EBF5: Forest Town

Well obviously I had to make another forest town. At least you won’t start in it this time.

The statues are of NG Tyler’s Sentry Knight characters. It’s a nice way of getting cameos in there in different art styles, so I’ll probably do more of popular flash game characters. If you want to solve the puzzle, the statues all start around the little bush which gets chopped down.
greenAlso, here’s a good example of how I’m improving my art assets. Balanced colors, better shading, and lots of modularity.
modular tree

21 thoughts on “EBF5: Forest Town

  1. Shraderc.inc

    cool beans, it looks more like a full on, enchated forest this time, darker, more mestirious, i like it :scared: :scared: :stars: :stars:

  2. Voidsword

    Looking good. Don’t forget to leave enough space near ladders for whole party to fit; stacking the characters one on the other looks a bit wonky, especially when it’s not just at the edge of the screen, but in a very visible place. Unless that is also being revamped. :yay:

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      Nevermind, I took another look at it and figured it out. It’s kinda like the puzzle in the mountain where you gotta use the blocks as..blockers. Anyway, great quality puzzles as usual, keep up the good work man, and happy fathers day!!!! Want me to send you my children? :shades:

  3. Spirare

    Why’s the treasure chest broken? Did Matt get so frustrated by the lock he just decided to cleave it with his sword? :p

  4. Thrynity

    Nice evolution, I remember your early comparaison between BH1 and BH2, but now it’s shining in EBF series too !

  5. The PugThug

    I only JUST realized, but you’ve rounded out the top half of the new chests!!! :stars:
    This actually makes it look better, as it’s not so flat anymore!! :love:

    In other news :bacon: :bacon:
    I’m now officially tempted to go and compile a smol list of popular flash games to reference! :yay: :yay:
    (Probs won’t tho, cos I is a lazy mofo :yay: )
    :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

    1. Fiftycentis

      i think he mean that he have different “module” to choose from (the different dimensions) instead of only one fixed dimension, but i’m not too sure tougth

  6. NoobDrakath

    I really like this new style of enviroments but I really miss the old EBF bright background colors. The landscape is somewhat obscure and I believe that it is missing the ”living” feel. I think it is missing the happiness EBF games used to have.

  7. NoLeggs

    MEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:
    ( CCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: )


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