Tinkering with things

Yesterday I spent the day fiddling with EBF3 on Steam to see if I can get in all the features I want (mainly adding stage quality). Turns out AS2 is just too old, and trying to update it is probably a lost cause. Each way I package the game has different trade-offs, so I trade some options for others. (I can get stage quality working at the expense of game speed and full screen resolutions) Not good.

I also thought a bit about Mac versions of my Steam games. It looks like technically it wouldn’t be much work, only problem is that I have to compile the games from a Mac, and I don’t have one and don’t want to get one. I spent a few hours installing a Mac virtual machine under Windows to try it out. That was a fun exercise but I don’t think anything of value came out of it, it wasn’t very usable in the end.

Maybe someday I’ll pick up a Mac mini or something. I wonder if I even have any Mac users left in my audience at this rate. Sorry guys! I haven’t ruled it out but it’s not a high priority.

Anyway, I’m going to revisit EBF4 next, with some luck I’ll get the game running nicely in Adobe AIR. I’d finally add that Steam overlay, “windowed” full screen, and reduce the amount of compatibility issues users have. This is important to figure out early since EBF5 will be running on the same tech.

12 thoughts on “Tinkering with things

  1. Devin de Vries

    If you manage to get the steam overlay in and slightly improve peformance consistency, that’ll be pretty neat. :yay:

        1. GC19

          and one right here. For the past two weeks, all gaming on every computer were {bullet heaven 2}. Most weeks, they are {bullet heaven 2, wynncraft}. I’d like to see bh2 come out on mac… :stars:

  2. Ausar Pendragon

    What about Linux users? I know that there aren’t many out there, but would you mind (when you have some down time) perhaps making a steam os version or a Linux compatible version?

    Your games are great, keep doing what you are doing.

  3. Thrynity

    If you are still messing with some indie game, I recommend Evoland2
    it reminded me of EBF1, with multiple game reference in it (just everywhere) but as a lore-RPG

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I didn’t like Evoland 1 very much, but 2 looks better. It’s on my wishlist, but I might take awhile to get to it.

      1. Voidsword

        As someone who’s played them both, I can second that Evoland 2 is substantially better than its predecessor, in plot, character development, and gameplay. It still has references and throwbacks to old game styles, but it handles them a lot better than the shoddy, half-finished way Evoland 1 did it.


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