13 thoughts on “EBF5: Camo Colors

  1. thatguyperson

    um… i dont mean to be the bringer of logic to a world of magic but how does a cat with an absence of limbs hold weapons and Shields? does he posses psycho kinetic abilies? are they taped to his soft fluffy body? or is it like a …half slime absorption type thing? :scared:

  2. Ariel Neidorf

    Aaaah my cutest and most favourite cat now carries a syringe and pouch of blood. RIP old nolegs.. 🙁

  3. Althaer

    So, Nolegs will have the same armor than Matt & Lance? I’m kinda confused… I mean, okay Matt & Lance have the same body type, and the armor are a bit “stretched” for Anna & Natz. But Nolegs? :wut:


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