16 thoughts on “Monsters 7!

  1. meower808

    Maybe the ‘Evil Treasure Chest” could have the lid as a mouth with sharp teath instead of just a hand with a sword? Love the Trap door worm and the mini oil slug :yay:

  2. Norman Ottleben

    My favorite would be the “evil treasure chest” since it reminds me of the mimics from Dark Cloud, a game on the PS2. :hurray:

  3. Necrotoy

    wow. this ebf5 will be something more envious than what we used to see :stars: . (and it was already anvious)
    mimics, so many mosters, that’s really great job. I’m sure this one will be something really nice. :yay:
    good luck for the next. :tongue:

    1. Necrotoy

      I’m sorry for my las comment … I didn’t see it has nothing to do with ebf5. :scared:
      my bad . 😐

      anyway. I like the worm and the apple :smirk:

  4. Thrynity

    I love the SWORD DROPPER
    but I also like a lot these oil leak slug

    evil money uh, got problem in the past ? ^^

  5. Vladdeh Boii

    POTATO BEAST! (i may or may not have an obsession.) best monster 10/10 would fight :love:

  6. Drake

    Just visually, not considering if they fit into the original story (for fun areas still imaginable)? Pathetic Bear and Lumpy Fighter

    If it’s about what monster could fit into the game?
    1) Geo Skull
    Simply fits as addition for the elemental/rocks bestiary.

    2) Apple Bomb
    But more as projectile and less as Monster. Having two rage levels(over time or dependent on health) might be fun for him. The more ‘mad’ he gets the bigger is his caused disaster.

    3) Sword Dropper
    But not just in the role of its given name. I can imagine various things for them.
    – A stealer which steals of the player team and uses the stolen goods against themselves or the enemy team(Like stealing milk and giving it others). Ofc none of those goods will be really stolen,they are just duplicates
    – minion dropper which throws small targets at his opponents (might stun)
    – MedPack dropper (of other things which Lance could order)

    All of them with the premise that the battle looks funny or a bit interactive

  7. Kini Bara

    Geo Skull and Rock Creep are definitely my favorite. The whole right page I didn’t like. For example, the ‘Evil Money’ I don’t think fits in with the feel that the EBF games have along with the Evil Amulet, which sounds like some spin off character from the Secrets of Grindea. But that’s just my input, I love these and hope that you make more!


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