Dental Scorpion Robot

Here’s a little Lego MOC I made yesterday.
I think it’s some kind of dental scorpion robot that works in your mouth.
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


8 thoughts on “Dental Scorpion Robot

  1. AnonymousEBFLover

    My great Lego skills are not as great as the great Matt. So now I must become greater, say great even greater! And tell the great world how great Matt is :yay: :hurray: :yay:

  2. Phoenix

    A Scorpion that is supposed perform procedures in the area of your mouth.
    I dont know if thats supposed to be cool or really scary.

  3. LazerRay

    Reminds me of the Mad Scientist bot from Transformers 2. :yay:

    This could also be a way to come up with more EBF monsters later on.


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