16 thoughts on “Drawing EBF5 Assets

  1. Shraderc.inc

    cool beans, i sometimes do the art for my games, but i dont really have the patience, i just adjust my friends work that he sends me.

  2. Solomon

    1: Good, I thought this was going to be some Kaizo Trap crap. :scared:

    2: So… how do you spend your time when you’re not doing things for EBF5? :smirk:

  3. LazerRay

    I bet the NES type A might wind up in Natt’s house, since she tends to use both a Gameboy and a DS with her idles. :yay:

    1. The PugThug

      I was going to say something similar, actually makes me appreciate the amount of time and effort that gets poured into games quite a bit more!! :ooo: :bacon:

    2. AnonymousEBFLover

      That’s just a single piece of an entire world… and then there’s the behind the scenes… which is coding which can take even longer and is more tedious.

  4. Allen

    Fantastic. You’re a real video game auteur, and I’ll be super-happy to support you and your work yet again when #5 comes out. Rock on.

  5. Absolembum

    Did I mention that I love your artstyle ? The way you curve the outlines and the light and shadow effet you do with the tones of colors and diagonal stripes are really well done ! :love2:


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