I talk about game dev for 100 minutes

A few days ago I was interviewed live by Simon from Berzerk Studios.
The full video is up on YouTube now: It’s 100 minutes of us talking about Flash game development.
Watch it (or just listen to it) if you want wisdom, or if you want to cringe at my social awkwardness.

10 thoughts on “I talk about game dev for 100 minutes

  1. Haseo

    You should be more confident in your self :bleh: , its easier said then done i know that but still. your games are great and always run great. sometime though its lagy but that’s because my computer.

  2. Grumpy Lover

    My biggest wish is for you to get noticed by someone like Jim Sterling. He’s makes a big fuss about greelight games being shit and I think he would LOVE your games.

  3. Shraderc.inc

    Thats awesome matt, good for you! but seriously theres no need to cringe, there are people a lot worse then you

    like in D&D your CHA (Charisma) would probably be a +1 (on a scale of -5 – +5)

  4. Hanna-Diana-Magic

    I would like to say something~

    About Matt’s attacks~
    You could use some of the ones from Brawl Royale and One More Final Battle- :smirk:
    They were really cool :stars: :yay:

  5. Arcterran

    On Streaming: I tried that once, yes it was painfully boring (I’ll even put myself to sleep). And I got a mediocre amount of work done. Yes it was mainly code…with glorious placeholder programmer art!

  6. Zee

    I watched the whole thing and i don’t think it’s any cringy… It’s just that this generation’s kids think everything is a cringe, because it’s the new trend.

  7. Krucho

    As a guy who has been jelly about everything you’ve done really nice interview I always wanted to know more about your background and everything.

    1. Krucho

      oh and you made me discover RescueTime which is just SOO MUCH better than all the others annoying time management stuff. :yay:


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