EBF5: Equipment Code

Hey guys, I’m entering all of the equipment data, so I thought I’d share a bit of the process. Here’s a list of all of Natalie’s weapons; as you can see it’s over 600 lines of code!


Let’s open one of those equipment sections up, here’s one of Lance’s guns. It’s quite verbose but I think it’s reasonably readable this way. Inputting all of this data is exhausting.

I think I’m coming up with more interesting effects for equips now, and even if they’re not balanced, they will hopefully be fun to try out just for the different effects. Also I’m back to the EBF3 style of upgrades: you don’t know what specials equipment will have until you upgrade it, so it’s a secret again!

The equipment that’s returning from previous games isn’t being changed much stat-wise, but many of them will have slightly different specials this time.


39 thoughts on “EBF5: Equipment Code

  1. Uubong

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen nonprofessional code that isn’t a jumbled mess. Or I guess you are professional now? Point being, your code is far nicer than basically any other game devs I’ve seen, lol.

  2. Nikola Jaric

    Good decision, even though it will only be a secret to those who are not following you. :bleh: :bleh: :bleh:
    A question: does this mean that the battle system demo thing is coming soon? :?:

  3. Cerulyan

    Code looks incredibly complicated, but very intriguing to me at the same time.

    And a question for you, Matt: How long does it take you to code this kind of stuff? I’m quite interested.

  4. Zee

    I hope someday i’ll be able to write code organized like this.
    But i guess after some time it becomes second nature?

      1. TwistedFang

        thank you for your input grand master i will appreciate the game for what it is …but you should make it so when people enter a battle enemy could attack first because of the people who flee a battle and enter it again until they have the desired effect or their equips thus inducing a game that may last longer due to chance a need :evil:

          1. TwistedFang

            because of people who flee a battle to equip something better for a battle :evil: :evil: :evil:

            this is segmented thinking sorry for spaming your comments :sick:

          2. TwistedFang

            as well as monsters that will only attack second for balanced gaming or something like that…of corse that is only for you to decide if you wanna take the time and do extra coding…

          3. TwistedFang

            like heavy enemies will only attack second and lighter enemies may attack first because of reasons or something….like a speed stat… and maybe theres a super fast heavy boss :evil: :evil: :evil: not even strategy can help you now…or maybe it can who knows… :scared: i scare myself sometimes…and once again i dont wanna tell you how to make the game because as a welp i know nothing about game design but it is an interesting concept i would like you to look into :smirk: or maybe more enemies that are only affected by magic…or maybe enemies that 100% counter magic attacks/physical attacks…witch would increase the need for strategy instead of the whole…only attack this or that :tongue:

          4. TwistedFang

            and for the second and most likely last time…i’m sorry for spamming you with comments :cry: i have segmented thinking and dont get everything out at once… also i had 3 cups of coffee this morning… :neutral: :ooo:

  5. LazerRay

    This is even more of a reason to appreciate game devs, since they tend to deal with an insane amount of coding to make things work. :scared: :shades:

    And looking at just those examples, that is way more complicated than the code I used on my radio controlled robot from a college project, and that thing took a month to get working. :ooo:

  6. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    The Accelerator was one of my favorite Lance weapons in EBF4, that and the power glove. If you are taking suggestions, I sort of hope more of Lance’s weapons come with the “randomly charges up Hyper Beam” because that move is a barrel of laughs and I loved using it, but so many of the boss battles in EBF4 were so hectic I didn’t often get a chance to charge it up to make use of it. It’s a good move, but that charge-up time really lowered the move’s usefulness, and the one weapon with the “random charge up” for Hyper Beam had no element, which I suppose is good, but.. y’know. Still tho, gotta love free Hastes, and Tri-Elemental Resistances. :love2:

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        That sounds amaze-balls. Not sure how it will pan out in the new one, but I found myself using the orbital Ion Cannon Limit a lot in EBF4.


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