44 thoughts on “Epic Idle Fantasy 5

  1. Max

    Wait, is it the (annoying as hell, but dopamine-releasing) “mouse over loot to collect” mechanic? I mean, I guess that’s okay because it shows rewards in real time, but at the same time, it feels kinda anti-fun to me and reminds me of freemiums

  2. Max

    On the other hand, if it’s being able to autocast from certain players (thunderstorm from Nat in the example) that could be fun for those of us who like to concentrate on 1 or 2 of our characters.

    I did a lot of Nat solo runs in EBF4, and I accomplished that by keeping the other characters dead so that eventually they’d be 20 levels behind and get killed instantly. If I could have had them auto attacking instead, I would have done that, while manually controlling Nat as a nuke/support character.

  3. Kupofan

    I must confess this is rather disappointing and not something I’d like to see in a RPG. Since there will be options to show/hide blood and Natalie’s chest, among other things, I hope this can also be disabled.

  4. Dewayne Thomas

    It’s cool to see loot as it drops and to see what monster drops it, making it much easier to familiarize yourself with in case you need to farm,. Farming for specific items never really mattered accept for stat booster but they were never worth the trouble anyway. I think if you make it so they are collected automatically as an option and make it collect quickly so it doesn’t slow down the transitions between battle rounds it would work very well. I can imagine this being mandatory a complete pain in the ass after the first dozen times of manually mousing over them, especially if the game is running at low fps. The bubble effect around them looks really sexy, is there going to be sound effects with them? Some of those idle games use nail against chalk board sounds when picking up coins especially. Bubble sounds be soothing :ooo:

  5. Alex (XyaZ27)

    Admittedly just showing us the loot that we got from the monsters at the end of the battle is probably easier and more convenient for you Matt, remember not everything has to be intricate to make it appealing

    trust me I know

  6. Shraderc.inc

    no i think this is nice, it gives a bit more interactivity. just make sure that they arent to fast or to slow.

    1. Shraderc.inc

      i mean that you would have to be fast to pick them up or they might disappear, just a suggestion.

      1. Dewayne Thomas

        I couldn’t count how many people would be pissed if losing the items was implemented. I honestly don’t even see the point of having to pick them manually and it will probably jsut make the game lose frames and become annoying pretty quickly.

  7. Random Guy

    Please please PLEASE make this exclusive to some monsters as easter eggs instead of an integral part of the normal gameplay. Otherwise, good for some lolz.

  8. Bygraver

    I think it’s a cool idea I love idle games and I always found I never really cared about what items foe’s dropped well more that I never paid attention this time I’m having to actually mouse over them and gives a more interactive experience in that you see an item you have no idea what it is or does if it can aid or impair you and it would cause me to wonder and gives me an eager anticipation to what the item could be those are the kinds of small experiences I like in games keep it up matt. :love:

  9. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Gotta agree with others above, not terribly keen on this mechanic. I mean, yeah while my characters are doing their thing, I can sweep my cursor over the items to collect them, but it feels like a needless mechanic, especially considering the prior game gave us a menu post-battle telling us everything we collect, and I’d assume that this game would do the same regardless of the inclusion of this mechanic.

    The only way I see this being viable is that you get those items IMMEDIATELY rather than after the battle, meaning if I kill a boss’ mooks, I get some healies I can use during the battle, should I be running out or some such. If that is the case, I guess this is alright, although, I would suggest giving us an “auto-collect” button for those of us too lazy to swing our mouse around the right of the screen. :tongue:

    1. Thalins Genohan

      I agree with this, and at the same time, now that MP isn’t a thing, I feel like it might not be as useful, especially since healing seems to be a thing everyone can do in some way now. But I think it’s a good idea nonetheless.

  10. Felissan

    How is that even specifically an idle game mechanic? The only big ones that use it are Clicker Heroes and the many clones it has spawned, which aren’t a good representative of the genre by themselves.

  11. soki01

    im not sure how i feel about this mechanic, maybe have an option for it, buuut the items look cute af :smirk:

  12. 246vipfreezeray

    You should make a idle clicker game for the play store that has monsters and characters from EBF :stars:

  13. SilasLock

    Not normally one to comment, but I strongly dislike this mechanic. Often I play on my laptop, which doesn’t have a proper mouse; instead, it has a touchpad, which makes it hard to wiggle my cursor all over the screen to pick up items. It can be kind of uncomfortable. It’s your call whether to use this mechanic or not, of course, but I’d prefer it to be either optional (have an “auto pick-up” setting) or not exist at all.

  14. Lenike02

    I think that would be cool if we dont have to move the mouse there. I mean there would be bubbles, but after a little time it would automaticly picked up. But its just my opinion. (Sorry for bad english)

  15. Lenike02

    Btw i like EBF very much, but i dont know something. Just I play EBF like a multiplayer game? Because it can be played like a multiplayer game, i play EBF with my brother and we play like he decide what Matt, Natalie and Anna does, and I what Lance and NoLegs does. (We change it sometimes) :smirk:


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