EBF5: The Slimes

Wow, there’s a lot of slimes in this game. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll bring back the slime status effect, but I think it was pretty cute, so I might have to.

I’m realizing that a lot of people follow me on mobile devices, and in general images get more likes and favourites on my blogs, compared to Flash animations. So I’ll be re-posting a lot of the foes I’ve done as images, and in future I think I’ll be posting them in both formats. Also, now you can see how they look in the updated art style!

11 thoughts on “EBF5: The Slimes

  1. TheStatic

    Wouldn’t it be funny if NoLegs still gets to attack and use their skills anyway while in slime status because they’re used to having no limbs? :tongue:

  2. Ariel Neidorf

    Still reckon you should make a summon or skill that allows you to slime other foes, or maybe even the players with a limit break.. :hurray:

  3. Devin de Vries

    Please keep the slime effect. It made the slimes challenging in their own way.
    Aside from that it’s both hilarious and annoying at the same time. I love it. :yay:

  4. MrBobSaget

    Keep the slime effect, it was nice and funny (though annoying as hell)

    Also is the last slime selection desert? ❓

  5. Spirare

    I DESPISED the slime effect, but it really did add some nice challenge to Epic difficulty anyways. 😡

    It didn’t quite seem right early-game though. Even on epic difficulty, it should be somewhat easy, but then one of the very first enemies I encounter (furry slimes) constantly inflicts the strongest status in the game. 😐


    Also, why did you rename these posts from “Art update” and “Art update 2” to “The Idols and Gloops” and “The Boulders” (and now “The Slimes”)? The new names don’t really feel right with me, as though you’re posting them for the first time when you actually posted them all a while ago.

  6. Banana

    Please keep the slime effect, it was my favorite effect in the game! Although it was annoying sometimes, I laughed every time someone turned into a slime. If people complain about it, maybe add it as an option, because I think it made the game much better and funnier.


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