Fanart: Anna

Here’s some pretty fanart of Anna from Pineple1.

I did some hardcore runtime resource analysis of EBF5, and I found a surprising source of memory leakage and CPU spikes: The status icons! Apparently they never get deleted correctly and thousands of invisible icons build up over time. This is probably the cause of the memory leak in EBF4 too. Whoops. I should have done this a long time ago. This is the kind of tedious stuff you need to watch out for when making games.


9 thoughts on “Fanart: Anna

  1. soki01

    o, well at least you found that leak :smirk: , does that mean that you will check ebf4 and fix it there when you get time?

  2. Devin de Vries

    That might have caused the 15 fps I experienced in EBF4 at certain points.

    Funny thing is something similar was happening to me in Game Maker Studio when I was making an RPG battle menu. In my case it made it so
    bad the game crashed after 15 seconds. XD
    Makes you feel so stupid afterwards too.

  3. Yash

    I like that fanart; She looks good! Hoping to see some hair-down do’s of Anna in EBF5 that still match her personality.
    I have a suggestion.
    In EBF4, one issue was that all the characters were specced similarly because they all could be hit and needed to survive the hits.

    So, You could incorporate tank aggro into EBF5 via giving Matt a taunt spell. It would allow Matt to force some mobs to attack him, and prevent them from hitting Natalie, Anna and Lance. Maybe the taunt spell can only force draw one enemy and two other random ones; while the other two enemies are unaffected so that the fights still have some variation. Resistances would still matter for all characters to survive the one shot area-of-effect attacks from the boss.

    This will allow players to specialize Natalie more into a glass cannon design and Matt into a shield/guardian role.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Already accounted for! There’s status effects that can make foes attack or avoid attacking a player, and equips can give these effects.


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