EBF5: Swords 3

Here’s the last bunch of swords!
I’ve got many more cool ideas but I gotta stop somewhere – swords are just so much easier to draw than the other weapons because they can be almost any shape as long as they’re long-ish.
Which one’s your favourite?

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3
swords 3

20 thoughts on “EBF5: Swords 3

  1. Xaerys

    I’d really love to see a sword like Monado in Xenoblade Chronicles, as there is many easter eggs in EBF, that could be great 😀

  2. Randomideaperson

    Thought up some names for these, they’re probably bad but oh well,
    1. Jaded Crusher (Who said it had to be emerald?)
    2…..Well, I’ll just assume this will be the fusion sword….But maybe the fusion buster? (As up till the fusion sword you’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding adding “sword” to the name.
    3. Poslimedons Trident? (I don’t know to be honest.)
    4. The Reaper?
    5. The Marrow Masticator (To me it just looks like a jawbone.)
    6. Team Spirit..?
    7. The Hacksword (Play on words of Hacksaw and sword)

  3. SomeRandomGuy

    Huh. Didn’t expect a hockey stick. Oh well. I’ll just be shouting “Defense, defense, defense!” when Matt uses that weapon.

  4. Aleflippy

    Ooooh boy… Hard to tell which one is my favourite… I’ll go with the emerald hammer and the magma sword!

  5. E

    OHH MY GOD I WAS TALKING ABOUT HOW COOL A HOCKEY STICK WOULD BE AS A SWORD :stars: also plasma blade and emerald hammer EPIC :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  6. DUCKS

    Hey Matt, so i’m one of your big fans and i really love the Epic Battle Fantasy series so i have 2 question and 1 seggestion (did i spell that wrong?)
    1. when will the bows come out?
    2.where will the final boss place be and who is the final boss? (dont tell me is Akron……..)
    3.try and add a bow which has sword or guns on it plz
    if you have no intrest, just ignore this message.
    :smirk: :yay:

  7. HotchAr

    Cyber sword and hack saw :stars:
    I will say, however, the bone axe/sword/club whatever you call it is just a smidge too creepy for me :scared: I think it’s the teeth…they look like incisors and molars (plant eater teeth) instead of fangs so it looks like some mutilated jaw from prey instead of an embellished jaw of a vanquished predator.
    you really like sticking things on forks…
    considering you’ve done 4/5 known characters full weapon sets, I have to say I’m not noticing much direct overlap in style…that’s probably a good thing, it’s just unexpected.

  8. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I think the Trident looks really cool, but I’m not a big fan of having the slime on it. I think it detracts from the coolness. :wut:
    Also, I simply can’t say no to the Hacksaw. :shades:

  9. ShadowsSun

    Love the glowy fusion-sword, and I’m really excited for the trident. A new use for those excellent jiggle effects, perhaps? The two dark-type weapons in the middle also look pretty neat.

  10. SomaSam

    Well now, this is a very interesting and diverse bunch.
    I see you went with Canadian colored hockey stick. Wish I could’ve voted, but more people would probably recognize Canada over Finland in that regard. (perhaps you could put a voting feature on this website?)

    I am not quite sure which weapon I like more though, the emerald hammer, or the fancy fusion sword with a CPU fan in it. One looks brutal and powerful, the other slick and stylish. I am really interested now to see what you do in terms of animations for these weapons.

    Will say that skull sword looks a little funky, but its not too bad.

    So, I guess all that leaves is the bows now. Can’t wait to see what interesting ideas you come up with for those, and which will return.

  11. oscarg

    Guesses from left to right:

    Emerald hammer: Makes me think of an earth weapon, i really like the looks of these emeralds so i guess it would be a pretty cool addition. It would make it the third earth weapon though (aside from stone edge and the drill lance) unless something changes.
    Fusion blade: Bomb based sword, looks like a remake of the fusion sword except smaller and more badass. It will probably serve the same purpose.
    Infernal trident: What did that little guy do to deserve this? Looks like another fire weapon though, i wonder how it will differentiate itself from the inferno.
    Skullblade: I guess this is the new dark sword, the blade itself is nice but the skull seems a bit too cartoonish for dark weapons.
    bone club/axe: It looks very similair to one of natalie’s new staffs from an earlier post, i reckon it’s purpose will be identical in becoming a wind weapon.
    Hockey stick: No idea, it looks really simple so i dunno.
    Woodsaw: This one also seems rather simple, i am noticing a theme in that all the character’s appear to be getting some form of a wood weapon, natalie had the oak staff in the previous game so maybe all these wood weapons serve an identical purpose in offering very high survivability.

    1. pionoplayer

      I agree mostly, although I like the big skull, it fits right along with the theme. Also, the wood weapons will likely give poison attacks as well, and I suspect the hockey stick might give a boost to berserk or something, but almost certainly a good physical attributes buff.


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