EBF5: Hut

Here’s a new style of house! I think all the playable characters will have a house of their own now.
Also added a sandier sea floor for those who complained about the previous one.


20 thoughts on “EBF5: Hut

  1. Nikola Jaric

    “All the playable characters will have their own house”
    I guess this is Anna’s, huh?? Can’t wait to see Nolegs’! :stars: Or maybe, he’ll live with Matt or Natalie?? Anyway, awesome.

    1. Devin de Vries

      Now I keep imagening the castle we saw earlier to be Lances house. Seems like a fun challenge to get him to join the party XD

      (also yes I know this stuff isn’t final)

    2. Spirare

      I’d be guessing it’s Matt’s personally, at least assuming this map was used in the official game (and is one of the characters’ houses at all).

      Anna already has a house that she probably likes as-is, Natz doesn’t seem to like the beach much, Lance would probably have a tech-y house, and I’m assuming NoLegs lives with Matt.

  2. Stopwatch

    Weird to think of these characters as owning homes, aside from Anna. I always pictured these guys as on the road adventurers, going wherever, staying wherever. I guess with all the gold you make adventuring you’re bound to build up enough to buy your own place. (Or maybe a couple of them are just old places from before they started travelling?) To be fair, I’m interested in seeing what they all look like, plus it should make for a lot of fun dialogue.

    And yes, the sea floor looks much better here.

  3. SoloKat

    Hey…Matt, I can piss you off with one question…. :evil:

    When will EBF5 be released? :neutral:

    Hahahahaha *runs away* :ooo:

    (don’t take this seriously it’s just a joke…you can take as long as you need :hurray: )

  4. Spirare

    The log pillars don’t seem to connect cleanly with each-other, and it looks odd that half of their tops are uncovered by the roof logs.

    The dock tiles overlapping the bordering tiles slightly also looks strange, especially when one of the railing pillars is placed on top of a dock’s “overflow”.

    The rest of it looks good though.

  5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Chest in water? Chest in water reachable? Underwater sections a possibility? If you pull any sort of FF7 Emerald Weapon nonsense… I will… be… VERY CROSS with you. Yeah.


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