Ma Digga

Built enough Lego digger sets that I thought I’d try to build my own. Thought it would be fairly straightforward but I ended up spending 3 hours on this little thing. Lego Technic wheels are cool.


9 thoughts on “Ma Digga

  1. Someone pointing out something

    So the title looks awfully similar to something else, not sure if that word is allowed on this site so I won’t name it directly.

  2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    As a Caterpillar construction vehicle, I find the use of that word offensive. That is our word. :mad:


  3. NoLeggs

    meow meow meow!!!! :yay: (hey kuppo!!!! :yay: )
    meeooww meow meow meow??? :wut: ( when are you gonna to add 1 more % on the thing for ebf5??? :wut: )

    *purr* meow mew mew moew meowww mew mew mew meow :love2: ( well anyway i hope its getting done soon and i always suport you cuz ur my hero wel bye bye :love2: )

    MEEEEWWWW!!!! :scared: ( WAAAAIIIIIIITTT :scared: )

    MEOWMEW MEOW MEW……meow meow :sad: ( KUPPO WHAT FOR GENDER IS THE NEW CHARACTER …..if there is gonna to be an new character :sad: )


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