23 thoughts on “EBF5: Mystic Woods

  1. Stopwatch

    Pretty nice. I actually really like the background and lighting to this one.

    However, the walkways look a bit too…clean, I guess. Especially in the bottom right corner. I think a little bit of damage and wear on the wooden planks (and maybe a broken rope or two) would help with the eerie asthetic. I guess it’s less of a problem if you’re using these assets for a village/town area (where walkway maintainance would make more sense.)

  2. Shraderc.inc

    is this another players house? i guessed the first one was Matt’s. maybe this one is Anna’s?

      1. Spirare

        Keep in mind that he’s just testing assets here, none of these are official maps.

        The house style/zone could very well be a player’s home; the ladder is only there in this test example.


        Personally I don’t think this would be any of the players’ houses.

        Anna is the only one I could imagine would be likely to live here, but she already has a house…

  3. Spirare

    Not relevant to the map, but here’s a quick visual mistake I noticed in EBF4:


    The dragon enemies seem to be optimized to be at the screen edge like the Red and Black dragons in the screenshot, but the Gold dragon is farther out, so you can see the end of its neck (below the red dragon’s neck). Partway through, there’s also a visible line where one half of the neck art doesn’t line up properly with the other (above the red dragon’s eye).

    You should update them, if not in EBF4 at least make sure in EBF5 that the necks are long enough to fit in all the enemy positions, and the lines match up (even though you’re using copy/pasted sections, the two edges should still match when placed alongside each-other).

    Or just not put dragons in extended positions. That works too.

  4. Kupofan

    I really like this one. It’s so different from anything you’ve done before. And the contrast between those different shades of brown/orange is awesome :love:

      1. TheDerpiestN1nja

        You posted this on my birthday :D

        Can’t wait till EBF5 comes out, hope its not paid access.

  5. Xnon

    Maybe in the future game different platform can have a different height level to show the differences because so far the map is flat. Some staircases will make the map nicer than mere ladder. :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

  6. mayhem162

    I think the face looks great but could be complemented with a carved doorway
    everything else looks great for the most part :yay:

  7. upriseing sun__

    can you do something with a player shadow when he is behind a building ( i just not a fan of knowing where the player is :smirk:


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