32 thoughts on “EBF5: Mansion

  1. AnonymousEBFLover

    Woah that’s so exciting! Getting to explore an entire mansion by unlocking achievements. I can only imagine how hard some of them are going to be to unlock! :ooo:

  2. Foraz

    Rooms unlocked by achievements… So we’re back to something like bonus areas in EBF3? Not that I disliked it, though.

  3. Fiftycentis

    really like the idea, let’s see how it will become…
    man, i’m more in hype for ebf5 than every other game announced in the last days

        1. Fiftycentis

          never played a gta
          for nintendo only the super mario one hyped me, and well, splatoon 2 interested me but only because i’ve never played the first but i like the game
          and a bit of irony

  4. Trycka

    I know it’s not the same subject but i’ll still say it here.

    You should try asking Adrian von Ziegler (easily found on Youtube) for some music for boss fights. He makes REALLY great musics that goes directly to the heart if you listen to it. And some of his already existing music are extremly exciting making me to face bosses in EBF4 with them instead of the original ones.

    Don’t throw me any rocks please that may hurt.

  5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Return of the revenge of EBF3′s unloaded treasure zones. Woo! :stars:

    I look forward to grumbling and growsing while I try to figure out how to unlock your many insane achievements.

      1. Jeffrey Webb

        there was an exploit in ebf3 bonus rooms. you can just flee the battle and walk past them to get the loot at no cost. :shades:

        1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          That takes the fun outta it. Plus you miss out on all that sweet sweet AP, not to mention potentially getting certain loots far before your supposed to.

      2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        Having played EBF4, I feel like a monolith trio isn’t as bad as a monolith quintet.

  6. Shraderc.inc

    that sounds really cool! is this the guild house that the party bought with all of their “world saved time to steal everything” money?

  7. SoloKat

    I’m not even in the house and I can already see how fun it is on the outside.

    Oh yeah, it’s Lord Roszak we’re talking about. He makes stuff look cool even when nobody’s seem it yet :shades:

    1. SoloKat

      Also, will the character that is seen onscreen be like EBF4 where there was the first person in your party walking, or like EBF3, where everyone follows the lead person (I’m good with either, just wanted to know)

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        A 5 man caterpillar effect would look a little silly. But then, I’ve played Breath of Fire 1 and it’s 4-man worm, and that game is great, so who am I to judge? (Although those were tiny 16-bit sprites…)

  8. Thrynity

    The achievement system of EBF3 is back boi
    hope I wont have to tryhard a memory card game for this >_<

  9. Chaos

    REALLY looking forward to this game. I’m starting to run out of games, so this will be a welcome addition when comes


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