EBF5: The Sprites

Nothing else to post on this weekend, so here’s the updated sprites.

I’m still brainstorming the 4th regular boss, and I’m kind of stuck on it. I want to make it a giant face again, but I do that a bit too often. Maybe I shouldn’t think too hard.

39 thoughts on “EBF5: The Sprites

  1. BrainScrambler

    How about Grim Reaper for the boss…

    It will have 4 orb spawning around it, and until the orb destroyed the actual Grim is invincible.

    After destroy the orb, you will given 4 turn to attack the Grim until he spawn his orb again…

    It will be cool if you do it like dat!!! :stars: :stars: :stars:

    1. BrainScrambler

      And, if you want to make the sprites for Grim, you could do it with wraith holding a schyte or somtin’

  2. A Creative Name

    The boss could be some kind of giant dragon that exposes a different head every turn changing his elements and weaknesses

  3. MrBobSaget

    Wait a minute, what about the vodoo dolls? If we use those as a boss. That could get hard and fun really fast :shades:

    If we use the Voodo dolls as a boss, maybe it will randomly swap between bosses, when you hit it :stars:

    But if it might take to long to make, it is fine, you are doing amazing with all the art and work so far man :yay: :yay: :yay:

    1. Yolk

      I think it should be some vicious food coming to life once interacted with, almost like a mimic. :stars: Just imagine the cast randomly approaching a dining table in the middle of somewhere and then it comes to life, or at least the food on the table comes to life and the table magically disappears.

  4. Rhot

    You should make it a brain! That totally hasn’t been done before in video games!

    Kidding aside, maybe you can make it a giant foot and the party would have to wack it enough for its lazy owner to lift its foot up to grant passage. Or a maw a la the Sarlacc (although that isn’t threatening). Or a giant revolving halo.

    Hey, don’t look at me, look at everybody else copying Evangelion.

    A giant ball of fur. A wheel from the future. A pirate ship full of cats from the Kitten Navy that comes out of nowhere.

  5. Flamel

    Why don`t you make a humanoid Boss like you had for the final boss for Epic Battle Fantasy but maybe not undead.

  6. MrBobSaget

    Hey, how about something like a “Sprite Emporer” or something similar, like king of a race. Tbh i was hoping for a sprite boss for a while, but then i fought “the glitch” and forgot all about it.

    Hey maybe the glitch could b a returning boss? But with a new pattern, new attacks, and maybe it can give itself “0%” evade and accuracy :stars:

    Btw when i first fought the glitch i didn’t realize the fact i could revive myself while alive. Only after like the 5th attempt did i realize it :skull: :skull:

    1. Flamel

      Not that bad of an idea I personally have thought about that. To be honest the sprites are one thing I thought would have a boss form that hasn’t and even the Cats had a boss back in EBF3.

  7. IcyLucario

    Screw it, if you think you do too much huge faces change it up..

    Maybe a huge zombie, that you need to kill its legs then it drops to a huge body and arms, kill the body and arms then kill the head. Or maybe it doesn’t have a head its a zombie after all.

    I know you’ll do something cool in the end. :love2:

  8. Gustavo

    The boss should be one for the sprites. That would be cool to go up against, an elemental giant face. 👿 👿

  9. Stefan

    Again I want to put something like battle mountain because dat was really HARD even if i farm a lot it was so HARD, but to do nothing with the main story (and at least put a map or an NPC gives you a map)

  10. michael

    these r really good but what is up with the gems i mean fires good but earth thunder and ice are all mixd up why is that?

    1. Spirare

      – Blue is sometimes used for intense/powerful thunder or fire, so it goes to thunder.

      – Earth has some yellow crystals on the top, so its gem is colored to match those.

      – Blue would be somewhat hard to see on ice, so grey is used instead.

  11. Stefan

    Matt,Matt,Matt please tell me aaaa Natalie will have the pope dress and holy hat and staf and please make this game hard with boses and PLEASE tell me if there is gona be something like battle mountain PLEASE

  12. SomaSam

    Other than Akron, and the undead monolith, I don’t actually recall you putting in too many huge-face-enemies. Unless you are referring to video games as a whole, in which case its kind of a staple. (Just realised the golem boss in this game is kind of similar to what you just said, so there is a 3rd one)

    It also depends on what kind of element you are going to give it too, so it’ll have some sort of theme to make it more than just a big floating head.
    Water or undead type? Giant ghost pirate head that is protecting it’s ship wrecked treasure.

    This makes me kind of curious, are you still unsure about what each area in the game is going to be like, or have you given that more thought and come up with a basic order for the map’s areas this time? Using that to determine climate and theme, which in turn is used to theme and style the enemy, could make it a little easier on yourself.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Akron, Rafflesia, Mighty Oak, Evil Godcat, Pumpkin-bot, the new Golem boss… a lot of bosses that are mostly big faces.
      The areas aren’t completely decided, but I have some rough ideas.

      1. Karyete

        Eh, I’d argue that the Mighty Oak is more than just a giant face. I mean, he has a giant face, but he’s got a lot more going on.

      1. upriseing sun__

        heh i was hopeing for a tocix one wich withought led vest you will slowly take dmg on map :smirk: man that will be limiting how far a player will gow without key items

    1. Ben

      I agree with you, and this probably isn’t the only change where some people prefer the old design over the new design…

  13. Uubong

    If a giant face feels too standardized make it weird. Two giant arms out of the ground with faces on the palms of their hands.

    1. Squirtle

      That reminds me of the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. If you don’t know it he puts eyes in a hole of his palms. Maybe that’s an inspiration for a boss.


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