19 thoughts on “EBF5: Storage Room

  1. jumjumlp

    Hmmm.. I don’t really like the new chests, the angle makes them look rather flat. Other than that, it looks great

  2. Crepo7351

    The new design for the chests is… eh.

    Also, Lance actually had the decency to give his prisoner a toilet.

  3. The PugThug

    Am I the only one that wants an achievement to be added, where you simply interact with some nuke Lance just has lying around enough times, and then someone, out of curiosity or loss of their temper or whatever, just hits it, detonating it, ending the game right there and then, forcing you back to your last save point!! :yay: :stars: :yay:

    Like, give no heads up whatsoever, and place the nuke at a REALLY awkward point so that they trigger it, and get forced back a really infuriating distance or somethin’ :evil: :stars: :bacon:

    1. Shraderc.inc

      i would love that, although maybe it wouldn’t end the game, it would just go into a short battle where you fight a nuke, if you kill it it pops the nuclear bomb limit break and if it attacks it pops the nuclear bomb limit break. Other than that i love this idea.

    2. Mehmet II

      Don’t forget EBF has traditionally had an autosave every zone. So it would have to be right after a boss or something to have maximum impact

  4. Kupofan

    I must agree with others about the chests looking really weird. If you really want to change them (they looked fine in EBF4 imo) I would reduce the size of the top of the chest to about half of its current size. I don’t want to be rude (I know you’re working hard on the game) but the way they are now they actually look like trapdoors more tan chests.
    (Everything else is cool.)

  5. Shraderc.inc

    this gives the level a more… squared look, like there is definitely a grid that everything fits onto, MY OCD LOVES IT

  6. Lion

    These are good, but I agree with the others, the chest looks a bit weird. It looks more like a trapdoor than a chest. And also, can we break open a chest now? Does some chest need some special key to open?

  7. A Fan

    Would you add different variations to chests :wut: :wut: :wut: ? (Ex – Icy place would have ice themed chest) The reason I asked was because I saw you use a different type of chest than you usually use, which points towards the theme of the castle.

  8. Christine

    The chest does look a bit weird, they look rather flat. I would prefer the older models where there were some angles to provide depth. The keyhole is nicely emphasised however the lack of gold line on the bottom does bother me. Good work!


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