EBF3 Testers Needed

Who has time over the next few days to test EBF3 on Steam?
I’m ready to give out some early keys.

Leave a comment and I’ll email you a key. (I’ve got a limited number though)

The game should be 100% ready for release, unless you guys find something that doesn’t work.

Make sure the achievements and Steam overlay work, play a while, check the links, comment on any of the new features you notice, etc.

129 thoughts on “EBF3 Testers Needed

    1. HydroStatic Leviathan

      In the 2 hours or so I played, Steam Overlay and achievements work properly.
      The new options work as intended as well, no problems so far.

      One slight peeve, not sure if bug, is that the achievement icons do not fill the entire space of the image square within the Steam application.
      I believe it the images are scaled properly when you do obtain them in-game.

    1. michael

      same for me so matt pls fix that
      i can save and and quit the menu just fine but i cant quit the main menue the scrren with swords and dragons

  1. SomaSam

    If you are still needing a few more testers, I’ll be willing to help.

    It’ll be interesting to see how well EBF3 has aged, when compared to my nostalgia for it. The music I’ll definitely look forward to though, and some of the older equips.

  2. TmmRanger

    If this helps out the development, I’ll try too (Of corse if you want and there are still keys). I’m a big fan of this games and this one was the first one I played. Thanks you very much for keeping on the development of this games.

  3. Marshall

    i would love to help test if it is till needed
    i remember doing the testing for the original with the cheat menu in the top left corner

    1. Tatty

      By the by, I’ll also be playing the game several times to test the achievement overlays and such because it seems like the sensible thing to do (and because 100% completion is always awesome)

  4. Normac Ssor

    Normac Ssor: I’m willing to play through the game to test ebf3 :stars: , its fine if I don’t get chosen though

  5. Edemon

    If you need someone to test it, i can do it, since i have a lot of spare time.
    Btw, how should i report any bugs, if i find one?

  6. TwistedSavant

    If there are still any tester openings, i’d be delighted to test the game.
    I’ve helped beta test a hand full of games before, and being this game series is among my favorite, and the ungodly amount of free time I have, it’s a win for everybody.
    I can full clear the game, get all achievements, ect more than likely within three or four days of getting it.

    It’d be an honor and a privilege to help out with the development of the game, and i’d love to see what’s new. :hurray: :evil: :bacon:

  7. Sanat K. Hegde

    It would be an honor. I can’t remember any glitches, but I’ll do my best to find them.

    P.S: Loved the old blood sword design and powers. Can the old blood sword return for Ebf5? I apologize if that is a bit too much.

    I love the series, so I can’t wait to play it. :stars:

  8. LordAli

    I could help test if you have any keys left over. Been a while since I played EBF 3. It will be nice to try it again.

  9. Francoglop1

    Just at the right time when i do have a few days to do nothing! It would truly be an honor to test the game.

  10. Luke Kellett

    Hey dude, I would absolutely love to test this out, I recently completed it and it was AMAZING. would love to play it again to test some stuff out. So mail me cuz i would love to help. :stars: :love2:


  11. Jhosvi

    I Wish i can have one! also; Thanks for everything about this game; it is quite unique and fun.
    I Really not like turn-based games; but someway i liked this one, his art, his story they really nice.
    Thanks for all! :love2:

  12. Mad

    I’d like to test if there are still keys. I thoroughly enjoyed the EBF series and I remember playing through each one back when they were first released. :stars:

  13. Cheetos

    If you’ve still got any keys left I’m super interested! I’d love to go back to the game that introduced me to your stuff. :hurray:

  14. Mank

    btw is their a way i can send you my steam name in private because i don’t want to put my steam name up in public. thanks again :yay:

  15. Juq31

    Seems like a lot people really want to test out EBF3 on steam,and,actually,im one of these.I really happy that EBF3 is coming out on steam and would be happy to test it out. The only thing is where do people need to respond if they find something(well,maybe im missing something)? :wut:

  16. NinjaKirby12

    I do love the EBF series, especially 3&4. If you have any more keys, I’d be happy to help, but it’s okay if you don’t. Just wondering, how many were/are there in the first place. lol. So, yeah. :smirk:

  17. Squideer

    For due diligence, I’ve posted here as well as on twitter. If it isn’t too late I’d like a key for testing. :love2:

  18. Vini

    I wouldn’t mind testing the steam release of ebf 3, I have been a long time fan and I wouldn’t mind giving something back

  19. EndOfEvilSenpai

    Hey if it’s still open I’d be happy to test it out and see if I can find any problems or bugs or even just spelling errors. I’ve been playing the Epic Battle games for years and would love to be a part of the testing for this one. :hurray: I would have probably said something on here sooner but I was working all weekend. :cry:

  20. Rico

    I would love to test out EBF3, I really want to complete the game on Steam as I have completed nearly everything in the Kongregate version. Some minigames were too difficult for me, though.

  21. Windy

    Hope I’m not late to the party! (It’s alright if I am.)
    Feel free to send me the key any time.
    ( :stars: I’m excited, even if I don’t get the key. My favorite game in the series is finally coming to Steam!)

    1. Windy

      Although, it might take me a few days until I can redeem the key. My main computer is broken, and I’m not allowed to download Steam on the computer I’m using.

  22. ReckWreck

    I’d love to be a tester for this awesome game.
    I’d put a lot of time and effort to search for those nasty bugs. :yay: :yay:


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