beyond the loud ass flute about 62 seconds into the video. jesus dude, buy some headphones and test this out before you post, my ears are bleeding. Wtf

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      Was about to say the same thing 1:02 in an i can’t hear anything but flutes now. I really love the music besides that though, who makes it?


    are the different treasure chests going to be in the game or are they just tests plese let me know i HATE the new ones


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