13 thoughts on “EBF5: The Boulders

  1. Mana-Dragon

    am i crazy or is really the forst boulder holding en ender pearl or something looking like one?? :ooo:

    I hope that the one with the d20 will have randomised power, that will be fun! :shades: Challenge accepted! “ennemy boulder rolled a natural 1: Mana-Dragon got crushed by the dice!” Seriously? 😡

  2. Camick

    Hmm… most attacks should hit backup or all, which would be interesting play and should have lots of physical attacks. :shades:

  3. michael

    omg my mouth literally just hung for a bit after i saw this omg i can’t wait 4 ebf5 btw these look so epic i love the balls they hold too (see the pokemanz referance) pls pls kepp updating art but agian this is some of the best art ive seen buut make them have experesions like the sprites like 1 could be happy and so on pls i want that feture on ebf5 but pls keep up the good work

    1. Spirare

      First, it’s probably way too early for that.

      Second, what would we be comparing it to with that scale? What is 1 and what is 20?

  4. DerpyDragonDemon

    What % are you done with the game right now? (even just an estimate would be great) ❓ ❓ ❓

  5. Spirare

    Definitely great.

    I never was sure about the art style for this game; It just didn’t feel right, but I wasn’t sure why. These updates are fixing everything that was wrong with it. :yay:

    Don’t forget to do it on the equipment and characters too!


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