EBF5: NoLegs Skill Icons

I’m not gonna spoil all of NoLegs’ attacks, but many of his multi-slash attacks get extra slashes if the targets die, continuing the attack on other foes. So he gets a good boost when finishing foes off.
nolegs icons
Here’s some bonus sketches: 
nolegs sketches

31 thoughts on “EBF5: NoLegs Skill Icons

  1. Nachoelkawaii

    NoLegs have the machines of Godcat (I soeak spanish,so I played the game in spanish,so I don’t know how is they names in englihs)???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After I finished EBF 4,I always wanted to summon Godcat,and this is the same!!!!
    (And what that “9″attack do?)

    I think that ist going to be better than the other games :love: :love: :love: :love:

  2. Tatty

    So we can summon Godcat

    And the gems one might be dealing with handing out buffs/items like when he was summoned in #4?

    1. Spirare

      Actually, Friend Dog (or whatever that white dog is called) gave out items in EBF4, NoLegs just slashed the enemies.

    1. Phil

      Literally everyone except NoLegs has a poison attack, and NoLegs and Lance are the only ones who don’t have holy moves

  3. michael

    NOLEGS CAN USE GODCAT?!?!?!?! i like how in bullet heaven 2 he keeps in touch with godcat and now this proves it!!! also what does 9 mean and i like the elemental slashes/attacks in general and connfetti blast? ONGI LOVE IT 10/10 ign rating!!!nscbxfkdsbkvns :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: also i see who will use sushi cat and he can backstab and heal? :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: #GIVENOLEGSSOMELOVE!!

  4. Spirare

    Only 1 (maybe 2) star attack(s)?

    Still seems odd when that’s his only weapon in BH and BH2.

    gibe nolegs moar stars

  5. Nab_The_Skeleton

    Limit Breaks are Godcat’s weapons “Creator” and “Destroyer”… I think thats gonna be Overpowered, or Matt will balance that… Hmm…

  6. Athon smoker

    Nolegs is going to exterminate all those who will stand on his way


  7. Endgame

    So I wanted to do a Textwall Skill Review on every character, but this? I…really don’t know what to make of this. the points of the textwalls was to look at more minor changes to the skills but honestly I don’t know what to make of any of this, aside from the Destroyer/Creator limit breaks.
    So yeah, no Round 5 unfortunately, now im just waiting for the full game that my laptop probably wont be able to handle.

  8. 246vipfreezeray

    i think the limit breaks will be him using the machines himself.
    he did use a kitty fort in EBF4 so its not to far fetched.

  9. Overseer

    Aw man…i wanted “Mew mew” like a character too…i mean…he got that ultra and awesome cool gigant sword…..that was so cool!

    But anyways is Nolegs sooo…wait…and Godcats?!…Omg…OMFG!


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