25 thoughts on “EBF5: Anna Skill Icons

  1. Nikola Jaric

    These look EPIC just like the rest of the skills! Next are NoLegs’ right? Can’t wait to see the Star Dash and Sushi Cat! :yay: Also, will Meow Meow appear in EBF5? If yes, it could be either a summon or NoLegs’ skill!!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

  2. Malik Hutchinson

    You could do more to the tails of the stronger elemental arrows; they look too similar to their normal counterparts imo.

    otherwise, they look great. :love2:

  3. O_Tiger

    Also had to double check what’s the difference with water\electricity arrows, ice was a bit easier but only fire\holy(?) are clearly differentiated
    Consider changing their ‘aura’ and/or adding stuff on the foreground like with latter two, maybe?

  4. Kurwa

    Interesting I left a fire arrow suggestion on Kongregate and now it’s here. (Probably not from me but from Matt himself, but still cool to see) :smirk:

  5. Endgame

    Textwall Skill Review Round 4:
    Normal Attack, Combo Shot Line except it looks like piercing shot got removed, some sort of potential Insta-kill attack? Gust Line, Renew/Refresh, A stick, A big-ass leaf that probably leads into Razor Leaf, Log/Lumber, Aqua/Frost/Spark Arrow and their variants, a Fire Arrow and its variant (a lack of being able to learn 1 decent fire skill in EBF4 is what made anna the worst character for me) Soul Arrow and its variant (which actually sounds really broken), Mighty Oak, Mother Nature except its upside down.
    Hoo boy, looks like Anna’s gonna be real fun to use in EBF5.

    1. Toxella

      That stick is actually her bow lol, and I think the arrow through the target IS piercing shot, but now it’s got a multi-hit variant I think. (YAYYYY!!!! Idk why but that skill was my fave one of Anna’s, I used it constantly in EBF4 with the high accuracy bow). I agree, Anna does look a bit more fun and I hope I’ll actually want to use her, although that might be hard with PLAYABLE NOLEGS OMG! <3 :stars: :stars:

  6. Ariel Neidorf

    Hey what motivation is there for using the cheaper skills (less power) like gust instead of hurricane, or log instead of lumber, given that there’s no mp in ebf 5?

    Speaking of log, you should add the log sound effects from clash royale XD :stars:


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