22 thoughts on “EBF5: Catacombs

  1. The PugThug

    I kinda want the giant skull with the glowing red eyes on the right to be some sort of secret boss or somethin’!! :hurray: :skull: :evil: :bacon:

    1. Fiftycentis

      i thought the same thing, but idk why but it makes me laugh hard looking at it, maybe it’s a special NPC, that would be cool

  2. Kupofan

    First of all, great job with the chests. Now these look really nice!
    About the rest of the scene, there’s a strange contrast between the rather cartoony skulls and the rest of the elements, which look more “serious”. I actually rather like it, but I thought I would mention it just because.

  3. Dewayne Thomas

    Wonder what the skull hiking cleats will look like that allow us to reach that chest at the top.

  4. Thrynity

    I love the fact that it feels less like copy/pasted assets ! nice job with the modulation you provide :yay:

  5. AnonymousEBFLover

    Looks amazing! I really like the giant skull and how everything is placed :yay:
    Also the newer chests look much better, now perhaps make different variations :smirk:
    BONE CHEST! :stars:

  6. Fiftycentis

    looking at the big skull, it seems like there’s an entrance behind, so maybe some powerful weapons are waiting for us… or we are gonna do an hard boss fight for nothing :shades:

  7. Period16

    Erm, don’t really like those skulls. Look like a bunch of work to do at. It’s just my opinion, no offence :bleh:

  8. slowdeath009

    I am late but I have an idea of what the big skull is about… :hurray:

    Do you see a gravestone with a mini-skull? :?:
    It might have a riddle that you need to light the correct torches :bleh:
    If you do so the skull rises and a chest is behind it or something (Boss, NPC ,etc.) :stars:


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