EBF5: Fortress Interior

Continuing on from the previous post, we go inside the castle, and things start to make sense.
A few items are a bit out of place here because – as I’ve mentioned before - I’m testing out assets and these are not final maps.

I dunno if the maps will have multiple layers, but they will have doors for sure. Meaning that you can access other maps without leaving the screen through the edges. This means stuff like basements and tunnels will be a thing, and houses can be much bigger on the inside.

20 thoughts on “EBF5: Fortress Interior

  1. LazerRay

    I wonder how we will have access to the hidden chests, and if we might visit places related to Matt and Nat (Anna was already covered in EBF4). :shades:

  2. Cactus.exe

    Is the chest in the painting available? If so make it hard to get and make it give something amazing. Like bacon :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  3. Juq31

    I wonder how Lance will react after getting whole party into his mansion. There maybe some secrets he doesnt want to tell :scared:

  4. The PugThug

    If the doors and stuff will allow for houses to be bigger, could we have very large houses/fortresses/dungeons etc, that require us to get a separate map for?? :stars:

    Like; you go into a fortress and no matter how much you travel, you can’t map the place out until you collect a certain item? :hurray:
    Don’t know how it would work entirely, but I personally think it’s a cool concept in theory at least. :love2: :sad: :!:

    1. The PugThug

      Also if Lance were to have a home in EBF5, surely it would have automated defenses. (i.e. Turrets, Traps, Sealed Doors etc) :wut: :wut:
      So it would be amusing to see dialog between Lance and his defenses! :yay:

      Also how would it be corrupted to turn on Lance and his team?? :scared:
      (Fyi, I do know you’re just testing out assets, (as you’ve stated :bacon: ) but Lance’s home making an appearance as a fortress or bunker of some sort is still kinda cool :shades: )

      1. gimmethegepgun

        Who says they’re corrupted? Seems to me it would make sense for him to battle to the death with his house’s defenses every time he comes home.


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