47 thoughts on “EBF5: Natalie and Evil Natalie

  1. Canned Player

    I find the dark Natz death animation to be more satisfying than dark Matt’s. Crumbling into a pile of ash just beats falling through the ground, And the staff’s Noise just makes me grin. :smirk:

  2. Dan

    I really like how they have little voice bites now for the death animations, Matt. Gives them that much more character. And everything is much more polished this time around. Greatly looking forward to the final result! :hurray:

  3. zamuel

    this one is much greater than the last, although i think voice actors would work for this, you have plenty to choose from…. :neutral:

  4. Phil

    So if only normal Natz can defend, why is defend hit labeled as animations for both characters?
    Wait, nevermind, she probably casts a spell to defend herself or something.

  5. Toxella

    Love Evil Natz’s death animation, very satisfying tbh. Should we be expecting Lance next? I hope soooo. <3 Also, are you not gonna have voices for the characters anymore or what?? I only heard Matt's on his death animation.

  6. pi lover math

    I find the knife staff weird
    1 how do you cast spells with a knife
    spell animations just seem wrong with a floting knife

  7. HotchAr

    I concur with someone else earlier that anytime she physically approaches the slimes, there are layering issues where she’s always at the back, even if she’s attacking a slime further forward. A more personal gripe is in hit 2, when they go offscreen, it bugs me that (due to lack of sound effects) they never seem to land in order to rebound back. relately, there may be some missing frames in that animation, or it might just be because she’s farther forward than usual and doesn’t reach the screen edge.

  8. Spirare

    I also find Demonic Natz’ death animation to be quite satisfying. :smirk:

    I particularly like that, without her hair, her bare head looks somewhat like a skull.

  9. Dewayne

    Nice to see your making good progress. The new clothing designs look great. The new sounds seem a bit off, not really sure why like the twinkle sound when using items and the healing/revive. Seem heavy i guess is best way to describe. Hard to tell though, probably would sound more in place with the background music playing and everything else flowing with it. Is it possible for you to add that to the next demo?

      1. Dewayne

        I jsut realized after reading your comment for some reason that I could just have EBF4 running in the background. So I went an did that an yeah, much better that way. I understand that EBF5 won’t have same music but think what problem was was that they had a bit too much oomph and the background music kinda takes the edge off them regardless of what it is. Anyway, hope your enjoying the snow. :stars:

  10. Athon smoker

    Hey Matt! I have a question: what the jump button will be used for?

    Good work so far, I can’t wait to play ebf5 :yay:

  11. thatguyperson

    i feel like some enemies should be able to have auto revive …. like they die but come back so you can kill them again lol

  12. Jeffrey Webb

    when die is used on normal nat, her eyes disappear. I’de like for to happen with evil nat as well, leaving behind empty sockets.

  13. Cyan The Epic

    Scrolling through the equips gave me some interesting setup ideas for when I play the game…

    But the most important question, will the jmtb02 hat actually be in the game, or is it just a fun thing you decided to do for the preview? If not, it’d be really cool if it was! jmtb’s one of my favourite devs, and it’s great to see a nod to him! :yay:

  14. no one

    Where has the seraphim staff gone?! It was my favorite I would be really happy if it was in this game.. also the blue dress from EBF4? It was really good looking but mostly the black dress from EBF4. Also the the Hela’s staff was awesome… And what about crystal staff? It was Natalie’s basic staff and now it’s gone :( :( I also think that Rock Lake staff was awesome looking at EBF3 but I don’t really find attractive the way it looks in EBF5.. I hope you read my comment.


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